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Traveling to Canada may not seem like it would be that rewarding, but for a lot of people going to Canada is one of the most rewarding trips they can take in their life. However, they need to know more about where they should go and what exactly they are going to be able to do. I know that when I look at my country it is very difficult to really narrow down where people should go because I honestly love the entire country. What I really love as well, is the fact the country has so much to offer and every place you go the people are so friendly it will blow your mind. With this being the case, it is time for us to explore the beautiful cities of Canada that any tourist will simply fall in love with.


Vancouver photoVancouver is a city that I really love. It is located on the Pacific Coast and it definitely has quite a bit for you to see and explore. However, what is really great is the community is one that has managed to thrive and work out the natural beauty that surrounds the city with the challenges that so many people face around the world each day. No matter what, one of the things I really like being able to do when I am in Vancouver is the chance to go out and explore the surrounding Rocky Mountains, but also the chance to go out and explore the city later on in the day. No matter what, Vancouver is one of those cities that I really love.

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Toronto photo
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Toronto is another Canadian city that people have a tendency to fall in love with. Located on the shores of Lake Ontario you will notice it has the serene beauty of a major shipping lake, but also a lot of green space that makes it quite a bit easier for you to enjoy the beauty of the place. What else is nice about the location is the fact you have a chance to explore some of the best world-class sports facilities around. Another aspect that you will enjoy with Toronto is the chance to spy the CN Tower, which is a free-standing tower and it is definitely one of those places that is an iconic landmark that you are going to want to enjoy going to and seeing. No matter what, Toronto does have a thriving food scene which offers a variety of foods you will want to try and know you are going to have a great vacation and enjoy some amazing food.


Montreal photo
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Montreal is positioned on an island, which makes it unique in its own right for a major city, actually the second largest city in Quebec. However, Montreal is also a city that a lot of people are going to want to visit because it has a beautiful view of the Saint Lawerence River, but also because the place has plenty for them to see and explore. The city will take you through a walk of history with the cobblestoned paths, to the beautiful gothic building structures. As the city flows it is very easy to see where each of the little towns that have come together to form Montreal used to have their own mindset and cultural background. As a unique experience in Montreal, you should check out the Underground City, which are tunnels of shops lining the connecting paths of the metro for the city.


Whistler photoIf you love skiing, then you have already heard of Whistler. This is a city that has some of the best skiing resorts in the world. This is going to make the city a winter playground. During the summer, the same slopes tend to offer some amazing trails for you to hike on. The city itself has a very laid back atmosphere, but courtesy of the Vancouver Olympic Games and the ski resorts it has become famous for having some world class restaurants. I have to say, this is not bad for a place that is very small and has only been an organized village since 1970.


Ottawa photoOttawa is the capital of Canada and along with it being a capital city of a major world power, it has the beauty of being a place that a lot of people have avoided traveling to. The city itself is situated along the Ottawa River and has managed to hang onto some of the old ideas of architecture as the Parliment building for Canada is following in the classic Victorian views. With it looking like this, it will be very easy for you to see why this is such a great place for you to go and see. Throw in the fact that you are going to have some of the best museums to visit and it is easy to see why Ottawa is a great city to go and visit. One of my favorite stops in Ottawa is the Canadian War Museum, which showcases a lot of the military history in Canada.


Calgary photo
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Calgary is a beautiful city and home to some of the famous WWE Wrestlers of the 90’s. However, what is really nice is the city has a beautiful setting and it is definitely a place that has held onto its roots of being a frontier type of town as it has managed to get some of the beauty that you are going to love but also has some of the best places for you to go to and travel to. What is really nice is the place has an amazing Fish Creek Provincial Park that you can enjoy and know you are going to have a great time hiking and biking around the lake. Banff, is also near the city if you consider 130km close, but it is definitely worth a trip out to if you have the time or if you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city as well. No matter what Calgary is a very popular city and if you are in the city during the Calgary Stampede, you will see why the city still clings to its Western Frontier roots.


Edmonton photo
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Edmonton is a great city to visit and definitely a place you will want to make your way to. Edmonton has a great living history museum you will enjoy, but it also has some of the best history lessons that are based in Fort Edmonton. When you are in the city you will want to make sure you check out what I consider to be one of the best museums around in the Royal Alberta Museum. The museum is one that is going to focus quite a bit on the beauty of the cultures that are present in the city, but also the beauty you are going to see the changes that have been made in the city. So this is definitely a city you will enjoy because it is going to be a great way for you to get the trip of a lifetime and know you will not end up disappointed in the way the city has been set up and with the amazing river flowing through the city it is easy to enjoy a river walk.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls photoAs odd as it sounds there are some people who may have never heard of Niagara Falls before or realize that on the Canadian side of the border it is called Niagara Falls for the city around the falls. So this is definitely a great place that you are going to want to go out and enjoy because you have the chance to experience the Falls. Not that I am being overzealous as well, but I think the Canadian side of the Falls is easily the better side and I have found that not a lot of people are going to disagree with me on this aspect as they have found the city to look great as well and the access to good food and amazing views are definitely something that is mentioned quite a bit by people looking for a great place to visit.

What About Everything Else?

I have to say that while I do love the fact that I do have free reign over what to cover and when I am limited in how much space I can use. Not so much because I want to stop, but mainly because if I covered all the cities that I wanted to, I would be writing a tour book on a single page and that gets very boring for you. So I picked out the highlight cities that I love and figured this would be a great way for you to be introduced to traveling around Canada. Then you can easily plan your vacation and know it is going to be a blessing for you to take and enjoy the country that I call home.


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