Dublin Castle

Discover Dublin Castle – A Beautiful Attraction

Dublin CastleNow, I have to say if you are not looking for Leprechauns in Dublin, then you may not be looking very hard for the Leprechauns or what you can do in Dublin. However, if you do not want to go looking for our friendly little leprechauns, then you may start to ask yourself what you can do in Dublin? I mean you can only drink so much before you have to sober up, but also if you are traveling with your family spending the entire time in the pub may not work out that well. Trust me, your wife or the kids will most likely have something to say that will make you think twice about having to spend another minute in the pub. Since this is the case, you may want to know about some of the other things you can do while you are in Dublin, like some of the great attractions in the city. That is why you will want to know that we have taken some time aside from the pub to head up to Dublin Castle here and write up why this is one of those attractions you have to go out and see when you are in Dublin.

Location Of Dublin Castle

I can talk about the place until I am blue in the face, but it will not do you a single bit of good if you do not have any clue where it is located. I know that before I start a review of any location, I need to tell you where it is right away or I will get completely lost in the location and not give you the information you need to have on how to find the place. If you are traveling, you may want to consider a taxi or a tour group to help you out in getting to the location. Taking a tour will be a great idea as well because then you get a lot of the insider information you may have missed out on before. The address of the location is at the following:

Dame Street, Dublin 2, Ireland.

+353 1 645 8800

I did zoom this map in a little bit closer to make it easier for you to find the location if you are local. If you are at any of the beautiful hotels in the area, though, you may want to consider looking at the zoom out feature until you locate the area your hotel is at and this will make it easier for you to have a route planned for your trip.

History Of Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle was the seat of the British rule for Ireland until the year 1922, but it did not really transition from the point of being a government location or building as it still holds a lot of the Irish government in place here. So you could easily see this as being the seat of power for the Irish nation. While the castle you are looking at is fairly modern in terms of being a castle since most of it dates from the 18th-century, it is a site that has had castles on the grounds since the time of King John, who a lot of people may not realize was the first Lord of Ireland.

As for the modern times, the castle has become a major tourist destination and provides you with plenty to do. However, it is also the location for a lot of the state dinners that Ireland host and even the place where the Presidents of Ireland will take their oath of office. Not to mention, if you want to have a great place to just take a walk and look at the castle from a little distance, then you may find the Dubhlinn Gardens to be one of the best places to go and see what you want to see.

What Can You Do At Dublin Castle

Well, like I mentioned before you will want to take a tour and that is, in general, a requirement if you are going to go into the building. You can admire it from a distance, but then you do not get to see what is really behind the walls of the castle and will be left wondering does this Dublin attraction have more to offer than what you can see from the outside. So I highly recommend taking one of the tours. Not to mention, the tour guides have been properly trained on the history of the location and can definitely provide you a more in-depth account than what I can do here. However, I will provide you a quick rundown on some of the things you will learn and see on the tour.

  • The State Apartments. These are different than what you will find in say your normal apartment complex. These are the places that actually housed the heads of state for a long time in Ireland. Now, this is the place that you will see on the tele when you are watching it and see the presidents taking the oath to properly govern and lead my people.
  • The Viking Excavation will make you think that you have hit Dublinia, but this is part of the castle that joins the city walls. This part is actually one that I find most interesting because it helps to explore some of the histories of Dublin and will make it easier for you to see the significance the Vikings played in the area, but also to explore some of the Lower Castle Yard that you are going to want to learn about anyways.
  • The Chapel Royal is something else you will find enjoyable as well. In this chapel, which has some amazing artworks and vaulted ceilings you will notice it is going to have the coats of arms as well. These coats will help you explore some history as well and also see what the coats are and how they have changed over time. Not to mention, if you have some Irish blood in you, your curiosity may drive you crazy if you did not look here at the Royal Irish coats of arms.

Why You Should Go To Dublin Castle

Well, I have to say you have to go to Dublin Castle because it is an amazing place. However, what else you are going to love is the fact this is a place you are going to enjoy taking a tour of because of the history and the significance of the place in the Irish history. What else is great is the great gardens that are around the castle and will make it easier for you to have a great time.

What else is nice is the tours you are going to have available to take is going to be something else you are going to enjoy as well. I know the tours that are available are definitely a great way to see the castle and know that it is going to work for your needs. However, what you need to realize is the tours are going to be another factor that will make it easier for you to have a great trip because the tours are what will actually teach you even more about the location and what all it has to offer you.

If you are trying to find out about all the Dublin Castle current events and tours, you may want to check out the official website by clicking here.

Why You May Not Want To Go

Well, I have not really come up with a reason as to why you would not want to go. However, I can tell you if you do not have time to take the tours, then this could be one of the main reasons why you would not want to go and visit the interior of the castle. Outside of this, I would highly recommend a trip to here because it is going to be something you are going to enjoy immensely and will give you a new found respect for the Irish people and the struggles they have had to get over the rule of the British.

My Final Conclusion

Well, I have to admit when you are trying to find what to do in Dublin and you want to avoid the pubs, you will want to check out Dublin Castle. This is a place that is going to provide you with plenty of beautiful photo ops to take home from your holiday. Overall, I would highly recommend Dublin Castle as being a place for you to go and take a tour of or even find amazing pictures from Dublin Gardens.

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