Discover The Best Attractions To See While In Rome

Rome is a beautiful city and it is definitely a place that you are going to want to visit if you are planning a trip to Italy. However, you may start to ask yourself, which of the attractions are the ones that you must see when you are in Rome if you are limited on time? Well, the answer really is going to depend on what you are looking for in Rome while you are in the city. The problem is which of these attractions are worth your time and effort of taking a tour or stopping in and seeing and which of them are the ones that you can view from a distance and bypass? That is exactly what I have worked on to help out with in figuring out the attractions to go and see. Then you can make sure you are aware of these and know they are going to provide you with something worthwhile, but also that you are going to want to try to make it to them if you can.

How Did I Narrow Down My List Of The Top Sights To See In Rome

Well, I will admit it did take quite a bit of work to get the list of sights narrowed down. However, I know a trip to Rome can be a very daunting task because of all that you can see and do. That is why I worked hard on narrowing down this list to make it easier for you to find the right places to go to. These places are going to vary from having a historical impact, religious significance, but also even some cultural impact as well. All of these places have helped to shape Rome into the gorgeous city that it has become today.

Vatican City

The Vatican is the head of the Catholic Faith with the Pope at the helm. However, this is a country within a city and that is going to be one of those things that you are going to love. The downside is unlike a lot of places, this is a place that does have a dress code that is strictly followed. If you do not follow the dress code do not expect to get into the Vatican. The plus side is this is a location that has plenty for you to explore and do because of what all is available for you to see, but make sure you plan on spending at a minimum a full day here if you want to explore as much as possible. On the upside your time is going to be well spent, but if you do get the advance tickets you will find the time you spend waiting in line is going to be dramatically reduced compared to what you were expecting.

Vatican photo

Fountains Are Common In Rome

Fountains are a beautiful sight and they are definitely something you will want to go back and look at time and time again. However, in Rome you will find the city is completely full of the fountains that you are going to find beautiful. These fountains are going to be amazing and definitely something that you will remember. What is really nice is a lot of the fountains were designed and even finished by some of the most famous artists as well. So this definitely is going to be a stop that you need to make, now depending on when you are traveling and the situation with regards to the weather the fountains may be turned off because they do have that happen on extremely rare occasions. The most famous of the fountains is Trevi Fountain that everyone seems to want to throw a coin into with your right hand because it is said if you do you will come back to Rome.

Trevi Fountain photo

Roman Catacombs

The Roman Catacombs are one of those features of Rome that is very easy for you to overlook, but if you are looking at the establishment of the religion and how it was preserved over time it is rather easy to see the Roman Catacombs play one of the most important roles possible. This allowed the people to have a chance to explore the history of the Roman world, but also see how the persecution of the early Catholics and Christians in general was happening in Rome. So this is definitely something that you are going to want to look for here as the catacombs are a great thing to look for. However, you will want to make sure you sign up for one of the tours and take a tour so you do not end up in the catacombs, but also so you can get the most out of the education you are going to get.

Roman Catacombs photo
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Villa Borghese Gardens

If you are looking for a very affordable place to go in Rome, then you will love this low costing Rome attraction. This is Rome’s third largest park. What is great about Villa Borghese is the fact this is a place that has several buildings, museums, and quite a bit of other attractions for you to enjoy. The place is great and definitely one that you will want to take a walk through because this place has plenty of things for you to do and see. However, the walk is one that is simply charming and when you reach the end of the walk you will notice that you are at the top of the Spanish Steps. When you are in the gardens you will also notice that you have several villas that you can enjoy going to as well. The villas include the beautiful Villa Giulia which now houses the Etruscan Museum, but also the Villa Medici which is the house to the beautiful French Academy in Rome.

Villa Borghese Gardens photo
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Capitoline Museums

Now we mentioned that we would cover some of the art works and places to see them as well. Well, the best place that you can go and see a variety of items is going to be the Capitoline Museums. These are a stunning art museum that is going to have some of the famous works of art, but also going to have some of the best looks as well with regard to sculptures. This is going to make it easier for you to have a great looking item that you are going to fall in love with, but also have a chance to explore the different pieces. This way you are going to have a great time in exploring all the art that is seen in the city. These art works are going to vary from the older to some of the somewhat modern, not completely modern pieces of art. So you will want to make sure you check this place out, but make sure you take some time to get to explore the art and look at it to take it in completely.

Capitoline Museums photo
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Find Other Great Rome Attractions

Rome is a large city and we have to admit we just started to touch on all the attractions that you can find in Rome here. However, what you will find is Rome definitely has more attractions than what we have listed in our short little blurb here. With that being the case you will want to make sure you check out some of the other attractions that we are going to cover in the future. No matter what you will find the romance that is seen in Rome is second to none, but also that it is going to have a great feel for the place as well. All you need to do is make sure you check back because we are going to start to cover more of the attractions as we have time, but you need to realize Rome is an amazing city and definitely a place you will fall in love with, even if you are just passing through for a single day.

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