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Princess Street In Manchester RestaurantsA holiday is a great way to get away from the stresses of daily life. However, what you need to realize it is can be a huge challenge to find the right place to eat when you are traveling around the country because each city has different restaurants that are not equal as you will find some of the places are going to have some of the great food you want to eat, but others are going to have some food that will leave you trying to figure out what exactly you were thinking by stepping foot in the door. That is why I have decided I needed to go out and start to find some of the best places and share them with you so you will know where to eat in Manchester. Then you can enjoy your holiday even more than what you thought because you are going to have a great holiday and know you finally were able to have a great meal or meals that are going to keep your stomach full when you are traveling to the beautiful city of Manchester, in England.

How Did I Pick The Restaurants In Manchester

Well, I will admit that it was a challenge and I did use a lot of different resources to help me out in narrowing down the list. However, I did do a lot of looking around and research to find the list and the food styles are going to vary quite a bit. So this will make it quite a bit easier for you to get the right feel for the restaurants that you are going to have a chance to eat at. Without this information you could end up going to what you feel could be a great restaurant in Manchester only to be disappointed because it did not fulfill the hype you were expecting from the location and the advertisements they were running.


Venno is a great Italian restaurant that you are sure to enjoy when you are in Manchester. The place has some great atmosphere that will definitely help you out in enjoying the food. However, you will also find the food you are going to get is some of the best you can find outside of Italy. What is really great about this location is the fact it does offer quite a bit in the way of menu selection. The best food off of the menu will be some of the pasta dishes you can eat here because they are simply out of this world and at a level you never would have imagined before.


When you are at Indique you may think you are going to have to settle for some of the basic Indian cuisine and curries. However, what you will find amazing about Indique is the fact this is a place that you are going to have a unique experience. The food is amazing and it will have a lot of the traditional Indian fare of food, but you will find it is going to also have a twist that will take and make it easier for you to enjoy the food because you also will have a chance to get the Asian twist that has been added to the food to make it a more modern take. What is really nice is the fact the restaurant has some of the best selections possible on the menu to make it easier for you to have a meal you can enjoy and know you will be able to find what you want to have.

Mi and Pho

Mi and Pho may seem like it is an odd name to find in a great city like Manchester. However, Mi and Pho is actually the name of the classic Vietnamese restaurant that you are going to enjoy while you are in Manchester.  What is really great about the location is the fact this has some amazing Vietnamese cuisine, but it is rivaled by the atmosphere that is present in the location. Both of those factors combined is what has landed Mi and Pho on my list, but what else has helped the place get on this list is the fact it has some amazing sea bass dishes that are sure to knock your socks off when you start to eat them fish.


When you are looking for some great British food in Manchester then you have to hit up Pieminister. This is a place that has been doing really well on the food selection, but also has a great vegetarian option as well for those who are looking for the menu. The place has some decent food selections as well and definitely provides a warm and cozy nights rest after the day out in the town. I have to admit the one dish that I always have to get here and wash it down with a beer is the chicken pie, which has some of the best flavor profiles I have ever had before. No matter what, if you want to have a British style meal when you are on holiday, then you have to go to Pieminister.

The Pasta Factory

The name of this restaurant is pretty much a dead giveaway about what it is going to serve in the way of meals here.  The restaurant is going to have a wide range of paste for you to select from on the menu, but it will also have enough food on the plate that you can easily feed an entire army with. So this is definitely something you will want to know about, but the antipasta is just as good as the rest of the menu. On a side note when you do go to The Pasta Factory you will want to make sure you know about the daily specials. By knowing about the specials it will be easier for you to save money when you are eating at this amazing restaurant.

Bar San Juan

Sometimes you will want to enjoy the Spanish style of food and this is definitely what you will find at Bar San Juan. The place is simply amazing and it is going to have a wide range of food for you to enjoy, but it will mainly have a lot of the food you are going to enjoy because it is going to have a great selection of the Spanish food with a great decor that is going to match the location in the quality of the atmosphere. What is amazing from Bar San Juan and definitely a dish that I would recommend would be the tapas, because those are simply a great dish.

How To Decide Where To Eat In Manchester?

When you are looking for a great place to eat, you will notice that every restaurant will claim to be the best one. I know this from experience because I fell for those same lines when I was on holiday. Except in my case, the food was decent because it was a good quality restaurant from a world-renowned chef. At the same time, though, you can find some places that are going to fall far below your expectations and this can easily lead to you having a horrible holiday. By looking at our lists of Manchester restaurants it will be easy for you to find a place and know it is going to be where you want to eat in Manchester and still have a great holiday.


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