6 Best Restaurants In Brussels

eating in brussels When you travel in Brussels you will be welcomed with open arms at almost any location you go. However, what you need to realize is it can be hard to find a good place to eat because almost all of the restaurants are going to be rated nearly the same and the only thing that separates some of the places is how long you have to wait for the food to come to your table. That is why I have decided it was time for me to go out and make your choice a little bit easier for you by ranking what I feel are the 6 Best Restaurants In Brussels. Then you will have a chance to enjoy the food you are going to eat, but also know these places are some of the best rated in Brussels for you to enjoy eating in Brussels and not end up disappointed in the location.


6. Au Vieux Bruxelles 

If you want to have some great local cuisine then you need to check out Au Vieux Bruxelles. This is a place that does have a great atmosphere and a comfortable setting that you can enjoy. However, the checked table clothes with the wood paneling is definitely going to help offset the look of this place. The one thing that you will find amazing no matter what is going to be the food that is going to have more of a local type of taste to it that you can easily enjoy.

The dishes you find here are going to be different than what you would expect if you are a tourist. However, the food is quite a bit on the local flair and this makes it easier for you to know you are going to have some of the great mussels that are garlic seasoned. What else is great that you are going to enjoy from here is going to be the moules frites and that is going to be a great add-on for the

5. Toukoul

Toukoul is a place that will have more of an Ethiopian style of menu that is going to make it easier for you to have a great meal that is different from what you may have experienced anywhere else in the world. This will make it easier for you to have a great meal and going to allow you to have a great meal that will be very filling and going to make it easier for you to experience a new culture in the form of food. Not to mention this restaurant is in a great area of town which makes it easy for you to access and be able to enjoy the food and then go back out and enjoy the town again.

When you are here you will want to try some of the different foods as they are mainly going to be Ethiopian in origin. However, what is going to be really good is the injera. This is a dish you may have never heard of before, but I can tell you that it is going to be a dish that you will not forget. The injera is simply a fermented sourdough flat bread. Now, you may think this is just like anything else that you have had, but you need to realize this is going to be a great dish that will provide you with quite a bit of options in regards to what you are able to have.

4. Belga Queen

Situated in an old bank building that has been updated and modernized you will find Belga Queen. This is a place the definitely will hold quite a bit of value for the architecture that it has and the fact that it looks great. Belga Queen does have a unique decor that you will not find at any other restaurant, but that is what else adds to the charm of this place and makes it a place that you are going to simply love going to time and time again, but even once is enough if you are not going to be in Brussels for more than a single meal. The ceiling is one of the amazing areas for you to sit and just stare at as it will have stained glass windows as the main glass, but the lounge area with the nice leather seats are helpful.

The restaurant here is well known for the architecture, which you can simply marvel at. However, for me, I have to say the thing that I know this place for the most is the food. The best part is this place is known for the amazing seafood type of dishes it has on the menu. With that being the case, I have to say the best dishes are either the cod or the lobster. However, some people, my girl is one of them will say the oysters are a dish that is second to none.

3. L’Idiot du Village 

This is located in the middle of the antique shops that you may want to stop in and shop at after you have been eating here. The place is very elegant and while it does have a touch of what some may consider strewn furniture all over the place it is this touch of elegance that you would come to expect in this French cuisine-themed restaurant. So the strewn antique looking furniture, remember the antique shops nearby that you may confuse this place for, is going to give way to some great food that you can experience.

Now, if you are here at the right time you will find the food is going to be amazing and with the blue flower plates they are going to make the dishes look even more stunning. So you will not have to be concerned about the plates and other items looking bad when you are getting the food. I will say this much the dish that I really love from here is the veal that is prepared to a stunning level.


2. La Truffe Noire 

If you have ever eaten at a restaurant that uses black or white truffles then you know the food is amazing and prepared properly. What is really great about this place is the fact that it is going to make it easier for you to have a great meal that is going to be prepared by the Michelin star location. This is definitely a place that will make it hard for you to find another place that is going to be great and have some of the same quality food you want to have. So this will definitely love the food that you are going to get here because it goes hand in hand with the star the restaurant has.

I have to say that this place does have some amazing food and it stands out. However, what I really like from here is the carpaccio. This coupled with the expert use of the truffles will make it easier for you to see this is a dish you are simply going to love and know it will provide you with the great meal you want to have. What else is nice is the location is close to one of the most beautiful parks in Brussels, but it is an often overlooked park that makes it easier for you to enjoy a stroll after you have finished your meal.

1. Fin de Siècle 

While you will want to experience some of the authentic food in Brussels this is one of those places that will have the food you want to eat. This food is simply amazing and easily some of the best you can find in Brussels. I highly recommend this place because it is sone of the best to go if you want to have some of the local cuisines that you will surely love when you are in Brussels. What else is great about the place is the has some bright and lively colors that will definitely make it easier for you to have some great meals.

The dish that I really love from here is a dead tie between the sausage and mash and the rabbit. I know that not many people will have had rabbit before, so if you are looking for a dish that is different and will give you some great experiences, then you will want to try out the rabbit. If you want to have a dish that could be fairly safe for your taste buds then you could get away with the sausage and mash.

How To Pick Where To Go Eating In Brussels

As you can tell we have provided you with a variety of places to check out when you travel in Brussels. However, each of these places will have their own positives and this allows you to find a great meal at almost any place you go. I know that for me I personally love these places as they are what I would consider simply amazing places to dine at. No matter what, I am sure you will find some amazing food at these places and know that these are what I consider to be the 6 best restaurants in Brussels to eat at and know you will be getting a great meal.