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Chillicothe Courthouse - Discover Chinese FoodChillicothe is not one place that tends to be at the top of the travel destinations for a lot of people. However, I know the location of Chillicothe does make it fairly central to a lot of different parts of Ohio and often can be seen as a hub destination for a lot of people and locations. Now, a common question that is asked quite often is what is the best Chinese restaurants Chillicothe Ohio. Well, that is what we are going to cover as it makes it easier to find a Chinese restaurant if you are at Ross County Fairgrounds, Great Seal Park, or even checking out the Adena Mansion as Chillicothe is within minutes of each of these Ross County attractions.

How Did I Narrow Down My List Of Chinese Restaurants Chillicothe Ohio

To be honest, the pickings were fairly slim. Now, one thing that I did for this article was find restaurants that are mainly Chinese foot based. This means I left out any restaurants that are mainly Thai or Japanese steakhouses in origin. Well, I will tell you that eliminated quite a few of the options for the Asian style of food and left me with only 3 choices of Chinese restaurants in the Chillicothe area. Once I found them I looked at what they had to offer and went from their on how I was going to rank the restaurants. Please note, though, that this was done during the COVID pandemic and some places did have a limited menu and at times lack of a dine-in option.

New Grand Buffet Chillicothe Ohio

New Grand Buffet actually is more buffet style restaurant, which we all know took a tremendous hit during the COVID pandemic and definitely has made it quite a bit harder to find the good buffets. Well, New Grand Buffet did find a workaround and still has the high quality food that a lot of people have come to expect. Now, what is interesting is they did change the way they handle the food, but the quality did not lapse. Not to mention, the buffet style makes it easier for all of us to get the food we want without having to worry about ordering off of the menu, unless you want an entrée. If you do want a traditional style of Chinese food, you do have a menu to pick your food from and this can make it easier to find the dish you want.

I will warn you that in the past New Grand Buffet has been considered a hit or miss Chinese restaurant in Chillicothe, Ohio. However, in the recent reviews and visits the food has been consistent for great quality and the customer service that has been spot on for great quality and helpful staff. As a  special treat if you are looking for a great item, then you may want to inquire about frog legs.

Peking Restaurant Chillicothe Ohio

Peking Restaurant Chillicothe OhioPeking Restaurant in Chillicothe actually lands in the middle of the pack for our choice of Chinese restaurants. Yes, the restaurant has some great food options, but it also is a place that has friendly staff that addresses your needs completely. As far as the quality of the food the buffet may or may not be open when you go as Covid has put a damper on a lot of the buffets or has led to new ways of handling the food. However, if you do get food from Peking Restaurant the taste is usually spot on and the service is good. Now, what else is great about the restaurant in Chillicothe, is the fact that it has been consistent for several years now and is one place that no one has really complained about having inconsistencies in what they are getting.

The menu at Peking Restaurant is rather extensive and I have found this does make it difficult to narrow down what you want to eat. Well, I found the General Tso’s chicken is quite good and talked about by a lot of people as being a good dish. Now, the restaurant does have plenty of vegetarian options as well which can provide you with a wide range of food options.

China House Chillicothe Ohio

The China House is one location that we have ranked third out of the three Chinese specific restaurants. China House just a few years ago was one of the best restaurants a few years ago. Now, the price has recently increased at the restaurant, which is understandable with COVID, but according to multiple reports the value of the food did not go up. Now, a major concern that has been reported on Google Reviews for China House is the customer service issues and the food not being properly seasoned with sauces and very dry. One food that a lot of people do talk about as being good to eat is the Chicken Pad Thai and that can provide you with a good option if you decide to go to China House in Chillicothe.

Chillicothe Ohio Chinese Restaurant Choice Is Yours

As you can tell in the Chillicothe region the selection of Chinese food is limited. However, if you are looking for a Chinese restaurant you do have options for the menu that is available. Now, it really comes down to the type of atmosphere and the menu choices you want to have. No matter what, when you are visiting the Ross County Fairgrounds, Adena Mansion, Yoctangee Park, or any of the other attractions in the Ross County area you do have some Chinese restaurants Chillicothe Ohio to pick from if you want to have some Chinese food for dinner.