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Waterfalls along Blue Ridge ParkwayThe Blue Ridge Parkway is one place that has a special meaning for a lot of people. For some people the meaning comes from the easy drive that it provides for them, but for others it comes from the fact that they can connect with nature and beauty. However, one thing that you need to realize is the Blue Ridge Parkway has plenty of attractions for you to stop and see. Now, this does not mean that the attractions are going to be right on the side of the road, at least not all the time, but some of them will be located a short hike down the road. The main thing that I am going to cover here is going to be the Blue Ridge Parkway Waterfalls, which are some of the most amazing waterfalls that you can see.

Location Of The Blue Ridge Parkway Waterfalls

Now, it is hard to really be specific about the location of the Blue Ridge Parkway Waterfalls. Instead, the location has plenty of waterfalls for you to explore and each one is in a different location. So you need to get a guide book or ask a local about the various locations that you can find for seeing some of the waterfalls. Just remember a simply drive up the road will make it easier for you to find a wide variety of waterfalls.

Features Of The Blue Ridge Parkway Waterfalls

  • Multiple waterfalls located in the region to look at.
  • Very tranquil and calming on people.
  • Chance to avoid most of the crowds if you pick a secluded waterfall.
  • Different features in each of the waterfalls.

What I Like about the Blue Ridge Parkway Waterfalls

Chance To Hike In Blue Ridge Mountains

The Blue Ridge Mountains are part of the same mountain chain that makes up the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. However, unlike what you would find in the national park is you do not have as much in the way of crowds. This makes it easier for you to know that you are going to be able to get the right hike done and not worry about being crowded out of seeing an important site or location because of the number of people in the area, but this does not mean the Blue Ridge Parkway waterfalls do not get busy though.

Beauty Of The Natural World

As a lot of you already know one of the key things that I like is getting to see nature again and have it undisturbed for the most part. Yes, I know that it can be a challenge to get to see nature without people disturbing it. Well, on the Blue Ridge Parkway the disruption that comes from people mainly comes from the trails that have been cut in to get to the waterfalls, but also the various pull offs for you to park. Outside of that for the most part the waterfalls and the paths to them are undisturbed. Granted, you do have some people that do not know how to pick up their litter and that can be left behind as well.

Peaceful Sounds Of The Waterfalls

I know that not many people will argue this point, but when you hear waterfalls going in the background it tends to make it a lot easier for you to relax and enjoy the sound of the water moving. Now, I will tell you that you need to make sure you use the restroom before you go on this trip as it can be difficult to resist the sound of the water and the urge to use the bathroom. However, everything that you are going to find with the sounds of the waterfalls are extremely peaceful and definitely relaxing for what you need to have.

What I Did Not Care For With The Blue Ridge Parkway Waterfalls

Popular Scenic Waterfalls Tend To Get Crowded Quickly

Now, one thing that I do not really like with the Blue Ridge Parkway Waterfalls is the fact that the popular waterfalls, which tend to be some of the most relaxing ones and scenic ones for the pictures or peaceful strolls do get busy. The crowds can start to get annoying at times and while everyone has the same goal in mind, it is difficult to get to the peaceful relaxation that you may want to have while viewing the waterfalls.

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My Final Thoughts On Blue Ridge Parkway Waterfalls

One thing that I like when I am traveling is to look at the beauty of the natural world. When I am in Asheville, North Carolina it is very easy for me to reconnect with nature and get a chance to enjoy the natural beauty in the world. What I really enjoy, though, is the peaceful calm that the movement and sounds that the water is able to provide. Once I hear these sounds, I am able to just unwind and know that I am able to enjoy life and just take in nature without any of the stresses of daily life anymore. Overall, if you are in Asheville, one place that you must check out is the Blue Ridge Parkway Waterfalls.