Best Things to do in Smale Riverfront Park 2020
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Cincinnati is often referred to as the Queen City and it is definitely a city that has plenty to do. In this instance we are talking about Smale Riverfront Park which as you can tell by the name is located along the river in Cincinnati, Ohio. Now, what you may not realize is this is a park that is fairly new to the city and one that has plenty of features for you to enjoy and also Smale Riverfront Park is located close to the city which gives you all the great features that you want from a city as well. So, now it is time for us to delve into our review of Smale Riverfront Park.

Where Is Smale Riverfront Park

Smale Park is one of the best parks that you can find in Cincinnati and one of the best parts is the park is very easy to find as well! Smale Riverfront Park is obviously on the riverfront, but it is located along West Merhing Way which is the road that runs by the river. This makes it easier for you to locate the park, but also find the location gives you plenty of parking options as well.

Great Views From The Cincinnati Park

As you can imagine one of the best features of Smale Park is the fact that you are able to see downtown Cincinnati while having the river right next to you. However, at the same time you may notice that you can look across the river to Kentucky and be able to see the Newport, which is home to the aquarium. What else is great about the park is the different areas that are producing the picture perfect areas for you to take pictures from.

Great American Ballpark and Paul Brown Stadium are also within easy walking distance. Granted, most of the time a stadium or a ballpark would not really be considered that pretty to look at, but for some people seeing the beautiful stadiums is a plus. Even then the views of the downtown region and the ease of walking down to the Fountain Square region in downtown provides even more for the overall features and looks that you can find in Smale Park.

Smale Riverfront Park viewed from the Northern Kentucky side of the Ohio River.
A view of the Cincinnati riverfront with Smale Riverfront Park.

Peaceful And Flat Walking Trails

When you are in a major city you often think about all the noise that is present in the city. Well, Cincinnati is definitely not any different than that and that often comes from the fact that the city has several corporate headquarters in the downtown region, but also 3 professional top tier sports teams. What may shock you is that when you are at the park often the city noise seems to fade and you can enjoy the park.

What else is great about the park is the walking trails are flat. These make it easier for you to walk around the park and enjoy the trip to the park even more. The planners for the park did take into account the views and have the trails running along the scenic spots that you would want to stop at and look out over the river. While the barge traffic is not as much as what it used to be the park is situated in an area that you can see the barges going up and down the river.

Hosts Several Events During The Year

As you can imagine Smale Park is not only a one dimensional park that you can go to with your kids for a walking outing. Instead, the park has a tendency to host various events throughout the year. These events are usually oriented towards the family, but some of them are musical events that are geared more towards adults. So that will make it easer for you to plan various activities in your Cincinnati vacation trip.

It is important to look at what is going on at the park prior to making your planning trips. All that you have to do is know what is going on and how much it costs. Without knowing this you could end up being stuck at an event that you did not mean to attend.

Playground Area For Kids To Enjoy

A park is an area that is meant for kids to enjoy. I know that my own kids love going to the park and finding the playgrounds to climb all over and play on. The playground area at Smale Riverfront Park is not the largest playground that I have ever seen, but it is definitely an area that is safe for the kids and one that they can enjoy. As with any park playground, though, I would recommend checking the area to make sure it is safe and then your kids can go out and start to play on the equipment and have an enjoyable time.

Amazing Restaurants Are Close By

After spending a day at Smale Park or even a morning you could have worked up quite an appetite. Well, the good news is the park is located very close to all the downtown restaurants. These restaurants tend to be very highly rated and provide you with plenty of options for eating. In fact, some of the restaurants that are found in the downtown region have been featured in various travel magazines, food magazines, and even food and travel television programs off of the likes of Travel Channel or Food Network.

My Final Thoughts On Smale Riverfront Park In Cincinnati

What can I say other than this is a great park that is located in a beautiful city! Now, I will warn you that if the weather is cold or windy, though, that you could end up getting chilled from the breezes that are coming off of the Ohio River. Still, if you are properly dressed for the conditions I would definitely recommend checking out Smale Riverfront Park as long as it is not flooded by the river.


By Charlie