The Van Gogh Museum


Vincent Van Gogh is easily one of the most recognized artist of our time and in some cases is the only artists you may have heard of. However, what you will find is he is one artist that has managed to land not only his own wing in a lot of museums, but in the Amsterdam museum world, has ended up getting his own museum dedicated to his and his contemporaries work. So what exactly do you see at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam outside of some of the amazing art works by a master?

What Does The Van Gogh Museum Have

Vincent Van GoghThe name of the museum is definitely going to be a major giveaway at what it has available. This is a place that has the largest collection of Van Gogh artworks that you can find. The museum definitely is going to have great paintings for you to enjoy and ponder. At the same time, though, the paintings are mainly by Van Gogh and his contemporaries and that allows you to ponder almost all the works of a master in a single place. What else you can expect is a crowd as the Van Gogh museum is very popular in Amsterdam and actually ended up ranking in the top 40 museums in the world for the number of visitors.

Something else to consider is this is the larger collection of Van Gogh paintings and includes paintings from all different periods of his life. What is really impressive is some of the paintings that he ended up painting actually looked like the same field he would later commit suicide in. Now, that is not impressive that he did commit suicide, but the fact that so many people have seen this painting and never really thought about the fact that according to the video above this is a place that he ended up committing suicide at.

Now, you can also explore a wing of the museum that was designed by one of the foremost architects when it comes to modern design. This wing still houses art work, but the way it was designed is a piece of art in its own right, which is obviously something you would want to see as it is simply amazing to see another master at work, but in a different form than what you may have been expecting to see beforehand.

Location Of The Van Gogh Museum

The location is in Amsterdam, but with all the various museums in Amsterdam it may be very difficult for you to find the location. Since that is the case, we have decided to include a little bit of the address and a map from Google Maps to help out in getting the location found by using the map.

Museumplein 6, 1071 DJ Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hours Of Operation For Van Gogh Museum

I have to say nothing is worse than thinking you are going to make it to a museum and then miss out on the most important things because it was closed. Yes, I know that this mistake can happen because I have done it myself when I was traveling before and then I was so ticked at myself for not looking this information up before I went to the museum. Since I know the pain of that issue, I will list the hours here and thankfully it is very easy for you and I to remember.

Every day of the week the museum is open from 9 AM until 6 PM. You just have to make sure it is open for the holidays that you may be in Amsterdam during.

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What I Learned In The Rick Steve’s Video

While I knew some of the information from various art classes that I had attended over the years, some of the information was new to me. For example, I never realized that one of the paintings that Van Gogh would complete and is on display in the museum would be like those that he would later commit suicide in. This was a little shocking to me because the fields in the painting look so calm and peaceful, but also that someone who in the midst of that much beauty would be able to take their own lives. Granted, I know that a lot of people with depression do not even think about that and only want a removal from the issues they are experiencing.

My Final Thoughts On The Van Gogh Museum

With all the museums in Amsterdam, it is very difficult to narrow down which one you should visit. That is why I really decided to publish this article here with the video so you can see what the place has to offer. I know the Van Gogh museum may not rank high on the list of places to check out and if you do not like art it may only be a small blip on the radar. However, I will say this and challenge you to check out the museum because it definitely has plenty to offer and even if you do not like art, the history of the place that is captured in the masterpieces here make it well worth the stop among all the Amsterdam Museums. Overall, I have to say I would stop at the Van Gogh Museum if nothing else just to enjoy seeing some of the most amazing art pieces the world has ever seen.