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Saint Botolph's Church In Boston EnglandEngland is a beautiful country and it is definitely a place that has a lot of stories to tell. The big thing that you have to do is find the places that tell those cities and one of those cities that is old and has quite a few stories is Boston which is in the East Midlands region and even more specific the Lincolnshire region. When you are trying to figure out what to do, though, you should know about the best attractions that are present in Boston. Then you will be able to have a great trip and know you are going to see some of the best attractions in the region and not miss out on anything you would want to see.

The Bubblecar Museum 

Bubblecar Museum photo
Photo by shipley43 is licensed under CC

Take a walk down memory lane at The Bubblecar Museum. This is a place that will fill you with warm memories, but if you are younger you will realize the cars are a thing of the past, but it was definitely a growing trend during the 1950’s and 1960’s. So it is definitely something you will enjoy exploring as well. The memories you will get here are going to be amazing and the vehicles you will see are going to be something you normally would never see outside of the place. No matter what you will enjoy seeing all the unique displays that are present in the museum, but also know you are looking at some things that never made it past the concept stage. All I have to say is make sure you are ready to enjoy some great walks down memory lane to see some of the beautiful vehicles that had been around for years.

Maud Foster Mill

A working flour mill that is original to the area is that even possible? Not only is it possible, but it is a great place to go and have a fantastic step back in time. At this mill, you will have a gift shop on the lower level, which is how they help to keep the doors open, so I highly suggest buying something. On the upper levels, you have a chance to speak with the millers and a great opportunity to take a tour to learn about the mill and how it helped to develop the region by making all types of flour for the residents of the region. The mill may be older, but they have kept it up to standard for safety and this alone makes it a great stop, but when you have a chance to take the tour and get the history lessons that are attached to the mill, then it is very easy to see why this mill makes it onto my list of top attractions in Boston.

Boston Guildhall

We told you that we were going to mention history and about some of the places that covered history right? Well, if you want to explore history then you need to make sure you check out Boston Guildhall. This building has been standing since the year 1390 and includes a lot of the original features you would never have imagined seeing before. The Guildhall is a place that has a lot of stories that are brought to life and just like the name would make it sound, it is a place that has managed to have some of the best history as well. In fact, it was part of the famous Guild of St. Mary which is what helped to drive the economic boom of the time for Boston. Then taking a few more steps in time, you have a chance to see how Henry VIII broke up the guild and it became something completely different. The museum collection on the grounds really makes this a great place to go and tour as well, which is something you normally would not hear me say, but the history and the extensive time frame it covers really makes the Boston Guildhall stand out from other places I have been to.

Hussey Tower

Hussey Tower In Boston EnglandWhile Hussey Tower is not among the top attractions in Boston, it is one that has a lot of history. The downside is I found it very hard to catch the place when it is open and that makes it even harder to get into. However, if you do catch the place when it is open you will enjoy the chance to walk up to the top of the roof and look down over the rooftops. The other downside is this place can be a little bit on the hard side to find as it is located in the middle of some modern style houses, but with a touch of the classic buildings around it and a little bit of a small university , t will be easier to find. Just make sure you are aware of all that is going on because the tower is not always going to be open and when you are at the top you do not want to be present when a storm comes in.

Saint Botolph’s Church

Saint Botolphs photo
Photo by Spencer Means is licensed under CC

If you want to go to a church in England and want to see some history then you may want to check out Saint Botolph’s Church. This is a church that has some amazing history to it but also has a magnificent architecture that people are going to love. I know I found it very interesting to climb to the top of the tower and have a look around. The view from here is stunning and for the most part, you are going to be protected from any of the weather that would be coming in the region. No matter what it is well worth the time to take a tour of the church and learn the history of the place, but also enjoy a nice drink in the small cafe as well. The kids will love it as well because they have a chance to play with the Legos that are available for them to build with, a great addition to help keep the kids occupied and out of trouble.

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