4K NON-STOP Walking around the beautiful Daio Wasabi Farm with its waterwheel 水車のある美しい大王わさび農場を歩く
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Embark on a 4K non-stop walking journey around the serene Daio Wasabi Farm, complete with its mesmerizing waterwheel. Experience the tranquil and picturesque beauty of this farm as you explore its lush greenery and unique water features. Join us on this virtual tour and soak in the natural surroundings of one of Japan’s most beautiful locations.

Today, while visiting Alps Azumino Park, we stopped by the Daio Wasabi Farm. It is a free facility, but we always end up buying a lot of wasabi. There is a waterwheel that was used in a movie called “Dream” directed by Akira Kurosawa. It really is a very beautiful river scene.


Daio Wasabi Farm
大王わさび農場   https://goo.gl/maps/q7ynNyrHYwsu5Cgv8

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チューリップナノハナまつりの国営アルプスあづみの公園を歩く https://youtu.be/LZSB5dByyfI

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Walking around the beautiful Daio Wasabi Farm with its waterwheel


The Daio Wasabi Farm is a stunning natural wonder set in the heart of Japan’s countryside. Boasting beautiful water features, serene gardens, and a vibrant local culture, the farm is the perfect place to explore on foot. In this article, we’ll take you through a 4K, non-stop walking tour of the farm’s most spectacular features, all captured on camera for your viewing pleasure.

A Walk Through The Daio Wasabi Farm

As we embark on this journey, we invite you to take a deep breath of fresh air and take in the natural beauty that surrounds you. Below are some highlights of our walking experience at the Daio Wasabi Farm:

The Waterwheel

Our first stop on this walking tour is the iconic waterwheel. As we approach it, we can hear the gentle sound of the water flowing through the farm’s irrigation system, setting a peaceful and relaxing tone for our visit. The waterwheel is a mesmerizing sight, perfectly blending with the surrounding scenery.

The Riverbank and the Ponds

As we stroll further along, we find ourselves on the riverbank, a popular spot for people watching and taking photos. The crystal-clear water is home to a plethora of aquatic life. We can see schools of fish and other creatures swimming peacefully in the shallow ponds.

The Wasabi Fields

One cannot visit Daio Wasabi Farm without taking a stroll through the fields of fresh wasabi. The lush greenery is impressive, and the farm offers a great opportunity to learn about the growing and harvesting of this Japanese staple. We can feel the extraordinary freshness of the wasabi in the air.

The Tea Garden

The Farm is also home to a beautiful tea garden. As we pass through it, we can see the neatly aligned rows of vibrant green tea plants extending as far as the eye can see. A cup of freshly brewed green tea is a must-have experience while visiting the farm.


In conclusion, the Daio Wasabi Farm is a place of outstanding beauty that offers visitors a unique experience. We’ve only touched on a few highlights of the farm during our 4K, non-stop walking tour, and we hope this article has piqued your interest in exploring more. So, pack your bags, grab your walking shoes, and embark on a journey of a lifetime.


  1. Can I visit the Daio Wasabi Farm all year round?
  • Yes, the Daio Wasabi Farm is open 365 days a year.
  1. Is there an entrance fee to the farm?
  • Yes, there is a nominal entrance fee.
  1. Are there any accommodations available at the farm?
  • There are several comfortable accommodations close to the farm.
  1. Are there any local festivals or events that take place at the farm?
  • Yes, the farm hosts regular cultural festivals, such as the Wasabi Festival, where visitors can experience the local culture and cuisine.
  1. Is there any parking available at the farm?
  • Yes, there is ample parking space available at the farm.