What Are The Best Cities To Visit In Italy

Wine region in ItalyItaly is one of those beautiful countries that has some of the best culture that you can enjoy, but also know that you are going to take a history lesson almost anywhere that you are in Italy. However, where should you go when you are in Italy and what should you do when you arrive? Well, you can rest easier knowing that we have finally decided to cover some of the best cities in Italy and will be covering them more in depth. For now we are going to give you a quick overview of the cities to make sure you know about some general information of each city, but also going to make sure you are able to enjoy the trip that you are planning out and know what to expect. With that being the case here is our list of the cities in Italy that we love and yes, some of them you will recognize, but you may not recognize them all.


Rome is one of those places that you are going to love because it is going to be a city that holds so much in the way of tradition, history, and art that you are going to be lost in the city. You will even find that the capital of Italy is even home to a completely different country in the Vatican State. With this being the case, Rome is also home to a lot of the ruins that you are going to find amazing in the way they have managed to last over the centuries, but also how they are still being preserved. Either way Rome is one of those cities in Italy that you have to stop at if you want to have a great place to go and visit and be completely immersed in what at one point in time was one of the mightiest cities in the world.

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Venice is a city that a lot of people will recognize because of the canals and the stunning beauty that is seen in the city. This is a place that is sinking some so flooding could become a concern. However, what you need to realize is Venice is one of the most romantic cities that you can visit while you are in Italy. Definitely a place that you are going to enjoy if you are looking for a great trip and want to have a chance to enjoy some of the beauty of Italy, without the headaches of having to fight the crowds that are present as Venice is a city that is a popular destination, but it is also a city that is one that does not have the huge throngs that you will find when you are trying to look at a place like the Colosseum in Rome.

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If you are looking for a great place for the chance to get access to Tuscany and a chance to see some of the master completed works of art then you will have to go to Florence. If you are able to go here you will find that it is a great city for you to travel to and use as your home base as this is the capital of the Tuscany region in Italy. What is amazing is the chance to view some of the major art works that you get a chance to see while you are here. That is because you will have a chance to see the original piece of sculpture in the form of David by Michelangelo. If sculptures are not for you then you will love the chance to see the original pieces of work by da Vinci in the works of the Annunciation.

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Padua is a beautiful city that you are going to love and it is an amazing city that will allow you to melt down into the culture of Italy. This city does have some attractions that you are going to love, from the Basilica of Saint Anthony to the beautiful art works that were completed by Giotto in the Scrovegni Chapel and has some of the famous art works that you are going to love. So this is definitely something that you are going to love because you do have a chance to see these. Throw in the charming cafes in the old town portion and it will be easy to see why Padua is a city that is often overlooked, but should not be overlooked anymore because it is simply amazing.

Saint Anthony\'s Basilica in Padua


Turin is sometimes considered one of the gateways to the Alps when visitors are looking at the rise of the imposing mountains in Italy. However, what you need to realize is Turin is also a very beautiful city in its own right. So this is definitely something that you are going to need to consider visiting because it is a beautiful city and it is one that is well known for having some of the amazing architecture that you have never thought about seeing before. What else is amazing is the refined food that comes out of Turin and is available for you to eat. When you have started to taste the food here you will want to learn how to cook the food and bring it back home with you because you know that no Italian restaurant you eat at your home area is going to match up with the food you are getting here.

Turin Italy at Night

Is This All The Italian Cities You Will Cover? 

We know this is a question that is probably going to come up because it does seem like we are limiting ourselves to just these cities. However, this is not the case. In fact we actually plan on covering a lot more in the way of cities in Italy, but we know that your time is very valuable and we do not want you to be stuck here reading short little blurbs about every city in Italy. Plus we have looked at how long this article is and know that it can be difficult to keep your concentration for that long if the articles are to long. So as our cardinal told us when he gives a homily he tries to keep it short because he knows if you get uncomfortable your attention is gone, but we know this is true for writing as well. So make sure you check back often as we do plan on updating our Italy section quite a bit more.

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