What Physical Features Are Present In The Cayman Islands

Discover The Cayman Islands Physical Features

Cayman IslandsThe Cayman Islands are one of the most popular destinations for a lot of people to travel to, but they are going to find that the reasons they are going to go to the Caymans is going to vary quite a bit. Sometimes it will be because this is an island chain that has some of the best views of the sea around, but other times it is because the climate. With that being the case, though, what kind of geography is present in the Cayman Islands that would want to encourage you to come to the island for more than just the beautiful beaches? Well, let us explore these because this can help you know if you are going to have a great vacation or one that you are going to try to figure out what else you can do if the beach is crowded one day and you are, aghast, sick of the sun.

How Many Islands Are In The Cayman Islands?

This is a good question because a lot of people will see the reference to like the Grand Cayman and other places and think it is just one in the same. However, what they need to realize is these are actually very different islands and the entire miniature chain consist of three islands in the same area. It is actually classified as an archipelago and that makes it easier for you to get around to the islands. However, even with the islands being located close to each other they all have a different type of physical feature to them. In this article, we are going to cover the main features and will delve into the deeper presentation later on.

What Is The Cayman Rise?

Well this is part of where the islands are actually situated and it is going to be one of the points that you will want to know about. This is actually the deepest part of the Caribbean Sea and it is one of those points that rises up to help form the islands. If it was not for this rise, it would be the Cayman Trough, which is what the rise is the Northern Ridge to and that is what helps to form the islands. So it will be easy to get this confused, but you need to realize that just off the side of the islands is the deepest part of the sea and that has to be one of the most exciting aspects of the Caymans geography.

What Type Of Rock Forms The Cayman Islands? 

This is very interesting because the rock that has managed to form the islands is part of the limestone and the dolostone. This stone came up from the bottom of the sea and it is one of those stones that a lot of people never really think about, but it came up during the Miocene period if you are a geography buff you will know that period. If not then Google is your friend because to be honest we had to Google it and came to the conclusion that in relation to all of our time it is very old. One aspect you should know about is the location does get earthquakes so you need to be aware of these as they can affect your trip at times.


What Is The Climate In The Cayman Islands?

May to October is when you would normally think about traveling to an area like this, but you need to realize this is a tropical climate. If you are in the Caymans during this time period you could end up having the problem of the rain and wet season affecting your trips plans. So you need to make sure you know about this when you are making your plans and not to mention because of the location that could be a lot hotter than what you expect. With the months of November to April is the dry season. Not only is it drier in the Cayman Islands during this time period it also tends to be a little bit cooler, but not like the winters that you could be trying to get away from.

Is Fresh Water A Problem On The Island? 

Just like a lot of islands the amount of fresh water the location gets is very minimal. To help overcome this the island does have a lot of rain water catching systems in place, but they also have some great desalination plants as well. This way you are able to get the fresh water that you need, but also know that it is a limited resource so you should be mindful of the people who live here and not use as much water as you normally would for simple daily tasks, another words your mothers words of turn the faucet off while brushing are going to be very true.

A Great Place To Go No Matter What

When you are looking at the Cayman Islands you need to realize that one aspect that you are going to like is the fact they are a great place for you to vacation at no matter what. They have a tropical climate that you are going to love, but also have a great aspect to the island life that you are going to fall in love with. You just have to make sure you are ready for the weather and know the islands are beautiful and the seas are one of the best that you can get into and enjoy the water and not have to worry about anything in life while you are vacationing here.
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