Find The Rio Branco Brazil Attractions To See

Acre, Rio Branco Capital CityRio Branco is not a place that you have probably heard of when you think of Brazil. However, Rio Branco is an important city in Brazil as it is a capital of the state of Acre. This state is actually in the Western part of Brazil and in some cases is considered the westernmost part of the country. With that being the case, you should learn more about Rio Branco and the attractions that you will want to visit, but also learn more about the area itself, which will make it easier for you to get to see why Rio Branco has managed to play such a pivotal role in the region and how it continues to grow from the backwaters town that it started out as to one of the upcoming towns that you will want to visit.

Rio Branco, Brazil History

When you look at the history of [popup_product]Brazil [/popup_product]you may not see Rio Branco mentioned a lot. Their is a good reason for that as the town was not really that well known, outside of the fact that it was one of the first settlements along the banks of the Acre River. By the year of 1962, which would seem not that long ago in American, the region was declared as the state capital after it had already been seen as the capital of the county of Acre. Acre is now a state that is seen in Brazil and since it the city of Rio Branco was declared the capital it started to become an administrative region for the culture and economics of the region. If you would like to read more about the history of Rio Branco you can read about it on its Wikipedia page here.

How Did We Work On Our List Of Attractions? 

The list was actually a lot harder than what we imagined because the area is rather small compared to some of the other larger cities in Brazil. However, with that smallness the city does have is a lot of attractions because it is considered the regions capital. So this made the list hard to narrow down. With that being the case, we are going to let you know more about the attractions and then you can start to see why this list was so difficult to narrow down the choice of places that you should be seeing when you are traveling in Rio Branco.

Palacio Rio Branco 

Acre Palacio Rio BrancoThis is a place that you will find has a very interesting past as it started off being built in 1920. It is important to not confuse this building with the one on the Eastern Coast of Brazil. This location was the head of the government and it was also a regional gathering point for people as they could voice concerns over what was going on around them for the region. The architecture of Palacio Rio Branco was based off of a German architect and it was going to be something that a lot of people would fall in love with because it did bring a great design that people would fall in love with as it had the Greek culture incorporated as well by using Doric and Ionic columns on the main facade of the building.

The building, while it is still not serving as the palace for the governor of the state is serving a purpose for the people of Acre. The building in June of 2002 has been renovated and turned into a museum that people are going to like to explore because it has been seen as we mentioned a cultural place for people to enjoy. The culture that is been preserved is going to come in a lot of different forms of how Acre and the people have evolved. So this will make it easier for you to get to explore the region without even having to leave the capital city because of the beautiful exhibits that are present.

Memorial Of The Autonomist 

This is a memorial to the people that led the autonomist movement that happened in Rio Branco. This was a movement that in the 1960s and 1950s would gather momentum and would be the reason why the region would become a state in the country of Brazil, instead of being a county. The city decided that it was important to preserve the history of these people and they started and inaugurated the memorial on September 20th, 2002. This memorial helps to assure that people will never forget the reason why they have become a great state in Brazil.

At the monument you will notice that the tomb of the founders is present and this will make it easier for you to get the right feel for the region and the dedication that people have given to the region and the movement. At the memorial you will find they do have an exhibit that showcases the entire history of the autonomist movement. This in turn makes it easier for you to get the full story of what happened and this will make it easier for you to see why this was a great thing for people to have happen and how it has changed for the better for the entire state.

Square Plácido de Castro

Plácido de CastroThis is a square that has been dedicated to the leader of the Acriana Revolution, Jose Placido de Castro. He would eventually become the president of the independent region and would be the one who would have a very huge role in what would be called the A Matter of Acre. This would eventually lead to the signing of the Treaty of Petropolis and that allowed Brazil the chance to exploit the the rubber that was in the region and also helped to guarantee that Acre would remain with Brazil as one of their states.


Museum Of Rubber Rio Branco

Rubber as we just mentioned in the Square Placido de Castro has played a very important role in Acre. This is a museum that has been dedicated to the rubber plants and the way that it has evolved into something that people want to have and are sure to love seeing. The difference is this is a museum that has also helped to let people know that the rubber harvesting individuals cared about the rubber trees as much as they care about themselves. While it is small it does allow you to have a unique perspective on the way the rubber is harvested and used compared to what a lot of people would think.

Cathedral Of Our Lady Of Nazareth 

Roman Catholicism is the leading religion in Brazil and with that being the case, the church has eagerly pounced on the chance to expand the reach to the people and spread the good word of Jesus. With the Cathedral of Our Lady of Nazareth the church was able to establish a firm foothold in Western Brazil and this definitely made it easier for the church to have a great place for the people to focus on outside of the smaller parishes that are located in the region. This also helped to give the church a place for the people who are lost and wondering to go to. The Cathedral is one of the best sites that you can see and with the doors being open most of the time it will give you some quiet respite and a chance to unwind if you want.

Depending on when you are in Rio Branco, you may find the chance to arrange a tour of the location. This tour would be a great way to learn about the way the faith has helped the region, but also a chance to get to explore the region as a whole because one person who is usually in touch with everyone in the area and knows the best areas to go would be the clergy because they are always around the people. Either way, this is a church cathedral and it could easily be a place that can top your bucket list.

Does Rio Branco Have More? 

Yes! That is the amazing part about the region. We have just started to scratch the surface of what all Rio Branco has available to do. You will simply be amazed at what else is available for you to do, but also be shocked that you have never heard of this place before. Once you have traveled here, you will quickly find why this place is growing in popularity and why it will eventually one day become a great tourist region, even if it is for the peace of the country of Brazil offers to you and your family.


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