Utrecht Attraction


Utrecht AttractionWhen you are making your Netherlands travel plans one place that may come up is Groningen. The problem you may have is trying to figure out what exactly you can do in the location because it is an area that is not really going to be that well known. At the same time, it is going to be a place that because of the quietness of the area you will not find some of the tourist traps that you would find with some of the other places that you would have been going to. Since that is the case, you will want to know more about some of the attractions in Groningen or in this case Utrecht. In fact, some people in the English speaking world will call this place the Utrecht University Museum, which I guess you could consider that to be the real name. However, in this instance, we are going to provide an in-depth review of the location so you know more about this amazing Utrecht attraction.


Location Of Universiteeitsmuseum

I hate to say it, but the museum is one that is on the smaller side so it is possible for you to overlook it at times. That is why I decided I should include the location of the museum as well. This way you can find the place and know where you are going, but also have a chance to start to plan what to do around the museum as well. Since that is the case, here is the address of the location

Lange Nieuwstraat 106, 3512 PN Utrecht, Netherlands

Main Draws For People To Go To Universiteeitsmuseum

Interaction Is High

When you are at a museum that is in a new area, you would expect it to have a great interaction or stunning displays. This museum definitely does not disappoint here as you will find the location, while smaller, is going to have a great amount of interactivity to it. So you will be able to find the different exhibits and know they will not only teach you, but also allow you to get the hands-on learning that you would like to have as well. This is definitely something that you will enjoy and like because it makes it easier for you to have a good time and interact with the exhibits.

Has Amazing Garden Area

While you may not think this garden area is going to be the best attraction, but it is a place that is going to be a nice place to go and see. The garden has quite a few plants that you may recognize. At the same time, you will notice some of these plants are going to allow you to have a great time and will provide you with a different type of relaxation compared to what you may be used to having available when you are working or are on a vacation in some of the other places or exploring any museum for that matter.

Extremely Kid Friendly Area

While the museums may seem like they are the least kid friendly place to go, you need to realize this is a place that has really tried to gear itself towards kids. This comes from the fact the place has decided it was time to cater to kids at times with the interactive exhibits. At the same time, you will see the medical section of the place is definitely one you are going to like because it helps you out in finding out about the changes in the medical field and that for some reason has always interested kids.

What I Like About The Location

Easy Access To The Location

As you can tell by the map above this is a location that is fairly easy for you to get to. This may seem like it would be hard to get to, but you need to realize it is in an easy walking distance of almost anything that you would be around in the city. However, the Universiteeitsmuseum is a great place that if you do get lost you just have to ask for directions to it and most people will know where it is going to be located at.

Displays Are Extremely Educational

When you are at a museum the key thing is to make sure you are learning when you are at the place. At this museum, which has been around for quite some time, they take this quite literally and have taken the time to get the videos that are helping to promote the learning with the displays as multiple languages as possible. So you can easily learn about the location and what it is teaching you easier than what you would imagine.

What I Did Not Care For

Small Location Can Make The Museum Crowded

Well, what can I say other than as we mentioned this is a smaller museum, which definitely gives it that comfortable feel you may want to have. The downside is this often means the location will have a chance of getting overly crowded and when the popularity of the place starts to grow, even more, that would definitely start to be a possibility as it is going to continue to become popular even more than what you imagined it would be before.

My Final Thoughts On Universiteeitsmuseum

If you want to get a unique experience and see something that you would never have seen before, then you will love this place. If you are expecting to get a tame experience then you may be shocked as some of these are going to be things you would never have thought you would see before. However, the interactivity that is present at some of the exhibits are going to allow for some interaction. Overall, in all of your Netherlands travel plans this could be one of those places that will really blow your mind. Since that is the case, I would definitely recommend Universiteeitsmuseumas a great place to stop and visit.