5 Best Restaurants In Zurich

Eating out is something that you are going to need to do when you are traveling. However, you need to make sure you check out only the best restaurants to enjoy. Then you will be able to have a great holiday and know you are eating the best possible food. I know that in Zurich you will find a ton of restaurants to enjoy and it can be difficult for you to figure out which one of the places you should be eating at. This is when you should know I have made it a little bit easier for you by going out and ranking what I feel are the 5 best restaurants in Zurich for you to enjoy. These are going to come from a variety of cuisines and even sizes, but they are all going to be amazing places for you to enjoy.


5. Thach Restaurant

Zurich is an international city and it is definitely going to show in this restaurant here. You will find Thach Restaurant is going to be one of the best Asian style restaurants you can check out in Zurich. The place has some of the best Asian food you can find outside of Asia and it is definitely a place you are going to really love to eat at. When you are here I would definitely recommend getting the pho which has a great taste to it and definitely will be filling. If you do not mind getting a soup, definitely a great option if you are in Zurich in winter, then you will not mind getting the soup. The soup is very robust in the flavor and taste that you can enjoy eating.

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4. Cafe Schober

The Baroque style that is seen in this restaurant is definitely going to be something you will love. The place has plenty for you to enjoy, but it also has some great food as well. I personally love the cakes from the location and the fact that you can easily find the food you want to have for a quick snack for breakfast in the morning. The downside is this place can be crowded at times and this makes it difficult to get in at times. The terrace area you can sit on here is something else you will enjoy because it makes it easier for you to enjoy the location and know you are going to have a great time. If you do not want to get up early that will work out as this place does not open at the crack of dawn, but it will definitely have some good breakfast foods for you to enjoy.

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3. La Fonte

Italy is just a short trip over the Alps from the city of Zurich. However, what you will find is La Fonte is a great place that you are going to love because it is going to be a great place to go and enjoy. The reason you will want to go here is it is a smaller location that is going to have some great Italian food you will love. I personally have found the location to be one that is going to have a great amount of Italian food. If you are looking for a pasta dish I would have to say I would recommend almost any of the pasta dishes as they have some great options on the menu. However, if you want to get a meal that is going to fill your entire stomach then you will want to check out the calzones that are amazing in the flavor profile, but also have some of the largest servings I have seen.

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2. Ecco

Ecco is a great restaurant in Zurich that has some great food options and definitely will provide you with a fantastic tasting menu. What is even better is the location has some of the highest quality seats and decor that you can enjoy. The place has some great food and I have to say the Amuse Bouche you can get here is going to be paired perfectly with the wines and even the preparation level of the food you can tell is taken with care and some major consideration in mind. The tasting menu is a little bit on the expensive side for some travelers on a budget, but I can tell you that the cost of the menu is well worth the payment as you will find it helps you save quite a bit of money on going out to eat later on because you will be so full from the excellent food that you will not want to go out to eat again.

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1. Restaurant Zunfthaus zur Waag

Do you want to check out a place that serves the Swiss style dishes? If you do then you will want to make sure you know about Restaurant Zunfthaus zur Waag. This place is easily one of the best restaurants in Switzerland hands down and it is easy to see why. The place has some of the best food and easily a great atmosphere you are going to really like because it helps you out in getting to enjoy the local food and talk to people who are from Zurich. I know I was completely floored with the veal as it is a good dish, but what I really loved and I have to say it is definitely a dessert type of dish is going to be the Chocolate dish. This will make it easier for you to have a great dish that you are going to love and enjoy.

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Which Restaurant Should You Pick 

This is going to come down to the answer of really what you are looking for. If you are looking for a fine dining establishment then you may find Ecco to be the best option for you. However, if you are looking for a place that is more of a cafe style for a quick breakfast then you may want to pick Cafe Schober. Enjoying more of the Central European or the Swiss cuisine is definitely possible by going to my top rated Restaurant Zunfthaus zur Waag. Overall, almost any place you go in Zurich will give you great food, but I really love the 5 best restaurants in Zurich I have put onto my list here.