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Traveling to England is something you may want to do in the summer months and if you want to avoid a lot of the crowds even in the winter. However, what you will find is when you are going to England it can be difficult to figure out where you should be going. That is why I have decided to take some time to narrow down the cities that I really love in England. Then you will be able to make your choice on which city you should be visiting, instead of arguing when you are in England about where you need to go or where you should go. So without anything else being said, here is what I view as the best cities to visit when you are in England.


View From London EyeLondon is the main city that everyone who comes to England is going to associate with the country. However, what they need to realize this is a great city for them to go to because they have a chance to go out and see the River Thames, but also Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and even where the summer Olympics were held just a few short years ago. Parliment is another great site to see when you are in London and it will definitely make it easier for you to have a great vacation and know you are seeing everything that makes England one of the best countries in the world. Westminster Abbey is a place a lot of religious people will like to visit, but even those without any connection to religion will enjoy the Abbey because of the architecture that is present, but the history as well as the place that crowned queens and kings. If you want to get a birds-eye view of the city then you have to try out the London Eye observation wheel that is simply amazing for you to get on and try. If you need to get some gifts for those you had to leave behind, then I recommend the shopping in London for the quality goods and unique shops.


Manchester is an industrial city in England, but it is a city that has a lot going for it. What is really interesting is the city has started to come around and has seen the industrial industry as a building block to what has become a thriving tourist industry. The city is one that is stunning in beauty, but also in what it offers for you to do. You will find plenty of shopping, but any football fan will love the National Football Museum. Yes, it is near the pitches, but fans of all teams are welcome to come and visit. However, you will notice the city does have a thriving industry museum that a lot of people are going to enjoy for the interactive exhibits. The city also has a great art gallery for people to enjoy if they want to peruse the art scene. War buffs will like the fact that Manchester has a great museum in the Imperial War Museum North, which they can visit.

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Bath EnglandBath is a town you will fall in love with if you enjoy hot springs and want to get some of the aches out of your bones. However, what else is great is Bath is a place that you will enjoy because it is going to allow you to have a great chance to visit some ancient Roman bathhouses without ever having to leave England. That is because Bath is a place that has been able to have some of the beautiful baths that are present as well. You can even enjoy seeing some of the ancient buildings as well from when the Romans occupied this section of the world. What is really good to go out and do is visit the Pulteney Bridge. This is a bridge where you are going to have a great time because it is one of the only bridges in the world that is going to span over the River Avon, but has shops lining both sides of the bridge.


Albert Dock in LiverpoolLiverpool is another port city in England. I think you will notice a trend here, but it is a city that is completely stunning in the fact that it is located in the Northwestern corner of England. What else is great about Liverpool is the chance to explore the city that ended up providing you with some of the best music groups ever in the [popup_product]Beatles.[/popup_product] You will also notice the city has an amazing shopping plaza at the Albert Wharf Dock. This is going to set this apart from anything else that you would have ever imagined before. What else is great about the city is the Merseyside Maritime Museum. This museum is going to cover a lot of seafaring history and will be a great highlight for a trip to Liverpool because this is not information you would usually find in the history books, but instead is stuff you will learn at places by going out and seeing it.


York is an older city that can trace its founding back to the Ancient Roman times. However, what is really cool is the fact this is a walled city that still exists. So you will start to feel how the citizens of the Middle Ages felt when they were in England. The city does have an amazing Yorkshire museum in the place that has definitely helped to trace back the founding of the city but also has displays that showcase all of these pieces as well. Depending on if you are a fan of architecture or not you may enjoy going to visit York Minster. The gothic cathedral dates from the 13th century and definitely has something that you are going to enjoy seeing.  All kids will love the fact that York has some of the best train museums in England. The National Railway Museum has some great displays, but also has some interaction that everyone is going to enjoy.


Castle in Dover EnglandDover is a beautiful seaport town that a lot of people are going to love because it gives them a quick route to get to France. However, what is really cool about this city is the history that is present as being one of the places the pilots in World War II would look for when they were coming back to England. When you are in Dover you will want to make sure you check out Dover Castle, which has a very interesting history. At the same time, the White Cliffs of Dover are definitely something you need to look for. The place is simply amazing and definitely something you are going to want to look for, the cliffs that is. Deal Castle will also give you a new found respect on the type of city that Dover is as it is great looking and definitely has all that you would want to have in a castle, especially one that served as a coastal fort.

What About The Rest Of The Cities? 

Well, England has plenty of other cities, but the editor of the site actually got on all the writers about the articles being way to long. This is why I have had to stop where I am at. At the same time, these cities are plenty to get you started on planning your vacation to England. Not to mention, in future articles I plan on covering even more of the country and this will make it easier for you to have a great vacation in England and know you will finally be able to do and see everything you have imagined in England.

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