Best attractions in Vienna 2018

Five Best Attractions To See In Vienna

Best attractions in Vienna 2018When you are making your Austria travel plans you are almost certain to include Vienna in the plans you are making. The problem is if you have never been to Vienna before you may not know what you can go out and see, but also what you can do. That is a challenge and if you are not careful can easily lead to you not having a great holiday in the city of dreamers. I know that for me, I love Vienna and really enjoy the historical aspect of the city. Since this is the case, I decided it was time for me to go out and showcase what I feel are the 5 best attractions in Vienna. Then you can finally take your trip and know which one of the attractions you should check out, but also know more about the potential issues you may have with the region when you are traveling to the area.

How Did I Make My List

This is a question that I really do not know how to answer. This was a lot of work to do, but it was definitely worth it because it allowed me to get the best information for you. I took and looked at all the attractions that were in the town and basically I started to narrow down my list based off of the historical aspect, the musical aspect, arts aspect, fun factors, and then decided after getting it narrowed down that far that I would rank the attractions that I felt best suited my needs and what I felt that everyone else would like as well.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral

Saint Stephen's Cathedral In ViennaAs the seat of the Catholic Church in Vienna, you will see this is going to be one of the best places for you to go and visit. The Cathedral has been around since the year 1147 in one form or another. However, what you will find is this is a church that has been built in some of the most popular styles that were present at the time. The style is going to be in the Gothic and Romanesque type of styles that you are going to look at with the awe of how the buildings are still standing. The care for the building is completely working as a cathedral and it does have some tours available so you will want to try to catch a tour if you can. What else is great about the location is the fact that it has quite a bit of history that you are going to enjoy as well. However, what something else that you can see is the tombs if you are allowed to see them and know they are able to enjoy the beautiful cathedral. The artworks that you can see here are also something that you can enjoy, but what else is nice is you can go into the cathedral and if you are like me and love history you can just imagine all that the Saint Stephen’s Cathedral would have faced and had to overcome.

Schonbrunn Palace

This is an amazing palace that you are going to simply be amazed by. This is a great palace that has plenty of rooms that you are going to enjoy exploring as some of them are open for tours. What is even more amazing is this is a reflection too the time that you will see that seen Austria as being run by the kings of Europe. This alone is going to allow you to enjoy the place and know that it will provide you with the lessons that you want to have. However, what you will find amazing is all the different collections that are seen here are going to have a historical aspect that you may have never found before. When you are at this palace you will find that it is going to have a lot of the different statues and other aspects of history that you may have never seen before. What is really nice is the fact that you will be able to find the amazing art pieces to be only of the top quality because of the fact the Imperial Palace that was here is simply going to be one of the best that you can check out. Now, what you may not realize is this was only the summer residence for the Imperial family, which will make it more interesting for you to see and visit. So, this will definitely be a stop that you want to make and I know that for me just seeing the history that is seen in the region makes this place one of the best stops to make.

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Belvedere Palace Museum 

This is a place that used to be the home to the Prince of Savoy, but now it is a place that has been transformed into a major museums that are going to be drawing in thousands of visitors each year. The best part is this is a museum that still retains a lot of the beauty and charm that it would have had as a palace and this will definitely make it easier for you to have a great time because you finally have a chance to see the beauty of the place and know it will allow you to have the best time possible because the charms are going to exude the opulence of the prince. The palace has actually been split into a couple of different museums that you are going to really like and those are the amazing Museum of Medieval Austrian Art and the Museum of Austrian Baroque and on top of that you will be spoiled as you also have the Austrian Gallery that you are going to enjoy seeing as well. Both of these are in the same place, which is going to make it easier for you to have a good time checking out the place because you can finally see a couple of great museums in the same location without having to go anywhere to see the next museum.

Schonbrunner Gardens

The gardens are part of the Schonbrunn Palace and that is going to allow you to catch some of the great glimpses of the palace as well. However, one thing that you will notice is the gardens are going to be one of those places that you can easily spend the day at exploring and not really seeing all of the gardens has to offer. One of the favorite spots you will need to check out when you come here is going to be the Neptune Fountain which is a great thing to see and enjoy. What is really nice is just how well maintained the gardens are and the way they are laid out to help you get to enjoy the city and see the main thing that you are going to enjoy. No matter what if the weather is nice you will want to make sure you are able to talk a stroll through the garden or you could easily be disappointed in what you are missing out on.

The Vienna Philharmonic

If you are looking for some great musical entertainment you will want to make sure you check out the Vienna Philharmonic. This is an orchestra that has been around since the year 1842 and since that time it has managed to make it to the level that it is seen as one of the finest orchestras that are present in the world today. Before you book your  trip to Vienna you will want to make sure you know about the schedule that the orchestra has. This will make it easier for you to know if the chance exists for you to catch a concert. Even if you cannot take in a concert you may want to try to catch a tour of the concert hall as this will give you some of the best insights into the Vienna Philharmonic as well. This way you can see or at least explore some of the beautiful areas that you can find in Vienna and know that you are seeing a concert hall that has a ton of history packed into it.

How To Decide Which Vienna Attractions To See

This is the key thing that you will have to do is figure out which one of these beautiful attractions you should go and see. Since this is the case you will want to know that I did not number the list because I found all of these to be simply amazing attractions that it was nearly impossible to rank them. What else you need to realize is this all depends on what you are wanting to do and see. So this is definitely a great way to learn more about the city because I did try to put out a wide selection for you to pick from. No matter what, these are just a few of the best attractions in Vienna for you to check out and know your adventure will be amazing.


By Lukas