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Who would think that you could find good Japanese food in the middle of the country side in rural Ohio? Well, I can tell you that I honestly did not expect to find good Japanese cuisine in the middle of what I would consider a very rural city. Yes, I am talking about Ohayo Japanese Steakhouse in Hillsboro, Ohio. Now, if you are like me you may have to scratch your head and get out a map and look up where Hillsboro, Ohio even is located. 

Ohayo’s Japanese Steakhouse Hillsboro, Ohio

Well, let me make it a bit easier for you. Hillsboro is a little city that is about 45 miles East of Cincinnati in Ohio and 70 or so miles south of Columbus. Now, that gives you a fairly good geographic location on where Hillsboro is. Now, I will tell you that if you are looking for amazing Japanese food in either one of these regions and do not mind a drive in the countryside then check out our Ohayo Japanese Steakhouse review in Hillsboro, Ohio.

Location Of Ohayo Japanese Steakhouse

Finding Ohayo may seem like it is difficult to do because of where it is located. Well, I will tell you that it actually is not the easiest place to find and is located in a little nondescript strip mall type of location. The biggest attraction in the strip that is near Ohayo in Hillsboro is a Rent-A-Center that is located at the end of the strip mall. However, if you are on North High Street, which is U.S. 62, then the restaurant is just outside of town on the north side. 

A few key landmarks that makes it even easier for you to find is the red light at the strip mall entrance. However, at the same time the strip mall is located directly across from the Rural King, Burger King, and even the Taco Bell. Now, if you are heading North and pass the hospital, then you have went too far and need to turn around. 

Types Of Food On Ohayo Menu

As you can imagine the food on the menu from Ohayo is the Japanese cuisine. This means you are going to have more of the Asian style food you cannot really anywhere else, at least not in the smaller city like Hillsboro. However, this is more of the high class and end style of Japanese food. 

At Ohayo you can find anything from Sushi to Hibachi style of food. This is going to be some of the best sushi or hibachi food that you can locate in town, but also for many miles around. In fact, we have talked to some people who have reported that this is the best sushi they have found even from the Columbus area, which has plenty of international type of food. 

WIth the food here you may notice that your kids do not really want to have the Japanese style food. At least that is what I found with my youngest, which I completely do not understand yet. However, the restaurant does have a kids menu to pick from for the kids, which I have to admit my son does love the the chicken nuggets meal.

How Is The Sushi

With sushi I tend to be very particular in what I want to have and how it is prepared. Well, I found that this is one of the best places to get sushi from. The restaurant, in Hillsboro, which is a short drive from the Wilmington Airpark, I found the sushi to be quite good. The preparation is very well done and the presentation looks great as well. However, the range of selection is fairly large as well, which is a little but surprising considering that Hillsboro, Ohio is at least 300 miles from the nearest beach. Still, the sushi is always fresh and great tasting which is what matters the most.

Hibachi Food Is Great

Now, for most of my family they tend to go towards the hibachi type of food. This food is more along the lines of the grilled food that you are looking for to stay healthy. Well, I can tell you my kids and myself both love the hibachi chicken, but with fried rice or the noodles. Either one of these is really good and very filling with how much food you get from the restaurant.

When you do order from the hibachi menu I do recommend you make sure you check out all the options. You may find that you can find different menu options that the fried rice or the noodles to use. However, I tend to stick with the fried rice type of option as I do enjoy fried rice and always have. 

Is The Food Authentic Japanese Cuisine

While you cannot really get authentic and pure Japanese food outside of Japan, Ohayo in Hillsboro, does come very close. The restaurant is owned and operated by a chef who was trained and raised in Bali according to their website. I personally have never met the chef, but I can tell you that the food is definitely one of the best Japanese or even Asian foods in general that I have ever eaten before. Now, I am sure if you are in places like Chinatown in San Francisco then you can probably find the same quality food, but for the Cincinnati or Columbus region I have not found a restaurant that rivals the food quality and authenticity seen at Ohayo Japanese steakhouse.

Is Ohayo Japanese Steakhouse In Hillsboro Worth The Stop

I know Hillsboro is not the large tourist area to stop at and with the Interstates a lot of the US routes have died off in favor, I will say that the location of Ohayo is central to several areas. You could be staying over from the Wilmington Airpark or even working at the GE Facility in Peebles or just stopping in a small country town on your way to Hocking Hills, but no matter what I highly recommend Ohayo Japanese Steakhouse. You will find the location is easy to get to from the Days Inn, Greystone Motel, or any place you are staying near Hillsboro. Even if you live in Columbus or Cincinnati and want to find some great Asian food that is expertly prepared then you will want to check out Ohayo Japanese Steakhouse, much like we did to complete our review. 


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