Discover The Best Bali Beaches For Snorkeling

Bali At SunsetBali is often seen as an exotic paradise that people are going to fall in love with. However, for some people they will notice it is one of those places that is very difficult for them to enjoy because they are not aware of what all they can do. I know quite often a question that comes up is what are the best beaches for snorkeling when I am in Bali? Well, you can rest easier now because we are going to teach you about these beaches and point out why you are going to want to go to these beaches over some of the others that you are going to be exposed to. So with that being said let us start the article on what we feel are the best beaches for [popup_product]snorkeling[/popup_product] when you are visiting the beautiful and exotic land of Bali.

How Did We Narrow Down The Best Bali Beaches For Snorkeling? 

Well this was an article that we really loved to write up because it meant having quite a bit of fun at beaches! Now you may not think about this, but when you are looking at these beaches you will notice that all of them claim to have mostly the same attractions. While we know this does hold true to a point, we also know that each of the beaches are going to have something to offer you that you are going to love. So we have decided we were going to weigh in all the options and features of the beach we would want to have when we were looking at the beaches.


School of Fish In Tulamben Beach BaliThis is a beach or area in Bali that is located in the Northeast part of the region. However, what is interesting about this region is it also has quite a bit going for it and one of those things is the chance to snorkel or even dive down if you are that adventurous to go and see the the wreck of the USAT Liberty. Swimming out to the wreck may be a bit of a challenge for some people as it is located about 40 or 50 meters from the shoreline. Once you have arrived at the wreck site, though, it is easy to see because it is only about 5 meter down to a maximum depth of 30 meters.

As a side note when you are trying to get into the water you will have a challenge because the beach does have little black stones that can make it difficult to get into the water. What else is bad about this location is the water can be rough at times and this affects visibility. When visibility is down you will have trouble seeing the USAT Liberty and this can make it impossible to enjoy the snorkeling outside of the chance to see some fish.


Marine National Park BaliWhen you go here you are going to know you have reached one of the nicest places to go and snorkel at in Bali. The location has everything you could ask for from wildlife to calm sanctuary. The downside is you do have to go here. However, it is well worth it because you are going to see so much and experience so much that you are going to be floored at all that you get to see and experience. That is because this is part of the Marine National Park that is simply stunning and a well preserved area of the sea that has remained pretty much unspoiled by man for years, which is going to make this one of the best beaches for you to go to if you want to snorkel.

What you need to figure out before you go to Menjangan is if you want to see the corals or the fish. The island is separated into two separate parts one for each of these two types of snorkeling adventures. However, what is great is the variety of wildlife that you do get to see and the amount of animals that you can enjoy right down to the live corals. Not to mention this place has some of the clearest water that you can find in the world and this makes it easier for you to see snorkeling as a great place to go.

Padang Bai

Bias Tugal Beach BaliPadang Bai is not so much a beach area, but more of a town that is a port town with beaches around it. This is going to make it easier for you to have a good time because you will have a chance to experience multiple different aspects of Bali and the beaches, but if you want to go out and into the water you have a chance to do that as well because you will be able to rent a boat from one of the locals and have them take you out. What is great about this area is the fact the water is very clear allowing you to see fish and the water is not as rough as what you would expect it to be.

When you are here you will find the Blue Lagoon region and when you are snorkeling from this beach you will notice that it has plenty of healthy living coral for you to see. What is even better is the Padanga Bai region has several other beaches that are perfect for snorkeling as well and this will make it even easier for people to have a great trip because they can finally go snorkeling and know they will have a chance to seeing some of the beautiful animals they have seen on some of the American television shows like Tanked. The other beaches that are here are the Jepun, Temple, and Bias Tugal which are great beaches. However, you do need to be very mindful of the current and if you want to get the full experience hire one of the local companies that know all of the great spots for touring and seeing the beautiful beaches and underwater feature of Bali.

Pasir Putih

Whale Sharks can come from Pasir PutihThis is a beach that is well known for having some great white sand on the beach. However, what else it is also know for is being a great place for snorkeling to take place. That is because the beach is located close to a lot of the great diving beaches that are in Bali as well. So this makes the beach one of those that you are going to love and want to be around because of how great it is going to look. When you are here you will want to make sure you have the proper transportation from the local area of Candi Dasa and potentially a guide to help you out as well to keep you from getting lost, but also in making sure you know what you are looking at.

When you are at Pasir Putih you will have a chance to see some of the larger sea creatures that you may have only dreamed of being able to see before. That includes the beautiful sharks, tuna, and even the rare and seasonal mola mola fish. The guides you hire will be able to point these fish out to you, but also will help you in dealing with the currents that can be very tricky at times because you are on a smaller island that is a little bit away from the main island of Bali.

Is This All The Places To Go Snorkeling In Bali? 

When you are looking at Bali you will notice the place is almost one entire beach. Some of the areas are better to go snorkeling in than others. So in short this is not all the beaches in Bali that you can go snorkeling in. I know that I have covered some of the most popular places and one of them was even a region which has about five beaches inside of it. While we would love to go in depth on each beach in this article so you know which one is going to suit your needs, we simply cannot see you sitting and reading an article that would be over five thousand words! That would be insane and then we would be able to sell it as a tour guide book instead! So we have covered what we feel are the best Bali beaches to go snorkeling at and in the future we are going to try to hit up even more of the beaches on an individual review, but we want to give you the information you need right away first.

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