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Westin Hotel Cincinnati / Cincinnati City Westin Hotel Marriot
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Cincinnati is often referred to as the Queen City and it is easy to see why. However, I know that if I am staying in a city I want to stay in the city itself and not the suburbs. I want to be close enough to take a taxi or public transportation to get around, instead of finding a rental car. In Cincinnati the city has several hotels in the downtown region and they are all higher end classy hotels. Well, one of those hotels that are located in downtown Cincinnati is The Westin Cincinnati. Well, since this hotel has a price that varies from 138, cheapest I seen in winter, to over 500 a night I decided it was time for me do a The Westin Cincinnati Review as part of our travel in Ohio section on the website. 

Where Is The Westin Cincinnati Located

As you can imagine since I mentioned this is a hotel in downtown Cincinnati it is located in the downtown area. However, what you may not realize is the hotel is actually overlooking Fountain Square in Cincinnati. This makes it easier for you to get a great room and know that you are truly in the downtown area of Cincinnati. 

Here is the address for The Westin Cincinnati:

21 E. 5th Street

Cincinnati, OH 45202


The Westin Cincinnati
Check out The Westin Cincinnati

Features Of The Westin Cincinnati

As you can imagine any hotel in a downtown city region will have to get some specific features to make it standout from the other hotels in the area. Well, The Westin Cincinnati is no different and you are going to really love the main features of the hotel.

  • Parking Garage.
  • A bar or lounge in the lobby.
  • WiFi is available in the hotel.
  • Fitness Center on the property.
  • Pets are allowed.
  • Baggage storage area.
  • Business center with Internet availability.
  • Conference rooms are available.
  • Banquet room for receptions, business parties, and other great ideas! 

Room Features At The Hotel

The room features are along the lines of what you are going to find in the room. This means these are the comforts that you can generally come to expect to find inside of your room and makes it easier for you to enjoy the room outside of the main part of the hotel.

  • Air condition.
  • Safes.
  • Iron.
  • Coffee or tea maker.
  • Refrigerator.
  • Flat screen television and on demand movies.

Nearby Attractions To The Westin

Staying in the downtown region of a city means you want to catch all the major attractions. Well, here are some of the attractions that you can find fairly close to The Westin Cincinnati. You should remember that some of these are going to require you to use a taxi or a bus to reach, but they are well worth it! 

Fountain Square is in the heart of Cincinnati and it is easily one of the most recognizable attractions in Cincinnati. This is a statue and a fountain that has been one of the main focal points in Cincinnati for years and has continued to intrigue visitors for luck in the fountain, but also from the fact that it is a great place to take pictures. If you are romantic and want a nice place to propose in Cincinnati, then Fountain Square is definitely one place to check out. 

The National Underground Railroad Museum or the Freedom Center depending on which name you prefer and have heard before is located not far from The Westin Cincinnati. This is a museum that is very unique in what it presents, but it provides a historical perspective on a period in the nations history that happened before. It also showcases the different trials and tribulations that those one the Underground Railroad would have faced.

Does The Westin Have An On Site Restaurant? 

The short answer to this question is yes their is an on-site restaurant. However, the longer answer is the restaurant, McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurant, is only open for lunch and dinner. What else is important to note is this is a higher end restaurant so the prices may be above what the average traveler may be willing to pay. 

When it comes to breakfast, though, the options are limited to a continental style of breakfast. This may work perfectly fine for some travelers, but in my opinion if I am traveling and most likely not going to stop for a lunch somewhere I would want to find another restaurant to go eat at for breakfast. This makes it easier for me to find the food I want and know it will suit my needs instead of having to try to find time in my schedule for lunch.

How Well Do The Showers Work At The Hotel? 

With quite a few of the hotels that I have been at the water seems to trickle out of the shower head. I know that is not exactly what I want to have when I am getting cleaned up, but sadly that is what happens. So I have to say the power of the showers in The Westin Cincinnati is actually quite refreshing. The shower runs nicely and is strong enough to actually clean you off and get the soap off instead of feeling dirty and soapy after the shower.

What Kind Of Views Are Found In The Hotel?

The location of the Westin does have some views, but to be honest it really depends on where you are located at the hotel. Some of the rooms will have an overhead view of Fountain Square and others will not have any type of view of note. So you need to make sure you consider this fact as it can vary. 

Now, if you do have a room that overlooks Fountain Square you are going to have a great view of one of the gems of Cincinnati. Fountain Square is one of the landmarks in CIncinnati and even in the surrounding communities that you can basically just mention and people will know exactly where you are talking about and know how to get to it or be able to easily locate.

Is The Hotel Good For Staying In For Sports Games?

Located just a few blocks away from the stadiums the Westin Cincinnati is definitely a great place to stay if you are trying to catch a game in Cincinnati. You have the Cincinnati Reds and Cincinnati Bengals who play their home games just a short distance away. This makes it easier for you to walk to the stadiums and catch the game. Then if you do not want to go back home if you are local to Cincinnati you can go back to your hotel room. However, even if you are not local the Westin makes a great place to stay in and enjoy some elegant relaxation before catching the game at night.

Is The Westin Cincinnati Worth The Cost? 

This is a key question that a lot of people ask. The Westin Cincinnati is a higher end hotel and that often means it is going to cost a little bit more than what you would expect. However, the cost of the hotel in my opinion is worth the price if you want a classy hotel that is close to everything in the downtown area of Cincinnati. If you are looking for a location that is more affordable, then I would recommend looking in the suburbs of Cincinnati as they tend to cost a little bit less. However, if you weigh the cheaper hotel price versus driving to and from the hotel then it is very easy to see the cost is made up and then you have a lower level of luxury available.

Our Final Thoughts On The Westin Cincinnati

Cincinnati is the queen city and it is very easy to see why with all the features that are in the city. However, finding the best downtown hotel in Cincinnati to stay in is the difficult part. When you check out the Westin Cincinnati it is very easy to see that this is one hotel that works great for your jumping point to see the beautiful city and know that you are close to all the downtown attractions in Cincinnati. Overall, if you are looking for a classy hotel that is in Cincinnati and want a touch of elegance, then the Westin Cincinnati is the best place to check stay at.