Tobacco Barn With Tobacco Drying
Beautiful Tobacco Barn - Not the shopping center though! Just loved the tobacco barn.

Antique Tobacco Barn – North Carolina Travel

Tobacco Barn With Tobacco Drying
Beautiful Tobacco Barn – Not the shopping center though! Just loved the tobacco barn.

When you want a unique shopping experience when you travel then a local antique shop definitely would qualify in my book. With that being said, if you are in Asheville, North Carolina then you may want to check out the Antique Tobacco Barn. This location while it is inside of an older tobacco barn does not have any of the issues that you may be thinking, like smells or even worse crowded building spaces. Instead, we have found that the location is very large and spacious and while the Antique Tobacco Barn does have the appearance of the older style tobacco barns, it does not have any of the smells that you may be thinking about with this being a barn. So what else helps set the Antique Tobacco Barn apart from the other antique shops? Well, it is time to read our Antique Tobacco Barn review to find out.

Location Of The Antique Tobacco Barn

While you can easily ask almost anyone in the city where the Antique Tobacco Barn is located and almost everyone will give you an answer to the location, it is always best to know where you are heading to. That is why I have always tried to include the address of the location I am reviewing and in this case it is no different, so here is the address of the shopping center.

75 Swannanoa River Rd.

Asheville, NC 28805

Features Of The Antique Tobacco Barn

  • Has multiple items that are available for you to shop for.
  • If you are looking for antique furniture the place has a lot of different options available.
  • Some of the products are reproductions or local craft goods which provides you with a different feel for the items you are buying.

What I Like About The Antique Tobacco Barn

Ability To Shop For Multiple Items

Shopping here you may notice that it is going to have a lot of different items available for you to buy. This makes it a lot more challenging for you to narrow down what you are buying, but it does allow you to find almost anything that you would want to buy. However, at the same time you will find that some of the items are newer craft type of items and others are older antiques. So the balance between the items is good to see.

The Location Is Reasonable On The Pricing

With this being an antique shop I have to admit that I was really concerned about the prices that are in the location. However, I have to say it is pleasantly shocking to see the prices. I would say that most of the prices are more in the middle of the pack price and that will not cost you an arm and a leg. Now, I will warn you that it is going to vary on what you are in the market for as to how much the price is going to vary, but it will definitely be worth it if you are looking for an item that is not outlandish but also usable as the prices are just right.

Generally The Items You Buy Are In Good Condition

I am sure that almost all of us have bought something, even brand new items, that are going to have a lot of issues in working properly. Well, when you are looking at the Antique Tobacco Barn you can rest easier as most of the items are in good condition. What is even better is if you buy an item that is supposed to have a job to do, it tends to work and do the job properly. This makes it easier for you to feel good about all the items that you are buying.

What I Dislike About The Antique Tobacco Barn

Some Items Are Reproductions

While I am not antireproduction items, I do find that it is disappointing when you go to an antique shop, barn, or even stand and find out that some of the items are reproduction. While this should not really impact your choice of stopping here or continuing on your way, it is going to influence my choice on if I am going to go here or if I am going to pick out a different antique shop. At the same time, though, if you are on a limited budget you may find the reproductions are lower in cost at times than the antiques and since they are new as a reproduction they may have a better look to them if you are looking for something clean and polished up.

What Others Are Saying

Now, it is important to know what other people are saying about a location to see if it will help you know if your stop will be worth it or not. Braden H had this to say about the location, “amazing items of past and artistic creations of present”. So this points out one thing that we mentioned in the fact that some items are new, but others are from the bygone era.

Dean R, also from TripAdvisor, has this to say, “not your typical antique store really more large items”. This review goes on to point out that they do have some smaller items, but the majority of the items are larger. With these items being larger as we mention in our final recommendation it may make it difficult to buy something if you are on vacation.

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My Final Thoughts On The Antique Tobacco Barn In Asheville

I have to say that when you are in the South antiquing is a very popular thing to do. While you are here you will find quite a few items, some of them are good, but others are not so good. Not only that some of the items are fairly new type of antiques and while that is nice it is not the best thing if you are looking for really old items. Not to mention, some of the items are reproductions and they do have good quality, but as far as a true antique they do not have the value you may be looking for. With that being said, the Antique Tobacco Barn is big and has a lot of items and antiques to look at and buy, which is why I have to say if you have time I would recommend stopping here, but if you are cramped in car space or do not really like going antiquing then you may want to bypass the location.