Top 5 Attractions In Delft For 2018

Traveling The Netherlands Delft AttractionsTraveling to Delft can be exciting for people who have heard of the pottery before, but also for a variety of other reasons as well and those are the great Delft attractions that you may have never heard of before. Well, we are going to change that for everyone and allow you to learn about these stunning and beautiful attractions. So you will not have to be concerned about what you can do when you are in this beautiful, canal ringed city that is located in western Holland. One person that a lot of people have often forgotten that came from Delft is a master painter in his own right and that is none other than Johannes Vermeer who was a great painter of his time and still has quite a few works. While not many people have heard of Delft, that is what will make it a great location for you to go on vacation and enjoy immersing yourself in the culture that has made Holland so famous. With this being the case, we are going to cover the Top 5 Attractions in Delft for 2018 here so you can find them and know how to plan your holiday.

5. Nieuwe Kerk

Nieuwe Kerk is a Protestant church that people will find with an interesting past as the church was built in the 1300’s. So this means it most likely started off as a Catholic church and during the Reformation would have changed hands. However, this is not what is going to be the interesting story that you are going to find here. No, the interesting part comes from the fact that Holland used to have a lot of royal blood inside of the borders. One of the families that was often seen here was that of William of Orange. While you may think that he would be married in someplay that is a lot more famous than Delft, you need to realize this is not the case.

You will see that Nieuwe Kerk is the place that has the tombs of a lot of the royals inside of it. So this will allow you to explore the areas that the royals are buried at and know they are definitely going to provide you with quiet a bit of insight on the families and the history. In fact, William of Orange has his own tomb at this location.

4. De Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles

While this may seem like it would be boring because it is a porcelain factory you need to realize this is far from the case. In fact, this is a place that will allow you to explore the factory on the tours and see how the pottery has been made for coming up on three centuries here. So this is definitely going to make it easier for you to see the fact the pottery is made to the highest standard but also gives you a chance to learn about the pottery and how it has come to become one of the most famous potteries in the entire world.

Once you get done with the tour, you will enjoy the fact that you can take a step back in time as well. This step back in time will guide you through the amazing changes to the pottery, which is not a lot and will allow you to see the changes that were made. Overall, the museum makes it worth the trip here, but the chance to shop in the gift shop is something completely different and will provide you with a chance to get some pieces that you may have missed before stopping here.

3. De Delftse Pauw

Delft AttractionsNow, if you have already went to the place we mentioned in number for the De Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles and could not find the piece that you wanted to buy or did not find it interesting then you may want to check out De Delftse Pauw which is a great place to go as it is another older factory and showroom for pottery. This is a place that has been doing the same type of pottery since the 17th-century and that alone makes this place a great one for you to go and take a tour of or even enjoy the location for the beauty of the pottery. It is important to note that this is one of the only places that still holds up to the old Dutch tradition of hand painting the pottery.

Once you get done looking around, you will want to check out the store as well. While you may start to think oh great another pottery store you need to realize this is not the case as the place has plenty of pottery for you to enjoy, but also has some of the other crafts that are produced by the local artisans. So you will be able to support the local artisans and they will be able to continue doing the same craft they have done for years and really love doing. This type of help is what is really going to set Delft off from the rest of the places that you can visit.

2. Vermeer Centre 

Located on the Old Guild of Saint Luke you will find the Vermeer Centre. This is a place that is dedicated to the painter we told you about earlier. This place is one that you will find quite fulfilling in all that it offers you with regards to the tours and the chance to see some of the artworks that he produced, the buildings he helped, and to learn about his life as a whole. However, what else is nice is this place did not stop the focus on just Vermeer himself as he left behind quite a few contemporaries who have managed to learn how to be a master painter as well.

No, the place has managed to recognize these same artists as well for the beautiful artworks they have produced as well. What else is nice about this location is the price, compared to a lot of museums of this quality, is not going to be overpriced for what you get to see and do. No matter what you will love the quality of the paintings you are going to get to see when you are here. Just look at the image that we have found of one of the paintings that Vermeer has done and it is easy to imagine what you will see when you are in the centre dedicated to his work.

1. Museum Het Prinsenhof

William of Orange is one of those people you may have heard of before you have studied any type of world history before. However, what you may not realize is not only is his tomb in Delft, which is in the attraction that landed on our number five spot, but so is a museum that is going to focus on William of Orange and the formation of the Dutch Republic. The museum is very educational and definitely worth exploring if you are a lover of history or want to learn more about the formation of my great country. I know I really love coming here because it is definitely worth the time to learn.

Now, if the older palace does not interest you because you do not like history for some reason, then you will want to realize that just like the pottery factories we mentioned above you will have an exploration of the arts and crafts movement in the area here as well. This museum will focus on these attractions and that can make it easier for you to have a great trip and know you are going to be able to see different arts and crafts. However, unlike some of the museums you can visit the pottery you can see here is actually quite a bit older as it will focus around the movements start in the 17th century.

What About Other Delft Attractions 

 I have to admit, that I did want to provide you with even more attractions to see when you are in Delft, but I cannot really have my articles run to long or you would be busy reading them and missing out on the important things and that is getting a chance to go out and enjoy life and your travels. That is why I have stopped at the top 5 attractions in Delft for 2018 and did not provide you more of them. I want you to go out now and find these attractions and then you will see why they not only made our list, but why they are ranked like they are. No matter what you should realize when you are traveling the Netherlands you will find plenty of attractions to see in every city and some of them are going to be awe-inspiring like the Delft attractions here and some will be more tugging on your heartstrings.


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