The Best Restaurants In Vancouver

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Discover The Best Restaurants In Vancouver

Eating out is definitely something that you have to do when you are traveling. While this may not be the thing that you want to do, it definitely is part of the great vacation experience. With that being said, we have decided it was time for us to share what we view as the best restaurants in Vancouver. I know that these are the places that I like, but I also know that this is aligned more to the taste that I have. However, I did try to provide a variety of food options for everyone to enjoy and that can help out in making the best choice possible for the food you are going to get from Vancouver while you are on vacation.

How Did I Narrow Down My List? 

Well, I have to admit I was a little apprehensive with this list because it was not something that I thought would really work out. However, I found that just by doing some very simple work it helped me in getting the best options possible for the food that you are going to want to eat. So we did quite a bit of work and tried to cover a lot of the different varieties of food options as well. This way you are able to get the best food possible and know that it is going to have all the options you may want to have when you are traveling in Vancouver.

Jam Cafe YVR 

Jam Cafe is one of those locations you are going to like because it has a variety of options, but it is also a Vancouver restaurant that is vegetarian and vegan friendly. Jam Cafe even has some of the best food options for a fairly affordable price that you are going to enjoy as well. The price option makes it easier for you to have more food than what you would expect to have. Now I will warn you that not all of the food is in the lower tier price range, but it definitely has plenty of options for you.

What we really like about the American and Canadian style cafe is the food. Since that is the case, we have decided it was time to share our favorite menu item from Jam Cafe. We tend to go to the lunch menu for our favorite dish because it has some of the food that we really like and enjoy, but do not discount the breakfast from Jam either. However, with that being said if you are getting lunch from Jam Cafe you have to try the Buffalo Blue Chicken that has the perfect blend of food that we absolutely fell in love with.

Five Sails Restaurant

Do not let the name fool you, it is definitely a seafood restaurant, but it also has a tendency to follow the Canadian method of making the food. What is really nice about Five Sails is the stunning views you will get when you are eating at the dining room of Five Sails. On the one side you have the sweeping views of the water, but on the other side of the views you can see the gorgeous mountains that are looming in their shear beauty over the city. So this allows you to get comfortable and know you will have some great food to eat and a view to go along with it.

What else we like is Five Sails has really taken the traditional Canadian menu and turned it on its head. What I mean by that is the food is not going to be terrible, but they have taken what a lot of people would view as being a plain menu and made it into an upscale meal that you simply cannot forget. I know that for me the dish that I love getting from Five Sails is the Pan Seared Dover Sole, that has the perfect blend of seasoning that you may think you are eating in Tokyo, instead of Vancouver.

Le Crocodile 

French food is not something that you would expect to find in Vancouver, maybe Quebec, but here it is in Vancouver. Now I have to admit, that I really did not think I would like the food here because all that I have ever seen in the magazines and stuff about French restaurants is plates that have very little food, but plenty of plate. However, we quickly found out after we came here to eat that the food is not that bad and it is not small portions either like we have seen in the magazines as each of the plates that you get will have a different size than what you expected.

What is really nice is Le Crocodile is located on Burrard Street, which is a very popular street that you can enjoy for your vacation when you are in Vancouver. Now the restaurant does have a menu that is the chef’s tasting menu and I can say that this is a menu that is great, but if you want to have an individual dish and save yourself some money we will tell you the Poitrine de Poulet au four is a great dish that is mainly a chicken based dish with some shiitake mushroom risotto.


Japanese food is very popular in a place that is closer to Tokyo than a lot of other places in Canada. With that being the case, you will notice that Miku is one of the best Japanese style restaurants that you can eat at in Vancouver. What is even better is Miku has some great sushi that you can enjoy while you are looking out over the water front views that are around for you to enjoy. However, if you want to you can also enjoy the patio that is present as well and this allows you to enjoy your food, but also enjoy the outside of the restaurant and still take in the beauty that is present in Vancouver.

Speaking of the Japanese cuisine that is in Vancouver and Miku, I need to share what I feel is the best dish on the menu. Now this does not mean that you will like the dish because when you eat Japanese food each person has a wide variety of taste and what they enjoy, but I can tell you that almost all of the food is prepared perfectly here. The dish that I am very fond of here is the Aburi Atlantic Lobster Tail that is a dish that we really love and enjoy because of the way it is prepared.

Lupo Restaurant

Sometimes you will want to find a gluten friendly restaurant, but also a restaurant that is vegetarian friendly as well. What is really nice is that restaurant exist with the Italian cuisine that is found at Lupo Restaurant. This allows you to have all these options and even allows you to have some of the great food that you know Italy and the cuisine that is present in Italy is well known for. So this is a definite plus for a restaurant that you will want to consider if you are looking for a great place to go to and enjoy a variety of food.

I know that for me, when I look at Lupo, I would want to know where it is located at. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Lupo is actually located inside of the Hotel Rehoboth. So not only do you have a great place to stay if you have to much to drink at the restaurant, but you have a chance to enjoy some great food as well. Our favorite dish from Lupo is the Veal Meatballs that are a perfect and great compliment to the spaghetti that we are getting with the same meal.

How To Pick The Best Restaurant In Vancouver

We hate to admit this, but this is a very short list of the best restaurants to select from in Vancouver and we have tried to provide you with a wide range of menu options. However, we do have to say this list is not comprehensive and I will be sharing more restaurants in the future as I get more room and my diet goes along really well. Now how should you go about picking the restaurant to eat at in Vancouver? Well, you will want to find the style of food you want to eat, then look at the restaurants that are available, but then you need to look at the different restaurants and where they are located. This way you can finally have a great meal and know it is going to have some great food and atmosphere, but also close to where you are staying at.

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