Salta Basin – Argentina Geographic Region

Salta Basin or Salta Rift Basin is a sedimentary basin located in the Argentine Northwest. The basin started to accumulate sediments in the Early Cretaceous (Neocomian) and at present it has sedimentary deposits reaching thicknesses of 5,000 metres (16,000 ft). The basin contains seven sub-basins: Tres Cruces, Lomas de Olmedo, Metan, Alemania, Salfity, El Rey, Sey and Brealito. The basin environment has variously been described as a “foreland rift” and an “intra-continental rift”. The basin developed under conditions of extensional tectonics and rift-associated volcanism.

The basin basement is composed of rocks belonging to the Puncoviscana Formation. The volcanism that began in the Late Jurassic was initially of subalkaline character (low sodium and potassium content), but turned increasingly alkaline in the Early Cretaceous.

The rifts of Salta Basin developed in a time of generalized extensional tectonics along western South America. It has been proposed that the Salar de Atacama depression in Chile was once a westward rift arm of the Salta Basin.

Does The Salta Basin Offer Anything To Do?

Yes, the region has plenty for people to explore. You have the geographic region that already has plenty in the Salta Basin for you to explore in just land mass features. At the same time, though, you do have plenty for you explore. You have the amazing railway line that a lot of people have bragged about riding on and using to get back and forth.

Now, if you are not looking for a land feature to explore or even the railway does not appeal to you, then you could check out the city of Salta. Obviously, Salta was named for the Salta Basin and you can explore the area quite a bit. The architecture that you get to see in Salta, combined with the beauty of the region is going to be top-notch. Now, we do have other articles covering Salta and that definitely will make it easier for you to check out the area and learn.

In the city of Salta, you may find that it does allow you to explore the histpry of the settlement of the region by natives and the Spanish alike. What else is interesting is the history of the Roman Catholic church in the area. Even if you are not Catholic, the history and how the Christian religion was brought to the region makes it quite interesting for you to learn about.

Should I Be Worried In The Salta Basin

While a lot of people will look at the name basin and think of a sink or a major issue that could cause problems, well that is not the case here. When you travel to Salta you do not have to worry about it becoming any type of issue. The main thing that you could have problems with is trying to figure out more about what you want to do and how to prioritize more about what you want to explore.

The Salta Basin – Argentina Travel

When you look at the Salta Basin you will notice that it is a beautiful area and one that has a very quiet feel to it for you to enjoy. The area definitely provides you with something to do and definitely will give you something to do on your next vacation. Look for the Salta basin to just be the jumping off point for one of your best vacations you have ever taken.


By Camila