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5 Best Parks In Brussels

Brussels Parks

Brussels is a very nice city that is always bustling and definitely has plenty of great places to see and some of these will include the amazing parks in Brussels. The problem is so many people get overwhelmed with the city and the attractions that are in the city that it is going to be impossible for them to find the parks and this is easily one of the best parts of the cities. This is when you should know that we have taken a lot of the guesswork out of this by looking at the parks that are in the city and letting you know if this is the best place for you to go and what each park is going to offer for you. Since that is the case, we decided it was time for us to cover these parks to help you know that you are going to have a great vacation and be able to enjoy your vacation without having to hit up all the attractions in Brussels.


How Did I Find These Parks

Well, I did a lot of work and I have to say that I really loved this because it allowed me to get out and enjoy the city. However, what else it did was made it easier for me to have a great trip that I never thought I would be able to enjoy before. I looked quite a bit at the location of the parks because I know that when you are on holiday and know what the attractions are you may not want to travel far out of the city. Since this is the case, I considered this one of the main factors for me to consider. I then looked at what the park offered for you to do while you were in the region. So that is the main ranking factors I used to help you in finding the best park to tour.

5. Bois De La Cambre

Gardens In Brussels

This is a park that a lot of people have compared to the Central Park in New York City as this park has quite a bit going for it and definitely will make it easier for you to have a great trip because you can find it is really an oasis in the middle of the park. So this is definitely going to be a park that you can enjoy immensely and know it will provide you with the getaway you want to have. However, what you will find is this is a park that can be crowded at times because it is such an urban oasis in the middle of the town.

When you are at the Bois De La Cambre you will notice the park is very beautiful and will make it easier for you to get around the town. What else you will like is the fact this is a park that has plenty of trails for you to enjoy and walk through. You will also notice this is a park that is going to let you relax and one of the best spots to see in the park is the amazing lake in the middle of the park that you will just want to sit by for hours on end.

4. Parc Royal 

This park is one that you are going to enjoy because it is surrounded by quite a few places that you will find important and know the park will highlight these as well. This is going to make it easier for you to have a great time and easily reach some of the destinations you never really thought about as well. So it is easy to see this location for the park is the main feature that you are going to enjoy and fall in love with. I know that for a lot of us this park is one that you are going to enjoy for the beauty of the park as well.


What is really nice about the Parc Royal is it is the largest park in the urban area of Brussels. This is going to make it easier for you to travel here and have a great trip you can enjoy. The park is surrounded by the Royal Palace of Brussels, the Belgian Parliment, and even the United States Embassy. So this could definitely make it quite a bit easier for you to find the best place to go and see the park and even see where some of the major seats of power are in the country.

3. Parc Leopold

Parc Leopold is a place that has simply been one of the best of Brussels when it comes to parks. However, what you will also find is this is a park that has a lot of things that you are going to need to look at. What is really attractive is this park has been in use as a park since the 1880s, so it is definitely an older park and one that has managed to sustain quite a bit of change and still came out looking like one of the most beautiful parks in the country.

When you are at Parc Leopold you will find that you are really going to feel like you are in a seat of power. Yes, Brussels is the capital of the EU. However, what you will need to realize is just like a lot of countries the European Union has a parliament that helps to make the decisions and recommendations on what needs to be done to continue to strengthen Europe on a world stage. With that being the case, you will like the fact this is a park that is located right next to the Parliament of the European Union.

2. Parc D’Egmont

The Parc D’Egmont is a great looking park in Brussels and it is one that you will enjoy. However, it is not that this is a true park in the common sense of what you would think. This is one of those gardens in Brussels you are going to fall in love with and know that it will be a respite in the middle of the city that you want to have. What is amazing is the beauty of the location and how it is contrasted with the buildings in the area. No matter what you will want to make sure you bring a book and lunch with you when you visit this park because it is a great place to go and sit down and read a book while snacking on your food.

The location also may allow you to catch glimpses of some of the heads of states. Brussels is a capital city outside of the European Union and NATO as the city is also the capital of Belgium as well. So you will find this park is located in the perfect place that you may have a chance to catch some glimpses of the various heads of states who are coming to Belgium as the building that is typically used to welcome the heads of state or guest of honor is located right by the park.

1. Cinquantenaire

This park is located in the Eastern quarter of the city and it is a park you are sure to enjoy. The park has some great buildings for you to enjoy and some great green space to enjoy as well. The park does cover only 74 acres, but these are acres that you can easily use to study the area and be able to see the park in a way you never imagined possible before. So you will love this fact and know you are seeing a place that you cannot really find anywhere else.

When you are at this park you will notice that a lot of the buildings are going to be U-shaped in the way they appear and this can make it interesting for you to get the chance to see a lot of the museums in Brussels that you are going to enjoy in one single park. This will make it easier for you to plan out your trip and know that not only are you going to see very beautiful museums, but take a stroll through this stunning park if you want to reach the next museum.

How To Pick Which Of The Parks In Brussels To Visit

When you are looking at the parks in Brussels that we have listed here it is going to be very easy to overlook some of the places. However, what we have looked at is several factors that I have looked at to help out in getting you to book the best vacation to Brussels and know that you can do several things outside of the main attractions. All you have to do is know that we have managed to narrow down what we feel are the 5 best parks in Brussels for you to check out when you are in town for holiday.