Best Hotels In Vacouver For Families

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Find Out About The Best Hotels In Vancouver For Families

Vancouver as we already talked about is a beautiful city and it is definitely a city that is very family friendly. However, the thing is you should know more about where you are going to stay when you are in the city. I mean seriously, we are friendly up in Vancouver, but we usually do not let strangers stay in our homes unless you rent out at one of the B&Bs or the vacation rentals by owner. All of these places definitely allow people to stay in them, but in general we do not allow people to stay in our personal homes. With that being the case, families who are traveling to Vancouver need to learn about the different hotels they can stay in. Since that is the case, I have decided it was time for me to finally go out and cover the best hotels in Vancouver for families.

How Did We Narrow Down The Best Hotels In Vancouver For Families

This is the nice part because this definitely gave us a great time in talking to people from all over, but also in learning about what all the families that we talked to look for in a hotel. When we were doing this it allowed us to have quite a bit of time in getting to see what everyone looked for, but also in getting to learn the information on what everyone really liked to see. So this is definitely a plus as everyone enjoyed sharing the information and we went out and tried to find almost all of these features, but also took into account what we liked as well. With that being said, here is our list of the best hotels in [popup_product]Vancouver [/popup_product]the entire family can enjoy.

St. Regis Hotel

Boutique Hotel - Saint Regis In VancouverSaint Regis is one of those hotels that has an older look than what you would expect, but it is easily one of the best hotels that you can stay in with your family. The Saint Regis hotel is definitely a hotel that is going to be one of the best boutique hotels the entire family is going to love. The downside is this is also a hotel that is not full of all the amenities that you would be used to having, but this definitely is not going to be a hotel that is worth going. What else you will like is the hotel is located in the middle of skyscrapers and other looming buildings that will make it quite a bit easier for you to get the best time because you can easily go anywhere you want in a quick time period, even if you are walking.

What else is nice about this hotel is the fact that it has a full breakfast that you can enjoy each morning with your family. You may not think about this, but the breakfast tends to be some of the best food that you can enjoy and it is a little bit different than what you are used to eating when you are at a hotel. The staff that is present, because this is a boutique hotel, is very attentive to all of your needs. In fact some people that we talked with only had to open the door once during their entire stay.

Read My Complete Review Of The Saint Regis In Downtown Vancouver

The Sutton Place Vancouver

The Sutton Place Hotel VancouverThe Sutton Place is a hotel that is located in the middle of downtown Vancouver and it is definitely a hotel that you are going to enjoy. However, what you need to realize is Sutton Place has been rated as a top rated hotel for you to stay at. I know that when we were looking at the hotel we were amazed that a location can be so nice, but for such a great price. What else is nice is the fact this is a hotel, that for an extra price, does offer a town car or limousine service. This way you can take your family out in style to see everything that you would want to see and do while you are in Vancouver.

When you are traveling with your family, especially if you have kids, you are going to like the fact that this is a hotel that you has an indoor pool. The indoor pool is a nice feature and just like all pools that are in a hotel will be a favorite spot for the kids to go to. This is very true after you go to some of the main attractions that we have covered in Vancouver already for the day. The downside is this is a hotel that is large as it is just under 400 rooms. So you may find the staff may not be as attentive to your needs as what you would want them to be.

Best Western Plus Sands 

Best Western Plus Sands VancouverBest Western is a brand name that you are going to recognize as being a hotel chain that is very affordable and often a brand that people consider as being on the lower end of the spectrum. However, in the Best Western Plus Sands you are going to be pleasantly surprised at how well the hotel is laid out and what all it is going to offer for you to have a great look and comfortable rooms that you may not be used to with a Best Western property.

At the Best Western Plus Sands hotel in Vancouver you will find that it is very close to the beach, but also has a couple of bars that you are going to enjoy, but also has a restaurant on site as well. What is nice for the family is the fact that you can get an adjoining room so you can have the kids in one room, but the parents in another room. However, if you are bringing your infant or toddler with you the hotel does offer the toddler beds and infant cribs if they are available for free. Depending on how far you want to walk the Granville Island Public Market is a short 18 minute walk away, but for some people this can be a long walk because of their physical condition or the age of the kids they are taking with them without the stroller.

Executive Hotel Vintage

The Beautiful Executive Hotel Vintage In VancouverWhile this hotel does not have all the amenities and features you may like to see in a hotel, you will notice that it is going to be difficult to find a fault with this location. So this is going to be a hotel that you are going to want to consider because it is going to have some of the best views that you can find in Vancouver. However, this is a hotel that you are going to enjoy because it will be one that does have some of the comforts you would want to have and it is located close to the beach. What else is nice is if you are going on a family cruise you will notice the hotel has a[popup_product] cruise[/popup_product] terminal shuttle, which makes it a great place to stay at the night before you are heading out on a cruise.

At the Executive Hotel Vintage you will find it does make it easier for you to have a great time because you can grab a breakfast before your cruise with the family with it being available. What else is nice is the fact this hotel, as we mentioned does have great views, but what really sets them off is the rooftop terrace for you to enjoy with the family. This way you will have a great opportunity to get the views of Vancouver at night and during the day if you want, which these views are completely stunning and a great way for you to see all the city has to offer.

Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Downtown Vancouver

Downtown Vancouver Holiday Inn & SuitesHoliday Inn is a location that everyone will recognize because of the name and the brand of the hotel. This has really helped to bring the hotel as one of the tops in Vancouver and depending on where you are staying, because their is a Holiday Inn Express in Vancouver as well you can have a great trip. However, the problem that you may have is this is a hotel that is going to be very well located as it is found in downtown Vancouver. This is going to make it easier for you to have a great hotel that you can enjoy and what is even better is some of the family friendly features that are present in the hotel.

What is a great feature is the indoor pool. This pool is deep and that is something the kids are going to love since a lot of the hotel pools are not that deep and often mean chest deep water for kids. However, this is a hotel that does have a decent sized pool and it will make it easier for everyone in the family to have a good vacation. For the parents that are worried about the kids being alone, but also not wanting to share a room with the kids you do have an option for adjoining rooms. This is going to really help out for the parents in getting to enjoy the trip as well and know the kids are safe.
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