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Vermont State FlagVermont is not a large state and to say that it has a lot of cities would be a joke we can tell. However, when you are in Vermont, you should know about the best cities to visit in Vermont. Then you will have a good idea on where you should be going and what all you can do when you are traveling around Vermont. What else you will notice with this travel article is that we are going to include some of the small towns for your Vermont travel enjoyment as well. This is going to make it quite a bit easier for you to have a great vacation and know it will be something you are going to remember for years. Not to mention when you are going to the Vermont cities it will be easier for you to enjoy the cities and know the Green Mountain State is definitely a place you will love seeing time and time again.

How Did I work Out These Cities 

Well, I have to say, I decided it would be really good to build off of our post on the places to visit in Vermont in fall and go from that point. I also decided it would be really good to go through the cities with some of the Vermont points of interest in mind when I was looking at the cities. With that in mind, I decided to go out and start to look at the state and work on narrowing down the list of cities that I would feature here. I know that all the cities that are in Vermont are definitely worth visiting because each place has its own level of charm, but for me to put together a list like that it would be so long it would be a complete website on its own. Please note the list is not going to cover the various seasons as this will be a different article, but if you are looking for places to visit in Vermont in summer or places to visit in Vermont in winter please note we will be doing this at a later date. Without any further delay, it is time to get to our list of the best cities to visit in Vermont.


Vermont Cities - MontpelierIt would be hard to go to Vermont or even write up an article about Vermont without mentioning the capital city of Montpelier. The city is one that has quite a bit of history to it and is going to be very enjoyable for a lot of people to visit. Factor in the history and the gold-domed statehouse and it is very easy to see why you should be going to Montpelier. Not to mention the city itself has plenty for you to do and the people are friendly. Some of the foods you will have here are going to be a little bit under the price of what you are used to paying in some cities, like New York, but that is because the place has some amazing foods prepared by professional chefs, but for a fraction of the cost and in most cases the chefs are using only the freshest ingredients on the market. What else is great is the fact this is a city that has a small town feel to it and still has the country type of look to the city.

  • Vermont State House is shown in the picture and it is definitely a place you will enjoy visiting to learn about the workings of the Vermont government.
  • Mount Mansfield is very close to Montpelier and will make it easier for you to have a great time because you can easily get out and reconnect with nature here.


Best Cities To Visit In Vermont - BurlingtonBurlington is a very beautiful city that is on the Eastern Shores of Lake Champlain. However, this is a city that is also directly South of the Canadian border. So this will definitely be a great attraction because it can easily provide you easy access to Canada. It is important if you are planning on going to Canada from Burlington that you have the proper paperwork to ensure you are able to get back into the country. If not you could find yourself left out in Canada and unable to make it back. What else is great about Burlington is the fact that it has been able to take and have some very beautiful shops in the downtown region that is meant for pedestrians more than vehicles. You will also want to take note of the cobblestone walkways, just like the cities would have had in the previous century. This makes it quite a bit easier for you to have a great trip and know you have plenty to do. This is very true when you are looking at the summer things to do because it will give you plenty of options with the lake right by the city.

  • Echo Lake Aquarium And Science Center is a place you will be able to go out and learn about the lake, but also have a chance to learn about the science behind how people are impacting the lake and the conservation efforts for the lake.
  • Lake Champlain Maritime Museum is another place you will enjoy. This is a museum that will allow you to see the beauty of the lake and the nautical history that has surrounded the lake.


Stowe Vermont - Vermont POints Of InterestStowe is a little town that in the middle of winter will balloon to the size of a small city. That is because the city is one of the most popular destinations for skiing in the state of Vermont and this is definitely going to make it quite a bit easier for the city to have the reach that it needs to have, but also going to let you know that you are going to have a great vacation in the middle of winter. What I really like about the city of Stowe is the fact that it has plenty of things for you to do that is going to involve nature. You just have to make sure you are ready to go out and see the beauty of the region. Without this preparation, you could have some issues in getting the chance to go out and enjoy the beauty of the state and this may make it very difficult for you to have a great trip.

  • Stowe Mountain Resort is one of the main attractions in the region here. The place has quite a bit in the way of skiing, but with this being a world-class resort it is very easy for you to have a great vacation and know you will enjoy your vacation even more because you can go skiing.
  • Vermont Ski Museum is also another major attraction you will find enjoyment in Burlington. The Vermont Ski Museum definitely tops the list as one of the best Vermont things to do if you want to have a history lesson and learn more about skiing.

Rutland City

Vermont City To Visit - Rutland CityRutland City Vermont is the third largest city in Vermont, but it is hard to tell since the city has a population of only 16,000 people. So it is a great place for you to go and visit and know you are still going to get the small world charm, but have the city feel to it at the same time. What I really love about Rutland City is the fact that it is one of those places that has a downtown region that is full of history. In fact, the downtown area of Rutland City, not to be confused with the town of Rutland, that surrounds the city, is the fact that it is on the National Historic Register. This is going to make it quite a bit easeir for you to have a great trip and know you will be seeing something that is very historical.

  • Montshire Museum of Science is a place that lets you have some fantastic hands on exhibits that will teach you about the natural world. However, this is a great place for you to visit because it is a chance to learn and when you leave, have a chance to see the science first hand outside.
  • American Precision Museum may not seem like it would be that exciting of a place to go and visit, but it actually is. The museum has plenty of historic exhbits and machines for you to view, but also teaches you about the advances in machinery.


View Near Essex VermontEssex is the second largest city in Vermont as it has a population of right aournd 20,000 people. This is going to make this a very popular choice for people who want to go to a city and have it surroudned by beauty, but at the same time not have to worry about the city having a lot of the city feel. In fact, Essex, is one of the best Vermont cities to live and it is definitely a great destination for you to go go to. One of the major attractions to the Essex Vermont region will be the the fact the city is very nicely nestled in between the Green Mountains and Lake Champlain. This allows the region to have a variety of weather changes that you will have to contend with. However, with the location the city has plenty of natural things for you to do and this will definitely make the stop here well worth going to Essex because you have a chance to see some of the beauty and enjoy some great small town atmosphere in a city.

  • Old Red Mill and Mill House is a great attraction near Essex. This is an attraction that allows you to take some steps back in time and have a chance to see what life was like befor ethe modern flour mills that make the flour we all use now. Instead, this will let you see how people had to live and how much they relied on the mills of old to make the flour from the plants they grew.It is important to note this attraction is a little bit outide of the town of Essex and is actually found in Jericho Center, VT.

What About The Rest Of The Vermont Cities 

When you look at Vermont you may not think about the place having a lot of cities for you to go out and visit. However, this is not the case if you take into account some of the smaller towns and places that are not considered a city as being a great place to go. This is why I have decided to include a lot of the cities I did for the article. By knowing about these Vermont cities it will be easy for you to see that traveling around Vermont is easy to do and can also be very enjoyable without having to be worried about missing out on anything. That is why I have put these cities that I did in the Vermont travel article you are able to read here. No matter what, the key is to have fun while you are traveling.

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