Restaurant Vlaming

Restaurant Vlaming – Amsterdam Restaurant Review

Restaurant VlamingFinding a restaurant in Amsterdam should be easy to do, but once you reach Amsterdam you will quickly discover you have so many places to pick from that it is nearly impossible to narrow down your place to eat at. I know this challenge all too well and know that if you are not eating at the right place it is very easy to consider all the Dutch food as horrible, when it really is one of the finest cuisines you can eat. That is why I decided it was time for me to provide you with a full review of Restaurant Vlaming, which I feel is one of the best restaurants in Amsterdam and can easily work as one of those places that you will want to check back in with each time you are in Amsterdam for your holiday. With that being said, let us start our review as I will provide you with the location, a quick menu overview, what I enjoy, what I did not enjoy, and finally my final thoughts on Restaurant Vlaming.

Location Of Restaurant Vlaming

Okay, before I have to tell you what I like, what the place offers, and even the things that I did not like, I have to let you know where the place is located. This is very easy to do actually as I will have the address listed below, but to make it easier for some people who are unable to understand the way the address system works here I will also have a map from Google as well.

Lindengracht 95, 1015 KD Amsterdam, Netherlands

What Does Restaurant Vlaming Offer

What is great about Restaurant Vlaming is the fact that it is a place that has several different styles of cuisine that you can enjoy. However, the main style that you will notice is going to come after the country the restaurant is located in and that is the excellent and high-quality Dutch food. What else is great about the location is the fact they do have some food that are in the other European style and they even have some International menu items as well. So this is definitely a place that has some great food.

Now, the place does have some friendly staff as well that will help out in getting the food to you in a quick manner. At the same time, you will find the location may be crowded, but it does allow you to interact with other tourist and locals as well. We do recommend getting a reservation as this will guarantee you a seat because they cannot always work you into the seating.

What Did I Like About The Restaurant

Now, I thought I would start to talk about some of the menu items that I love from this location. These items are the ones that you are going to want to eat because they are great and definitely going to be the dish that will help you out in getting a filling meal when you are here. What else I really love is the friendly staff that makes it easier for you to have a great time and if you are lost on what to order from the menu, they are more than willing to help out as much as possible so you can enjoy the great meal you want to eat.

As for the food, that I love from this location, you will want to try the prawns which are a great treat and if you have never had prawns before you are sure to be spoiled with the meal that you get here. However, when it comes to the main entree of your meal you may want to consider the seared tuna if you are in a seafood mood, but if you want to have some beef then I would highly recommend the hamburger Royale. Afterward, I do not care what you like or dislike you will want to make sure you try out the Creme Brulee which is a great way to wrap up your meal and know you are going to have a great dish.

What I Did Not Care For In This Amsterdam Restaurant

While I know not to make this mistake again because you may not get a table, you will want to make a reservation! That is key to getting into the restaurant and knowing you will have a chance to get the great food you want. If you do not have a reservation you can still check to see if you can be worked in, but I would not want to run that risk so you will want to make sure you look at the restaurant and the time slots and make sure you make a reservation early on in the day to get the time slot you want to have to eat your meal.

My Final Thoughts On Restaurant Vlaming

I have to say this is a restaurant that has a great interior and a fun atmosphere as well. This is going to all be outdone by the excellent quality of the food you can find at Restaurant Vlaming. Once you have read this review you will see this is easily one of the best Amsterdam restaurants for you to check out and eat some great meals in. You just have to make sure you include this restaurant in your Netherlands travel plans.