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5 Best Things To Do In Wichita Kansas

When it comes to Kansas, a lot of people are reminded of the Wizard of Oz or cowboys but those things are not all that the state is about. In fact, as a Wichita native, I can tell you that the city is a melting pot with all kinds of people running all kinds of interesting businesses.

Go Out To Eat

One nice thing about Wichita is that there are a ton of places to eat if you’re hungry. Even if you just want a light snack, there are options out there for you. Check into the local hole in the wall places like Calvin’s Hamburger Haven on south Seneca Street or find one of the many fast food joints spread through the city like Spangles.

The Wichita Art Museum

If you’re taking someone out on a date you should take them to the art museum. That, or if you just have a love for art yourself, then you should check out this art museum. The nice thing about it is that the displays change on a regular basis so what you see there during one visit may not be the same the next time you decide to check out the Wichita art museum.

Catch A Concert Or A Sports Game

Wichita is a place with tons of concerts you can go to, especially since it’s in the middle of the country where a lot of bands travel through. There is the Intrust Bank Arena and there are smaller venues like the Cotillion that famous artists from all around the world play at. In terms of sports, you can catch local baseball games and even see a local hockey team when you’re in Wichita looking for a nice place to spend time.

Intrust Bank Arena
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Movie Theaters

There are many movie theaters in Wichita that you can visit on most days to see the latest movies. Also, one rarity that Wichita has to offer is a drive in theater that is still in operation to this day. They tend to play recent movies at some times of the year and at other times you can catch older movies. If you go to a regular theater like the Warren in Old Town you can even get cocktails and food sent to your seat during a movie!

A Walk In Nature

There are a few ways to connect with nature in the Wichita, Kansas area. For instance, there is Watson Park which features a yellow brick road trail that you can follow to get a little bit of a workout while looking around at nature. You can find a train there sometimes for adults and kids to ride around on to get a better view of the park. There is also the Wichita Zoo which is very popular because it has a ton of animals that you can find around the world. The zoo also has different features at different times of the year so it can be worth visiting it more than once.

Now you have a better understanding of what there is to do in Wichita, KS. When you go there be sure to use the guide above to go to places that will be fun to explore. To learn more don’t be afraid to call the different companies on the phone to ask them some questions.


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