Find The Best Cities To Tour In New Hampshire Today

New Hampshire is a very beautiful state and you need to make sure you know about some of the cities that are present in the state. This way you will have a chance to explore the state, but also know you have a good base to travel around out of. That is one of the beauties of New Hampshire is the state is not overly large like New York where it can take you several hours to reach a destination. Instead, New Hampshire is the perfect city that for the most part allows you to get from one end of the state to the other in a couple of hours. Then you are going to a great base to reach out to the state and have a chance to explore all the areas that you are looking for getting around to.

How Did We Narrow Down Our Must See Cities In New Hampshire? 

Well, we looked at the size of the city, what attractions they have, but also looked at if we would find it interesting or not. If we did not think it would be an interesting city it did not make it to our list of must see cities. So the list is more along what we are looking for and this is going to make it quite a bit easier for you to know if you like what we have recommended in the past then you will enjoy these cities as well. The key thing to remember is the state is smaller so it does make it quite a bit easier for you to get around and see the attractions in the state.


New Hampshire Portsmouth CityPortsmouth is one of the cities that we have really fallen in love with. The city is only the fourth largest city in the state and it is going to be something that you are going to be looking for if you want to get a smaller city to stay in. However, what you need to realize is this is also a city that has quite a few attractions and this is going to help you out in finding something to do when you are staying in the city. So this will help you out in getting a great vacation that you want to have.

Something else that you will enjoy is the fact that Portsmouth is on the coast. This means that you can easily enjoy some of the lighthouses that are present in any coastal city. However, because of it being located on the ocean it does make it easier for you to enjoy the city and know that you are able to enjoy the ocean as well. Easily a great city that is going to be packed full of fun for you to enjoy and partake in.


State House In New Hampshire In ConcordConcord is the state capital and that is going to be something that is going to interest a lot of people because it does have quite a bit of history that is present in the city as well. So this makes it easier for you to find a lot of history in the city and this will make it quite a bit easier for you to have a great vacation. With this city you will find that it was founded, not as Concord, but as a Native American settlement that was around for over a thousand years. This makes it easier for you to get the history that you want.

What else is nice about the city of Concord is the fact that it has several points of interest that you can explore. One of those is going to be the state house which is located in the city. However, right across the street from the state house is going to be the historic Eagle Hotel and that is a place that has been open since 1827 and has had multiple presidents in the United States stay in the location and has played a very important role for the state and the country.


Loon Mountain Ski Slope Near Lincoln New HampshireLincoln, New Hampshire is not so much a city as it is a town. However, it is a town that we really like. It is very small in fact as the population is not even over 2,000 people. So you will fall in love with the small town atmosphere, but the surrounding beauty around the town definitely will make it a place that you are going to fall in love with and want to enjoy even more. What is really nice is the town only has one main road, so it is very difficult for you to get lost when you are going into this town.

One aspect you will really like about the town is the fact that it is a great stopping point for supplies if you are heading to Franconia State Park. That is because the town is located close to the park and it does have some stores that are close enough to make it a great place for you to go to and get the supplies you need to head out into the park and enjoy the time you are getting out in the woods. What else is nice is the fact that Loon Ski Resort is located nearby as well, so you can easily enjoy the beauty that is present in the ski resort and enjoy the slopes in the winter months knowing a small town is close by with the supplies you need.


The Beach at Hampton, New HampshireWe would be amiss if we did not mention Hampton. Yes, the Hampton which is something that a lot of people tend to overlook because it is a town that they think only exist in television or for the rich and famous. However, Hampton does have a lot of features that will be something that  people will be looking for in a city like this. The population of the city is only going to come in at just over 14,000 so it still has the small city feel and that is what is nice, but it is a resort type of town as well, which is something that if you do not like resorts can turn you off from the town.

One fact that we do love about this city is the fact that it is a beach side town. This means you will have plenty of beaches to enjoy, but you may need to join some clubs at times depending on where you are going. However, the fact that you have a chance to enjoy the ocean and even get out onto the water on a boat or other item is something else that you will like with the city of Hampton. The downside is the town, even with a small population, is small and only has roughly 14 square miles for the entire city.


View of Manchester New HampshireIf you want to stay in the largest city in New Hampshire then you will want to go to Manchester, no it should not be confused with Manchester England because this is not nearly as large nor does it have as many museums. However, Manchester is a great city to visit and definitely one that will make it very easy for you to get the right feel for your vacation because you are in the largest city in the state and have all the features that a larger city would have. This is one of the cities in New Hampshire that you will see as having a couple of skyscrapers as it does have a 22 story tall building and another that is 20 stories tall.

Sports fans will like the fact the city is home to the New Hampshire Fisher Cats. That is the AA ball minor league team for the Toronto Blue Jays. However, they are still a competitive team. You will also notice the city is home to the minor league affiliate of the Los Angeles Kings from the National Hockey League. So it will be quite a bit easier for everyone to get a chance to explore the sports world from a winter or a summer standpoint. What else is nice, is the city is close enough that it is very easy to get a short jaunt down the road, probably an hour or two depending on traffic to reach Boston. So this could be a great way for you to visit Boston, without staying in the populated city.

What About The Rest Of The Cities In New Hampshire?

When you are looking at New Hampshire you need to realize it is a smaller city and it is definitely a state that is worth exploring. With that being said, we just picked the top 5 cities that we like in New Hampshire. However, their are plenty of other cities that we love and know that we are going to cover in the future. The thing that we have found is we are going to have to limit our list because our editor is very strict and said that people lose their attention if we get to long winded. So we will have to cover more of the cities in another article that will be more specific to the cities that we love in New Hampshire.


By Charlie