What Are The Best Places To Eat At In Portsmouth New Hampshire

View of harbor in Portsmouth New HampshireTraveling around the Portsmouth area you will notice they do have some beautiful attractions, which we have covered and you can read about here on our Portsmouth Attractions article, but you should know more about what the best places to eat in Portsmouth are. By knowing about this information it will be very easy for you to find the right place for you to sit down and enjoy a meal. Now you need to realize we did try to keep the restaurants as the local style that would make it easier for you to enjoy the food and know you are going to have a great meal, with a local twist and in some cases locally owned. With that being the case, let us explain to you how we decided how to narrow down our list from all the restaurants that are present in Portsmouth.

How Did We Narrow Down The List Of Where To Eat In Portsmouth

Well, we have to say this list was really fun to make because it meant we got to eat quite a bit of food. However, it also meant that we had to expand our taste buds because we did not really think we would like some of the places that we were going to eat until we finally reached the location and sat down and put aside some of our hesitancy on the dishes. So this really helped to enlighten our taste buds as well as exposed us to some of the new foods that we never thought we would be able to eat. However, this is going to be something that we enjoy because it actually helped us out and now we are able to provide you with the right list of restaurants that is more complete for you to enjoy and know it will provide you with a great chance to go out and explore the restaurants. Let us explain some of these restaurants are outside of Portsmouth, but that allows you to get out of town proper and enjoy your vacation even more.

Restaurants That Made Our List

Ristorante Massimo

If you are looking for some of the upscale Italian food in a brick and stone style restaurant then you will not be disappointed when you go to Ristorante Massimo. This location is one that is going to provide you with the comforting and warming atmosphere you would like to have, but it also provides you with the great food that will make you think more of the rustic Italian food you can enjoy in Italy. When you are at Ristorant Massimo you definitely need to try out the mussels with the tomato brodetto, but with the dessert that comes around you have to make sure you save room for a cannoli.

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Do you want to sit down to a meal and look out over the old harbor in Portsmouth, New Hampshire? If you answered yes to this question, then you are going to like getting into Surf for food. The location is well known for having some great seafood to enjoy and take in some nice food. Throw in the great views of the harbor and you have a great location that you are going to enjoy and know it is going to go great with the food you are going to be eating as well. When you are at Surf you need to make sure you try out the haddock. The fish is perfectly prepared and comes out with the perfect amount of flakiness that you are going to fall in love with the fish, even if you do not like seafood that much, we highly recommend you try the haddock.

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The River House Restaurant

The River House Restaurant is a place you will enjoy because of the location as well as the food. The location is right on the old harbor as well, which is nice because if you find Surf too crowded you can easily meander down to The River House Restaurant and vice versa. So this is going to be something that is rather enjoyable because it makes it a lot easier for you to get the food you want to have, but also know you are not going to really sacrifice any of the views. The River House is a very popular place as well so make sure you check to see that it is not fully booked or you could be disappointed as a lot of class reunions are held here. When you do eat at The River House Restaurant you need to make sure you try out the Seafood Chowder, which is a dish that we had to open our horizons to trying, but it is a mind blowing dish you will love.

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Cava is going to take a twist on the Mediterranean style of food, but also the Spanish food you are going to enjoy. So this is going to make this restaurant one of the best for you to enjoy if you want to have a variety of food options to eat, but also if you want to have some great tasting food you can enjoy for a long period of time. However, what you will really like is the fact the restaurant has some great atmosphere to go along with the older world charm that is present in the city. So make sure you are ready to enjoy the great food that has a unique flavor profile that you normally would not get a chance to enjoy. The dish that is simply going to amaze your taste buds is going to be the tapas, but combine that with the churros after you have finished eating the meal and you have a stunning dish.

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5 Thai Bistro

Asian food is not one that we would usually eat, but our daughter loves the place so we decided to give 5 Thai Bistro a chance and I have to say that I am kind of happy that she talked us into trying the place out. The restaurant is one that has some great food you can enjoy and a very calming, but relaxing atmosphere that is nice as well. The downside is the menu is somewhat limited in selection, but this limitation is definitely something you are going to like because it means the food quality is what is taken into account, more than the information on the shelf of what you are going to get in the way of quantity. Oddly the dish we did like the most from 5 Thai Bistro was the drunken noodles, which are surprisingly a lot more filling than what you would think.

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British Beer Company

Britain still can find some loyalist as they are found at the British Beer Company. However, this is a location that has some great food you can enjoy as well. So you will like the fact this is a place you can enjoy because it does have a more traditional British style menu you can enjoy. However, what else you will like is the atmosphere that may strike you as more of a pub type of location and this makes it easier for you to have a great time because it does have a great feel and overall vibe to the place. When you are at British Beer Company you need to make sure you try out the turkey pasty, that is simply a stunning dish.

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Ri Ra

Ri Ra makes the place sound like it would be an Asian style restaurant. However, this is a restaurant that actually has some great food that you are going to like and enjoy because of the fact that it is more of like an Irish style pub that has the food you have always read about. The location does have music, which is nice and as long as it is not to loud actually quite enjoyable. Ri Ra also has some of the best fish and chips, yes a British meal, that we have had in a long time and the fish is easily among the tops around.

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Anju Noodle Bar

Anju Noodle Bar is not in Portsmouth proper, but is in the neighboring state of Maine, but it is under 2 miles away. However, this is a location that you are going to enjoy because it does have some great food you can enjoy and a fantastic atmosphere as well. However, the restaurant is fairly new to town and it has tried to fuse quite a few flavor profiles together at the same exact time and some of these do work, but some of them are completely polar opposites of what you would expect to have with the flavor. The dish that we love from Anju Noodle Bar is the Pork Buns.

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Cafe Nostimo

Would you think about Greek Food when you are in Portsmouth? Probably not, but if you have a craving for Greeek style cuisine you will fall in love with Cafe Nostimo. This is a restaurant that has some of the great food you would expect, but also the lively atmosphere you will enjoy with a Greek style restaurant. So this is definitely a major positive for the restaurants that you are going to find here because it can bring up the food quality all around town as everyone wants to meet the same level. What you will love from Cafe Nostimo is the lamb shank or the gyro wraps as it is a close tie between these two meals for which one ranks best.

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Shalimar India Restaurant

Have you ever had a hankering for some good old curry or Lamb Vindaloo and was unsure where to go to get it? If you are in Portsmouth you will find the solution when you look at Shalimar India. This is a restaurant that has some of the best food possible, but also has some great flavor profiles that are simply going to explode in your mouth and make it feel like you have taken a trip to Mumbai instead of to Portsmouth. As we mentioned the dish that you will want to hit up Shalimar India for is the Lamb Vindaloo.

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Loco Coco’s Tacos

Of course we had to find a Mexican restaurant to help you out in getting the food you want to eat, but in some cases can be viewed as a comfort food for some people. When you are in Portsmouth, you will want to head across the border to Kittery, Maine to Loco Coco’s Tacos. This is a short trip as well and like the other restaurant that we mentioned in Maine is only a little under 2 miles away. However, you will find the food is simply amazing and provides you with a dish that leaves your mouth watering. Our favorite dish from Loco Coco’s Tacos in Kittery is the chicken burrito.

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Are Their Other Restaurants In Portsmouth New Hampshire 

Now you may think that these are all the restaurants that are in Portsmouth and the surrounding area, but that would be a big mistake. Portsmouth and the surrounding area has plenty of restaurants that are in the region. However, it would be amiss to think we could cover all the restaurants in the region in a single article. That would literally take days to years to complete and I would come out weighing over three hundred pounds from eating out all the time with the great food that I would not want to stop at a single bite or two of food. So I could not put myself or the family through that kind of eating out, plus my wife is a great cook and no we do not own a restaurant, but I do want to eat tonight. Like we said at the start this is the restaurants that we found the best ones around and that we loved as well.


By Charlie