Maastricht Town Square

4 Best Attractions In Maastricht

Maastricht Town SquareWhen you are looking at the Netherlands travel plans you may notice that you are going to want to hit up Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and some of the other major cities, but after you learn about the 4 best attractions in Maastricht you may find this place soaring to the top of your list of places to visit as well. The problem is this is a town that is not really on the radar of a lot of tourist, which is good and bad. The good is you get the quietness and friendly people that you would expect to see in a Dutch town, but also bad because it may mean you have some issues getting your point across as some people may not be used to seeing tourist as often and that makes it harder for them to understand you. No matter what, knowing about the Maastricht attractions will make this place one of those that you have to stop in and see. Since that is the case, I think it is time that I provide you with the list and the short little blurb on each of these attractions so you can make sure you stop in and see them and know what you are going to see.

4. Old Town Walls And Hell Gate

This is an attraction that you are going to want to go out and see because it definitely has quite a bit going for it. This is one of those attractions that you are going to find as being a place that you are going to have a chance to go out and see and enjoy, but at the same time you will be able to see the gates and see how these would be seen as an imposing item when you would be approaching it if you were coming up with an army during the Middle Ages or if you were trying to find a way to get around the gate.

Now, as an interesting side note, you will like the fact that this is the oldest town gate in all of the Netherlands. So you will be able to see a gate that is second to none in age but also going to have a great chance to see the walls as well. What else is interesting is so many of the different areas that are in the town and be able to explore the old town when you are going to the Hell gate, which you can see in the video below and even see the wall that is still standing from the Roman times.

3. Museum aan het Vrijthof

If you are looking for a great place to go and enjoy the trip you will find that Museum aan het Vrijthof is going to be a great place for you to enjoy. This is a place that has managed to become one of the leading museums that you can visit in Maastricht and that is goign to be the one that is focused on the art and artifacts that are present in the town. So this is definitely going to be something that you need to consider because it will make it easier for you to have a great trip and know that you are able to see some of the local art that is produced. However, at the same time you will get a chance to explore the amazing artifacts that were found in the region. Now, one the downside if you compare this to some of the other museums that you can visit in either the Netherlands or other countries you will see this place is rather small. This means you will have time to soak in the art that is here and even be able to take in the art and since it is smaller and in the town of Maastricht it does not always have a large crowd that will be pushing you along either.

2. Mount Saint Peter and Saint Pietersberg Caves

The name that you see here is going to refer to one of the original 12 apostles in Saint Peter and it was actually named that for the church that was in the area. What this region actually is, is a northern plateau area that is going to run north to south between the river valleys of Greer and Meuse. This runs from the start in Maastricht to the point that it ends almost in Liege, Belgium so it is definitely going to run quite a long distance and this can definitely make this one of the places that you can enjoy and walk along because it will give you plenty of space and ground to explore.

Now, the term caves is actually a term that is not really descriptive of the item as this is really an area that was formed by mining. So this will definitely add to the beauty of the area, but you will also notice that a lot of the caves areas are now being seen as being off limits as this area is one that is undergoing some rather extensive surface mining to get the limestone that is needed to keep the area flushed with stones.

1. Bonnefanten Museum

This is another museum that you are going to have a chance to go out and enjoy. However, this is a museum that is going to focus on art again. Unlike the other museum that I have on my list here, this place tends to focus more on the fine art. Now, this is not to discount from the other art in the museum I featured in the list here, but this is one that is going to focus specifically on the fine arts. This is a museum that does seem to be a little bit larger location which is nice, but at the same time it is not that nice as it makes it difficult for you to plan out your day and since it is a little bit larger and in a more modern building you will find that it tends to have a larger crowd draw as well.

How To Narrow Down Which Of The Maastricht Attractions To See?

Well, as you can tell I did provide you with quite the list of places to check out. I know that this is just the tip of the iceberg as you will find plenty of other attractions that I hope to cover in the future. However, I know that for some of these articles if I were to list everything I love about a place the article would easily turn into a book! So I decided to work hard and narrow down my list to what I consider the 4 best attractions in Maastricht. Picking between them will really depend on what you want to see when you are making your Netherlands travel plans.


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