Imaginosity Children's Museum

Discover A Dublin Attraction – Imaginosity 

Imaginosity Children's Museum Sometimes a holiday to Dublin is not complete without seeing some of the attractions that are found in Dublin and in this case I will be talking about Imaginosity Children’s Museum, which is one of those places that has a specific gearing towards a specific genre and age range of people. I know this sounds odd to say, but this is one attraction that is not really for everyone who would be coming to Dublin and a lot of times that is because they are unaware of what they are really going to be looking at when they arrive. So if you keep in mind this is an attraction that is really meant for kids, then you should be fine and not have any issues, but if you are not aware of this or are expecting something that is a lot more in depth, then you could find this as a bore and something that you would want to leave right away. With that being the case, I am going to launch into my review of Imaginosity Children’s Museum.

Location Of Imaginosity

The location is going to be important for you to know because you do not want to disappoint your children by telling them where they are going and then not being able to find the place. However, in Ireland, it is very easy to find your way around for the most part and what is really going to help you out here is the fact that I am going to include a map for you to look at as well. This way you are able to find your way around town and find the identifying places and streets on the map if you are not taking a taxi to get to the location. The address, if you are using your own GPS system is here.

The Plaza

Beacon South Quarter,

Sandyford, Co. Dublin, DUBLIN 18, Ireland

What Age Range Will Do Good With Imaginosity

Imaginosity photo
Photo by Redmofrazer is licensed under CC

A common thing that we have seen coming up in a lot of the reviews that we have read from other experiences is the age range the museum is meant for. I mean, I have to admit when you see the word children in a name you would think it would be meant for any kids at all. However, I have found the older kids, typically from about age eight and up will quickly become bored of the location and want to leave. The good news is if your kids are younger than this they will find the museum to be very engaging and stimulating. So you will not have to be concerned about your kids having any issues if they are younger and like the stimulation that is present around them with a location like this.

On that note, if you are looking for something that is in that age range, then you will really like the fact this is a great idea. The kids will learn quite a bit and the amount of interaction they will have between them and the other kids will make this a fantastic place to go. The younger kids will love Imaginosity and you may find that it could be difficult to get them out of the place.

What Can The Kids Do? 

Well, this is really going to depend on what you want the kids to do. The location has quite a bit inside of it for the kids to do, but the things are going to be crowded at times because you will have so many different kids in the museum. What else is going to make this interesting is the kids are not really going to be guided around the location like you would expect. Instead, the place is more like the kids are turned loose to go and explore what they want to do. So you do need to keep this in mind if you are bringing your kids to the location because it may end up being very difficult for you to keep your kids from running around, especially if they are younger as we have said before, like a crazed kid.

  • A garage area is present in the museum. While this may not seem like it would be that exciting it will give the kids a chance to act like they are an adult as they can use the air machine and even the petrol pump for the garage. This is something that I know my kids really love to do, but it is something that they can easily get bored of quickly because it is limited in how many times you can do this before you start to ask is this even worth it?
  • Some kids will like an aspect of having to put together pipes like they would see the plumber do. However, this is an area that will only challenge the kids for a little bit and with the advances in a lot of the technology that is going on they could easily have this done with some of the games they can get on their tablets. The good news is this is a hands-on approach and not one where the kids can easily get away with the connection of the pipes by having them lay next to each other.
  • The store is a great aspect, but it is one that is going to get very messy very quickly. That is because you will have all the kids at the same time, some kids outside of your group even that will be in the store. If you have been a parent for any length of time you know what happens when you get a bunch of kids together at the same time and it generally means no room will be left clean.
  • Finally, you will find the kids will enjoy the television set and the cameras. I mean, literally what kid does not want to be on the tele? I know that I always did, but I never made it and this is the chance for your kids to see what it would be like to be on the tele or be one of those operating the cameras.

Now this is by no means all the place has to offer for your kids, but I can tell you it is a quick run down. You will find the place does have more to offer for the kids and they will have an enjoyable time, but only if they are at the age range I mentioned above.

Is Imaginosity Children’s Museum Worth It?

Well, it really depends on what you consider worth it. If you think having your kids that are older going to a place that is going to broe them worth it then yes. However, if you have kids that are between the ages of about 3 to about 8 then you may find they are going to enjoy this Dublin Ireland attraction. Overall, I would have to say if you have older kids or toddlers then the Imaginosity Children’s Museum may not be worth it for your kids to go and see because of the fact they could be bored.