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Karma Kandara ResortFace it Bali is a land of enchantment and a beautiful place that you will want to spend a week or two just relaxing on the beaches. However, when you are in Bali you definitely need a place to stay and that is where the world class resorts come in for Bali. We have already covered the world class resorts that are great for your honeymoon in Bali and the Karma Kandara resort in Bali was towards the top of the list that we had on that post. Since that was the case we decided it was time to review the Karma Kandara resort.


Features Of The Karma Kandara Resort

The breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and this is very true if you are in a place like Bali where you are most likely going to be on the go all day, even if it is going down to the beach. Since that is the case, you will love the fact that as of the publication of this post the resort offers free made to order breakfast. This way you are able to enjoy a great breakfast before you head out on the day and know the breakfast you are eating is going to be the one that you have ordered and want to have for breakfast, instead of having to settle for a run of the mill type of hotel food that you may be used to getting.

Karma Kandara is located on its own private beach. While you may think that this will not matter, you need to realize the location only has 58 villas that are being stayed in at any given time. This means you will not have thousands of people clamoring for the same spot on the beach and you all are staying in the same place. So this helps you get a great place on the beach, but also know you are going to be comfortable on the beach because not everyone is going to be staring at you and waiting for you to move. A private beach also means it is going to be properly cared for as well and you do not have to worry about trash or other items that could hurt your kids or yourself being on the beach.

Since this is a resort you will enjoy the fact they do have a full service spa on the location. This spa is going to make it easier for you to have a great time to relax and enjoy yourself, but also to get some of the treatments you normally would never think about getting on your own because of the cost or because it was something you never thought you would be able to get done before because you did not even know that it existed where you lived at.

Eating as we mentioned before is very important, but so is having a great time if you are not planning on leaving the resort for an extended period of time. What is nice about this location is you have a couple of restaurants that are on the premises so you do not have to leave the location, but also if you want to have a drink you will find the 3 bars that are present on the grounds are going to provide you with a great drinking option as well.

Finally if you are traveling with your kids, but want to go out and do something in the adult range, you may want to take advantage of the fact the Karma Kandara offers a babysitting service. Now this service is not included in the price of your room, but it is definitely going to be a very affordable option to allow you to go out and enjoy the night life in the exotic land of Bali without having to be concerned about your kids being in the room by themselves.

Items That Could Be Seen As A Negative? 

Now one aspect that we found that could be seen as a negative is that some of the villas or rooms depending on what you are used to call them will have private pools. The downside is sometimes the private pools can be rather small and if you are traveling with a larger group or family then it can be very difficult for you to get the right feel for the place because it is going to have some small spaces for everyone to go swimming in, without going down to the beach.

Our Final Thoughts On Karma Kandara

Finding a resort in Bali is a great thing to do. However, when you are looking at these resorts you will often notice that you have a lot of factors to consider. Some of those factors will be how does the resort look, what kind of rooms does it have, what kind of amenities? Well, Karma Kandara is a great resort and one that we highly recommend you stay at. The place has a couple of restaurants and bars, but also a private beach that allows you to have some of the best memories created in Bali without ever leaving the comfort of your resort. Throw in the fact the attractions are close by and it is easy to see wh Karma Kandara is a great place for you to travel to. Please note if you want to book Karma Kandara you can do so by clicking on any of the pictures you see!

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