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The Alex Hotel Dublin Hotels
Image is from The Alex and is used with permission.

If you are looking where to stay in Dublin, you will find that it is going to be very difficult to narrow down the hotels on where you should stay. I know that for a lot of people they will be looking for the perfect hotel and I have to tell you that this simply does not exist. Since this is the case, we have decided it was time for us to do our review of The Alex Review – Dublin Hotel to make it easier for you to see if this is the hotel you should be staying in or if you should consider a different hotel for your needs. The hotel is definitely one of the best hotels that you can enjoy and one of those places that you will actually fall in love with and want to come back to time and time again. No matter what the key thing that you need to realize is this is a hotel that is going to provide you with everything you need to take what could easily be a humdrum holiday in Dublin and make it into one that is simply amazing. If you would like to book the Alex you can find the best rates on The Alex website direct. You can book the Alex here.

Location Of The Alex Hotel

One of the most important things for you to do when you are traveling is know the location of your hotel you will be staying in. Since that is the case we are going to post the address and a map of the hotel below for you to find the place and know it will be easy for you to locate.

41-47 Fenian Street, (off Merrion Square), 

Dublin, Dublin, 2, Ireland

What Does The Dublin Hotel Offer

  • This is a location that has 103 rooms that are extremely nice and very high class. However, the rooms are going to allow you to enjoy your stay even more as the beds are comfortable compared to a lot of the other beds that you may have experienced at some hotels during your travels.
  • When you see this hotel on the map above you will find the hotel is going to be located out of the way of the main downtown area. So this will allow you to have a quiet stay, but also be able to enjoy some of the attractions in Dublin that are not really seen that much because they are off the beaten path. What you will like is this is going to make it easier for you to have a great trip, though, because it does allow you to have a trip that allows rest and you can easily find a ride into the downtown proper area to get the enjoyment of your trip. Something else to consider is the fact this hotel does allow for easy walking distance to places like Dublin Castle that is about 20 minutes away.
  • Traveling with your kids is going to be a blessing, but sometimes you will want to go to an adult location and this can be impossible to do in some places because of the kids. When you are staying here you will find that it is actually a lot easier than what you imagined because you can easily go to these locations because the hotel does offer childcare if you need it.

What I Like About The Hotel

I have to say that I really like the location of this Dublin hotel. While I know you may want to be closer to Dublin Castle or some of the other main attractions in Dublin. I like the laid back location that is going to make it easier for me to walk to the attractions. This means I will not only get out into the town, but also have a chance to meet the people of Ireland and when you are traveling meeting the people is the key to having a good cultural immersion or having a bad experience.

The comfort of the rooms is a great feature you will like and I know that I definitely like the rooms as well. The rooms are definitely one of the most comfortable that you can find in Ireland and they are completely updated to guarantee the rooms are comfortable. I really like the fact this hotel does have comfortable couches in the suites, which is a nice way to stretch out and relax when you are resting up from the day and evening out.

Easy access to the pubs and the on-site hotel bar are a great thing. This is going to make it easier for you to have a great meal but also going to allow you to enjoy the trip even more because you can experience some of the items that have really helped to make Ireland famous. No matter what, the location also makes it easier for me enjoy the Irish culture and drinks.

Dublin Hotel - The Alex

What I Dislike About The Hotel

Now, this is the difficult aspect and that is trying to find something I really did not care for here. I know that this is the challenge because this hotel is one that has so many things going for it. With this location, I have to say the only thing that I did not really care for is the surcharge for the rollaway beds. I think this is the only thing that I could really find that is not that good about the place. Outside of this, the hotel is great and the staff is very welcoming.

My Final Thoughts On The Alex

When you are trying to find a great hotel in Dublin, then you will want to check out The Alex. This is a hotel that is simply amazing and has everything you could want to have in a hotel in Dublin. I do have to say if you are looking for a hotel that is simply great then you cannot bypass The Alex. Remember this is a hotel that made our list as one of the five best places on where to stay in Dublin, which makes it easier for you to rest easy knowing this hotel is one that is amazing.