Avoid A Ruined Trip – Know The Top Indoor Attractions In Grand Cayman

Grand Caymans With Stingray SwimmingGrand Cayman is definitely a paradise and a place that you are going to fall in love with once you have been. However, like most places the Grand Cayman islands do experience a rainy season that can easily take and ruin your vacation to the point that you are not going to have a good time. With that being the case, we know the weather can easily run you in from the beach and even the nicest resorts only have so much you can do time and time again before you are tired of them and want to do something else. Yes, we have been at this point and done that and hated every minute of it. To avoid this problem, we have decided to explore the top indoor attractions that you can do while you are visiting the Grand Cayman island. With this information the weather can come and you will still have a great vacation.

How Did We Narrow Down Our List? 

This was a challenge because everyone knows about the beaches and other attractions like the dolphins that are present on the island. However, a lot of people do not know about the indoor attractions and we have to tell you those are quite a bit more numerous than what you can imagine because of how they are avoided by people when the weather is nice. I have to say that I worked hard looking at the places and doing all the hard work for you, but this way you are able to have a great trip no matter what the weather holds for you.

1. Pedro St. James National Historic Site

Pedro Saint James On Grand CaymanPedro St. James is a national historic site because of the significance it has played on the island and the history of the region. However, what you need to realize is this is also a place you will love because it is indoors and even with it being a short drive away from the city of Georgetown it is definitely worth it. The place has different tours you can use to learn more and even explore the history of the island. When you first start off with the tours, you will notice they tend to rely on the multimedia presentation about the history and the building itself. What is bad is the special effects that are incorporated may make you laugh at times, but they presentation overall is decent.

When you are done with the video you have a chance to decide if you want to take the tours that are guided, which can be a good thing and a great way to learn a lot. However, these tours do cost more, but the other way is the unguided tour where you have to find your own way around. Both of these work, but if you want to learn more about the region then I would personally recommend going on the guided tour. What is really nice about this location, though, no matter which tour you take is the fact that most of the items in the place are original and will allow you to enjoy seeing period furniture that is not made to the same standard it is made to today.

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2. Locked Inn Cayman

You may have heard of the locked in games before. These are games that you have to take and figure out a variety of clues that are provided to find the keys that are missing from the lock. Just so you know and do not freak out the staff has a key to the room and cameras as well to make sure you are safe. However, what you need to realize is the George Town region in Grand Cayman has these same types of games. This will make it easier for you to get the enjoyment you want, but also know that you are safe because you are locked into the room until you solve all the clues.

Basically you are going to solve the puzzle and get out. What else could be seen as a good thing is these games are usually timed. So you do not have to worry about wasting the entire day inside of the locked room and worry about the weather clearing and you missing some great beach time. With that being the case you will like this game because it is nice and it can help you pass the time. At the same time, it makes it easier for you to have a great trip with your family because you all have to work together to solve the clues that are present in the room.

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3. Cayman Islands National Museum

Cayman Islands National MuseumYes, another museum makes the list. Obviously we could put some restaurants in the article, but seriously we all have to eat so that is going to be a completely different article. Not only that who can waste an entire day inside of a restaurant? I know the wait staff tends to get a little upset if you are tying up the tables all day. So this is yet another museum that has made our list, but this one is one that you are going to like as well because it has a great gift shop that is amazing.

At the Cayman Islands National Museum you will find it is going to offer you quite a bit of history, so if you do not like history hit the reverse button from this museum. However, on top of the history you will see exhibits you normally would not see outside of the islands. A good example is the life size sculpture of Mr. Harvey Ebanks. Some of the displays are ones that you normally would not be able to see either, so this definitely will help you out in getting the chance to explore the history of the Cayman Islands and know more about the history of the place. In some of the displays you will notice they do offer the interactive type of exhibits you want to have and this in turn makes it easier for you to enjoy the region even more.

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4. The Wreck View Art Gallery

Art is not something you would think about looking at and buying when you are in the islands. However, if you come to this destination it will definitely change your mind. The Wreck View Art Gallery has so many different pieces of art that it is going to amaze you, but the owner of the art gallery is also the artist. Yes, I know that may seem a little odd and at times poignant, but you need to realize this is not the case. When you are in the Caribbean it is very difficult to find a place to showcase your art at times. So the owner decided to do something and established her own art gallery, which is a great way to get her pieces out in front of people.

We do have to admit, the owner is very friendly as well, which makes us love this place even more. When you are in the gallery you will notice all of these works are top of the line, but also created with love. With that being the case, you are going to want to take all of them home with you, but you need to realize this is expensive to do so you need to narrow down your choices of art works that you are going to look for. Then you can finally get the piece that you want to use and know it will work best for your gifts that you are seemingly obligated to bring back home with you.

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5. Cayman Craft Mall

Finding items that are unique and complete different than what you can find in the stores is a good thing. However, in a lot of places it can be a challenge because their is no real way for you to get directly to the local crafters while you are traveling. Thankfully, and much to our appreciation, Grand Cayman has found a way around this and has decided to offer the chance for you to explore the items the local crafters have to offer in the form of the Cayman Craft Mall.

The Cayman Craft Mall, like the name states, is a craft mall that allows you to have direct access to the vendors that are in the location. This way you can find the arts and craft community is thriving, but also offering you access to the products they are producing. When they are offered in this manner it allows you to have direct contact with the producer in most cases, but also find items that are very unique to what you want to see. Then you do not have to be concerned about the items  being something that is mass produced and then sold in the store just for you to buy and use.

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