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Find The Best Cities To Visit In India

India FlagTraveling around India is a great way to step back into what some consider the foundation of the world, but when you are looking at going to India you may ask yourself where to go in India and have a good time and be safe. This is easily one of the most confusing things that you can do because India is such a large country and in some cases can be considered as a sub-continent. So this will definitely need to be figured out for you to guarantee you are going to have a great trip to India. Thankfully, we have decided it was time for us to have Arjun, our newest writer, to go out and explore the different cities in India and share what makes them the best cities to visit in India.

How I Narrowed Down The List

Well, I love my country and I love the beauty of it. Yes, we have some major cities that the traffic will give you a headache and make you wonder why you ever thought about coming to India. However, if you look past the headache-inducing traffic it will be quite a bit easier for you to see that we are a country of various regions and dialects, but beauty as well. This is what has made this article so much fun to do and I am sure will help inspire you to come to India as well. Now, I will tell you the list is going to be limited because my editors told me not to make it really long because everyone wants to travel and skim, rather than sit down and read a complete tour book on each city. The good news is the editors did tell me in the future I can do more articles on the different cities, but also on the beauty of the country even more.So I was very picky on the way I found the best India travel destinations and really looked for all aspects of the travel, but paramount was safety as a primary concern because parts of the country do have a bad reputation.


Agra Fort - India TravelAgra is a city that you are going to really love because it is going to have some of the best tourist attractions you can find in the city. Now the city has really got the vibe for the tourist that you will like, but it also has the world famous and very attractive Taj Mahal inside of it. Not the fake ones that are always trying to be built to make the places these are being built in, but instead it is the real one that you are going to want to have photo opportunities with. Outside of the Taj Mahal the city has plenty of other attractions as well for you to enjoy and this can easily make the trip for you.

A great attraction that I like in Agra that a lot of people may overlook is the ancient fort. The Agra Fort will take you back in time and make it easier for you to see how hard life used to be in India, but also allow you to see how the soldiers of the time had to live and what kind of horrors and hardships they had to face while they were protecting the great nation from attacks.


Jaipur, IndiaJaipur is one of those cities you could easily overlook. I mean I almost did not add in the city because of the fact so many people can overlook it. However, when I started looking at the city more and did some in-depth research while traveling the region I found the city is called the “Pink City” and once you have started to look at this city it will be very easy for you to see why this city is called that. Not to mention Jaipur was the seat of the royal family that ruled over this region. This is going to make it easier for you to see this is a great place to go and have a chance to connect with the beauty of the region. What else is nice is the pink city is not the only attraction as the city does have some major features for you to see.

Agra is a city that has Taj Mahal, but I have to tell you for me the city that has a Mahal that I really love is Jaipur. This is a city that has Jal Mahal. This is a beautiful place that if you have a chance to get out and see is going to amaze you because of what all it has to offer you. What else is great about this place is it is the historic palace that has been around and once belonged to the royal family that ruled this area.


Beaches In Goa India - Best Cities To See In IndiaGoa is a place that has some of the laid back feeling you will want to have while traveling. While you may not have thought about this before, you need to realize Goa is a historical town to go to as well. The reason is this is on the coastlands and it really has some of the older trading posts and in fact this is one of the cities that had some of the Portuguese trading posts in them So it will definitely make it easier for you to see the history that is present, but also have a chance to see some of the beautiful coastlands that India is often overlooked as having. I know that I really like the coastline and that is why I have Goa here.

What else is nice is you can base some of your travels on this region out of Goa. Then you can take a simple trip to some of the fishing villages that are in the area. This will be a great way for you to connect with the people of India and start to explore the culture as well, which is the key thing when you are traveling anywhere is to learn about the people and not just the attractions in the area.


Delhi, India - The Red FortDelhi is the capital city and this is one of those cities you will often see that we warn you about with traffic. Yes, I know I was going to focus on safety, but the shopping and sites in Delhi are going to simply amaze you. You will find a lot of the shopping will be a unique experience and maybe one that you never imagined you would be able to do. However, with this being the capital city it is also a hotbed for excitement and it always has something to do and see inside of it. So you will not be disappointed when you are in Delhi because you will find so much in the way of everything you can do.

When I was doing my research, I told myself that I would include one major attraction per city. In Delhi, it is hard to narrow down the main attraction, but it is another fort that you will want to take a tour of. The Red Fort is one of the icons that has been around since the 1600’s and has withstood quite a bit of abuse in that time frame. However, it is also a place that is a museum now for you to tour and see something you never imagined possible before. It also is going to allow you to see how the imperial family used to live in the older times in India.


EsselWorld - Mumbai IndiaBollywood! What more can I say than Bollywood! It is based out of Mumbai, which I think you could compare to Hollywood in the West. However, I have to say that I prefer this location quite a bit better because if you ask me it holds a lot of the values we really like to have in place and it really is going to make it easier for all of India to have a place that can be a source of entertainment for a lot of people and those who are going to want to see India more for what it is and how it can hold onto its roots.

When you are in Mumbai, I have to say the one site that you will have to visit is going to be geared towards the family. That is going to be the EsselWorld, which is one of those places that you will find amazing because it is a theme park. This is going to make it easier for you to have a great trip and know your entire family can enjoy the place and have a great time while you are visiting the beautiful and largely populated city of Mumbai.

What About More?

Well, I have to say that I would love to go on to even more cities. However, the editors did mention they care about your time and want you to get out traveling, instead of reading. So I have to say I have to stop this article here because it is going to draw out even more and you would not be able to enjoy your trip because you will still be reading the article! No matter what, you now know what I feel are the best cities to visit in India and this will make it easier for you to have a dream vacation and know this is going to be a great trip you never thought possible when you are planning your India travel trip.