Find The Best Cities To Visit While Planning A Brazilian Trip

Going to Brazil may be on the bucket list of a lot of people, especially after seeing how beautiful my country is after the Olympics. However, where should you go and what do you want to experience? For most people, they only know about Rio and the beauty that surrounds the city. Brazil is so much more, though, and this is what is often overlooked because so many people avoid the rest of the country because they are scared of snakes, the crime potential, or they just want to miss out on some of the beauty my country has. With these thoughts in mind, please keep an open mind as I take you on a quick snippet tour of some of the most beautiful and enchanting cities in Brazil.

How Did I Pick Out These Cities In Brazil? 

Well, I know that a lot of people will be looking for something unique and fun. At least that is what I hope you would be looking for. With this in mind, I took and explored my country to look for something that I knew would set it apart from some of the other places you could go to. So I decided to use these as the best way to figure out which cities to include in the list and this is what you are going to get here because the list is one that I really like and I am sure you will enjoy it as well.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro photoRio is one of the main attraction cities you will enjoy in Brazil. This city was made famous by the Olympics that were held in the city, but it is also a place you are going to enjoy because the city is one that has really grown and become a very popular city to visit. You have the best of both worlds when you are in Rio because you have the mountains that were showcased in the biking segments of the Olympics, but if you want to enjoy the beach you have the world-famous Copacabana Beach. When you are in Rio, one thing you will notice that stands head and shoulders above the city itself is the Christ the Redeemer statue. What is really cool and not everyone realizes is you can take a hike up to the statue if you want, but it is a long hike and can be treacherous if you have any type of medical conditions.

Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo photoSometimes you will want to see some of the architecture that is hidden from the world because you have places that have massive, towering skyscrapers or weird buildings that just draw your attention. However, when you are in Sao Paulo, you will notice this city has some great architecture for you to explore, but also realize that not all of the great architecture in the world is found in Paris, London or New York. In fact, some of the best architecture, in my humble opinion is found right here. What else is great about Sao Paulo is the art museum is one that will allow you to explore a lot of the art that is present and know the works are not found in places in New York or Paris, where most people think the major artists are found. Since Sao Paulo is such a big city, though, and a thriving metropolis you do have a chance to explore a lot of the food scene as well, which makes it easier for you to experience something new on your travels.


Manaus photo
Photo by makoto.miyagawa is licensed under CC

When you think of Brazil you know the Amazon rainforest is one of the main attractions for you to go and see. However, what else you need to realize is the rainforest can be difficult to get to at times. This is why the city of Manaus is so important in Brazil. This city is often is seen as the jumping off point to get to the beautiful rainforest and this will make it quite a bit easier for you to get into the city and know you are going to have a chance to get into the rainforest quickly and easily. What else is nice is Manaus is the city that is on the banks of the brackish, but still very beautiful Niger River that often gets overlooked by the bigger river that runs through the country.


Once again you will find another city, in this case, a town, that has a mountain backing it up. This is a city that has quite a bit going for it as it is one that has some amazing places for you to see but also has some great things to do as well. The city is mainly known as one of the gold rush and mining towns that were famous in Brazil before. However, the city has some great beaches that you are going to enjoy and this coupled with the history of the city will make this a trip well worth the time you are taking to get to the area and know you are going to have a great time. What else is nice about Paraty are the older churches you can go and see, some of these churches are extremely old as they date from the 17th-century on. Definitely, a must see if you want to get out and see some of the beauty of the country and explore the history as well.

Paraty photo
Photo by Cynthiasadie is licensed under CC


The city of Natal is along the Northeast coast of Brazil, but it is a place that you will enjoy because of the beauty of the place and the beaches as well. What else is nice is unlike most of the cities we have mentioned here, nothing really makes Natal stand out as a tourist stop outside of the fact it has a lot of fun things for you to do and enjoy. At the same time, you will like the fact this is a city that has sand dunes as the backdrop to the city. This means you will have plenty of beaches to enjoy and the water is along the Caribbean Sea type of area, which is going to allow you to have plenty of great swimming or sunbathing chances. For history buffs, they will enjoy the fact that Natal is home to Reis Magos Fort, which is a place that has some great history to tell and will make you ask yourself what would be said if the walls could talk.

Natal photo
Photo by heiterboness is licensed under CC

What About The Other Cities?

Well, I said before that as much as I would like to mention all the cities in my beautiful country, it just is not possible here. So I have picked out the cities that I think are the top five, which makes it easier for you to know which one of the places you should visit. Some of these, like Rio and Sao Paulo, are very popular with the tourist. Then some of the other like Paraty and Natal are not as well known. This makes it easier for you to go on your vacation and avoid all the crowds. No matter what the key thing you need to do is make sure you have a great vacation and one that you will enjoy in my beautiful country of Brazil.

Amazon Rainforest photo

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