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Mothman Museum Review – Point Pleasant WV

Mothman StatueMothman is a creature that people claim to be a warning to different disasters that are about to happen. In Point Pleasant West Virginia, the Mothman appeared on what many people now see as the ill-fated Silver Bridge before it collapsed. However, other people are skeptical that a creature like the Mothman even exists in the modern world. One man, though, definitely thinks the Mothman exist as do millions of other people as they have either seen or heard the stories that cannot be faked. Well, that is where the one and only Mothman Museum comes in play and it is located in the town where the sightings first started with Mothman, in the quiet, but beautiful river town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia. So, what exactly is the museum? What does it offer? Is it kid friendly? Well, my friend, you need to read on and you will learn by reading out Mothman Museum review.

What Is The Mothman Legend

The Mothman legend is definitely one you are going to fall in love with except for the gory fact that quite a few people died in the process of the legend coming about. This includes the fact that some people believe when they started to see the Mothman in 1966 that he was starting to foretell the collapse of what is now called the Silver Bridge. What else a lot of people have started to look at is the mystery of why he or she started to appear around the region. Some people took it as a warning sign of an impending disaster or other problem, but others still think people were just seeing things.

Now, what really brought the legend and what some would consider the myth of the Mothman really started when Silver Bridge collapsed on December 15th, 1967. Quite a large number of people reported seeing the Mothman sitting atop the bridge or near the bridge prior to the collapse. After that point, more and more people came forward and mentioned they had seen the Mothman. In fact, some kids who were out on a date would mention they saw the Mothman and so did other people. One common thing that was missing was the lack of evidence that would be considered concrete type of evidence.

The one thing that did run the gamut, though, was that people all described the same item they saw and most of those people were the ones who had not interacted with the other groups. So this does lend some form of credibility to the people and the stories that were being told of the Mothman and helped the legend grow even more. At the same time, though, which you will find out in the video below from Carpetbagger, the legend of the Men In Black was born and definitely started to grow quite a bit more than what you would expect as the movies would show years later.

Mothman Museum Video 

The video above is one that I found on YouTube. When I visited the museum I did not think about taking a video and I hate being on the camera. So I have to say I found this video and he does an amazing job of pointing out the highlights of the museum. He also pointed out some of the items that I missed when I was visiting the museum.

Features I Like About The Museum

I will say that one of the first things I really love the fact this is a museum that is small and cozy, but at the same time is full of information that helps you learn about the Mothman. That alone definitely helps provide you with the education you want to have and the chance to learn about the Mothman. Now, it is a location that if you want to get the true feel of the location will require you to read quite a bit of information. However, the reading is very interesting as some of it is the original notes for the reporters, the police, and quite a few other people as well including the witness accounts.

What else is interesting about the Mothman Museum collection is the fact that you get the chance to see some of the movie memorabilia you may not have a chance to see anywhere else in the world. This definitely gives you a chance to see some of the props that were used in the movie, but makes it easier for you to look at the different pieces the museum has collected over the years. You may notice different points that are marked on the movie pieces about the various points of Point Pleasant where they are supposed to represent. By having these pieces put in place it is very easy for you to see the impact the movie had on the area and start to understand more about how the legend has continued to grow.

What I Did Not Care For About The Museum

Being located in the small river town of Point Pleasant space is limited on what can be displayed. Well, that is going to hold very true here. With it being limited in the space that is available, the museum is located in what appears to be an older storefront that you can see on the video. While it is a quaint space and does not feel overly crowded, it can be hard to maneuver if the location gets crowded because of space. I guess the best way to describe the crowding would be a black Friday sale that is not available on the Internet.

Mothman Festival

Now, one thing to plan your trip around and to get the most out of your experience in Point Pleasant would be to plan a vacation to the region during the Mothman Festival. The festival is usually held in September and you can find the latest information about the festival by clicking here. However, one point that you need to realize is the town does get busy and starts to become packed when in the town. The best part is most everything you can do is free and if you want you can participate in talks, tours, and just enjoy the beautiful town and the great food that is available in the town.

My Final Thoughts On The Mothman Museum

Okay, I have to say the museum is very nice and while it is small and if it does get a lot of people in it can feel crowded the location is not that bad of a place to check out. Not to mention, it is located in a small little river town and makes it easier for you to explore more of the city as well. Overall, I have to say the cost to get into the museum is not high compared to what you find at other museums. The time you spend in the museum depends on how much you take at each display and reading the information. I would have to say no more than two to three hours after which I would recommend continuing your exploration of the town or going to Hillbilly Hot Dogs in Le Sage, West Virginia, but only after you have explored Mothman Museum completely.