Discover The Must Try Foods In Paris

Street Vendor for CrepesWhen you are in Paris, you need to realize their is a lot of things that you have to do. From the museums to the parks that are in the city it is very easy for you to get lost and enjoy yourself at the same time. However, what you need to realize is Paris is often seen as the crown jewel when it comes to having some of the best food on the planet. Some of the food is very simple, but some of the food is complex either way we have come up with our top five foods that you must try when you are in Paris. Once you try these foods you will not be disappointed in the quality of the food that you are getting in Paris.

How Did We Narrow Down Our List

Okay, we have to admit this was a very hard job to do because all the food that is in Paris completely rocks. We have found that the food does have some great places to eat at. Some of them are the smaller and some of them are a larger restaurant. However, sometimes the list was hard to do because we have fallen in love with so much of the French food being so good. With that being the case, we have ranked the food and know that this food is the best that we have found and know that it is going to be a great food for us to eat. So this list is based off of our personal taste and the foods that we love to have.

1. Jambon-beurre 

Ham and Butter or Jambon Beurre This is a dish that you are going to die for. The food is more of the on the go style, so you do not have to worry about sitting down in a restaurant to enjoy the food, but you will also find it can be messy at times as well if you are not used to eating this sandwich. The simplest answer is this is a ham sandwich because Jambon is ham in English. Beurre is the French word for butter, so this is simply a ham and butter sandwich. The way this is served is in a baguette that is sliced open, then it is covered in spread butter. After that the sandwich is then smothered in ham slices. The best part is as we mentioned this is not a sit down meal so you can pick this simple, but fantastic dish up at any of the corner deli’s in town.

2. Macarons

If you are diabetic this is one food that is not going to help you out. The Macaron is one that you are going to find Macaroons With Coffee as a stunning dessert type of food, but if you are like us you will want to eat this at any time of the day. This is an item that people with nut allergies will have to watch out for as well in Paris because the traditional flour base is ground almonds. The cookie itself, though, is more of a round cookie that has a variety of food dye colors, sugar, egg white, and sometimes flavoring. The cookie is round in nature and typically will have some type of a cream based filling in the middle of two cookies to create a sandwich. While you can buy these in the store at your home, you need to realize they are not nearly as good as what you get from a traditional French style bakery. We definitely recommend finding the Macarons that you are getting in Paris from one of these bakeries and you will not be disappointed with the food you are going to be eating.

3. Steak Frites

Steak FritesNow in most places this would be a very simple and easy dish to make, but you are in Paris. While you are in Paris you have to remember that all the food you are going to eat is elevated to a completely new level. One of those dishes is what a lot of people would consider a very simple steak and fries or if you are in the [popup_product]UK steak and chips[/popup_product]. This is taking some of the best grilled steak and pairing it with the fries. Then this is served to you as a bistro style meal for you to sit down and enjoy for a great meal as a lunch or a dinner. What is even better is a lot of the restaurants that are in Paris that serve this meal tend to use the higher quality beef cuts, which makes the steak easier to grill and keep it perfectly balanced to what you want to have.

 4. Baguette 

Baguette from ParisNow [popup_product]France[/popup_product] is known for having some great bakeries and that is very true when you look at all the food they produce. However, one bakery dish that you have to try is very simple and if you get it in Paris its quality is going to blow any of the local bakeries in your home town out of the water. With this food you will notice it is going to be made to perfection and expertly made to the point that you want to have it with any of your foods. Think back to the first food that we have ranked here in the Jambon Beurre, which uses the baguette. Now it is important that you find the best bakeries in the Paris region to get the best baguette and that is often easy to do if you look at who won the Meilleure Baguette de Paris. In this competition it is used to find the bakery that makes the best baguettes in Paris.

5. Street Stand Crepes

CrepesCrepes are one of those foods that you are going to want to eat on the go. However, what you need to realize is this is a food that is filling at times because of the wide assortment of fillings that you can get from the vendor of the crepes. While there are some restaurants that are selling the crepes in Paris, it is best to get them from the street vendors. When you are getting these from the street vendors you will be dealing directly with the owner of the location in most cases, but also know they are going to show the pride that you would expect in the food. This means you are going to get the best tasting food and get it quickly as crepes do not take long at all to make. Either way no trip to[popup_product] Paris[/popup_product] is complete without trying the crepes from the street stands.

This All The Foods To Try In Paris? 

Okay, we know that we gave you a list of five foods that are a must try. However, some of you may be asking is this all the foods that you would want to try in Paris? The answer is a resounding no! We just narrowed our list down to the five best foods that we like to eat when we are in Paris. What you need to realize is the city of food has plenty of other foods that you are going to want to try. This can vary from the [popup_product]Duck Confit[/popup_product] to the Paris-Brest food. All of these are great dishes, but we know that you can only read so much before you get tired or in this case hungry as we are starving after writing this article up. Just make sure you try the foods and enjoy them because the food in Paris is one of those occasions  that you are going to want to enjoy and remember for a lifetime.

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