Top Museums To Visit In Manchester England

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Why Visit The Museums In Manchester England

Manchester Cathedral

Manchester, England is not a town that a lot of people would associated with being that popular of a tourist destination outside of football fans. However, what you need to realize is Manchester is a town that has a lot of history and with its location it has quite a bit of museums for you to explore and enjoy. With this being the case you should make sure you know the history has led to their being quite a few museums opened up in the city. What can you use to narrow down the list and how can you figure out which of the museums you should visit? Well, we are going to narrow down the list for you as we have went out and ranked the top museums in Manchester for you to visit.

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How Did We Narrow Down The List

The way we narrowed down the list was the type of exhibits the museum has, but also what kind of items they had on a regular basis. This does not mean the museum is not going to have something else on display when you arrive, but it will definitely make it easier for you to know if you are going to enjoy the museum or if you are going to walk around the museum looking like you were dragged their like you are a kid again and your parents are making you to go your aunt’s house that always pinches your cheeks. So we took those factors into account because we are a traveler as well and wanted to avoid a lot of the headaches of going to a museum only to bored to the point of tears.

Manchester Art Gallery

Manchester Art Gallery

The Manchester Art Gallery is not as famous as the ones in Paris that we have covered, but it is an art gallery that you are going to love. The location has quite a few exhibitions and this is going to be something that you will enjoy. However, you will also notice the location has plenty of local art works on display. The art gallery houses close to 25,000 pieces of art work and it is going to provide you with plenty of things to look at. The art works that are typically on display will range from some masterpieces, but also some sculptures and and even some costume type of art work as well. Definitely worth the stop if you are an art lover, if you are not an art lover you will enjoy the fact you can go through the museum and enjoy seeing fine works of art that have a tendency to draw you in, even if you insist that art is not your thing.

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National Football Museum (Manchester)

National Football Museum Manchester

Anyone that is a fan of football is going to love the fact they can recall their favorite sport by going to the museum her. When they are looking at the museum here they will enjoy the trip that is usually free, unless people want to make a donation to the Football+ sessions. This is a museum that is registered as a charity so you should take this into consideration when you are looking at the museum. The museum has everything that you can imagine when you are looking for a place that covers all the depth of football from the beginnings of this beautiful game to the broadcasts that were recorded by the BBC so you can recall your teams favorite moments. Then you can also find the Hall of Fame option is going to be a great stop for you to make as well since it will allow you to find a great stop that you will enjoy for a long time period. What is really nice if you get the plus pass you get to partake in more of the interactive exhibits that are offered so it could be worth the price if you want to get even more out of the museum.

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Museum Of Science And Industry Manchester

museum of science and industry manchester

Manchester was one of the early centers for all the science and industry that happened in England during the Industrial Revolution and going forward. However, what people need to realize is the location still is an industrial giant for Britain. So this is going to be something the world should know about and that is because the city still remembers those traditions in the Museum of Science and Industry. This museum is a place that you are going to love because it will allow you to have a great time exploring what has happened. Now the museum does loan out objects at times so it is going to be difficult for you to see all the items at once. One of the key artifacts the museum has is the models that John Dalton used to explore and explain his theories that are going to be the basis for the explanation of Atomic theory. Either way the museum does have quite a few items that you will enjoy seeing because it will make it easier for you to explore the history that is present in the industry and the changes they have made.

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Museum Of Transport Greater Manchester

Museum of Transport Greater Manchester

The transport museum of Greater Manchester is one that is going to showcase the different forms of transport. Now they will not have the flashy sports cars that you see on The Grand Tour, but it will have quite a few public transport items that have been making their way up through the time frame. So this is going to be a great way for you to explore the transportation and how it has changed over time. What Greater Manchester means is the fact that it took and merged several different organizations under one roof for them to be remembered. Some of these, as the website list includes Ashton-under-Lyne, Bolton, Bury, Leigh, Manchester, Oldham, Ramsbottom, Rochdale, Salford, Stockport and Wigan. However, the museum also houses some of the works from several transport boards and even Lancashire United Transport. What really sets the collection apart is they have part of the former North Western Road Company. Either way all of the objects that are available for you to view are completely restored and maintained so you can see the beauty of the pieces that are present.

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Manchester Museum 

Manchester Museum

The Manchester Museum is a great location that you are going to fall in love with because it covers all aspects of history. The museum has anything from dinosaurs to mummies. You may have never thought about that before being in the same location, but you will find the museum has a great number of exhibits that are going to make it easier for you to have a great trip. You will find the museum is very educational, full of history, and is going to allow you to find something to do no matter what you are looking for. It is important to note that some of the exhibits are going to change over time, but those are going to be something that you can find out well ahead of time by following the museum on their website or social media accounts. However, no matter what exhibit is on when you are able to make your trip to the museum you will find it is going to give you a great trip.

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Is That All The Museums In Manchester? 

No, that is not all of the museums that are located in Manchester. However, we feel that we gave you a good depth of the best museums that we love in Manchester. Not to mention this will help you avoid getting bored when you are in Manchester because you will have a chance to explore some of the best museums that are present in the town. Some of the other notable museums that we will attempt to cover in the future are listed below. Please note that as we get to more in depth reviews of the locations the title of each of the museums will become an active link so you can go to that museums review page!

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Other Museums Of Note In Manchester

Peoples History Museum

Whitworth Art Gallery

Manchester Jewish Museum

Imperial War Museum North

British Muslim Heritage Centre

Hat Works


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