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Discover Dublinia – A Viking Attraction In Dublin

What To Do In DublinWhen you think of Dublin, you may not think about the Vikings being part of the lore, but in actually if you are looking for what to do in Dublin you may find Dublinia to be a very lucrative place for you to go and see. Not only are you going to learn quite a bit about Dublin, but you will also start to learn a lot of about the history of the area and even see some things that point back to the fact that the Vikings had a settlement in the area reportedly. However, this is also going to make it easier for you to go out and explore like you never imagined possible as Dublinia also focuses on the older medieval Dublin as well, which is a time you may have forgotten about because it seems so distant, but you need to realize it was only seventy years ago roughly that the tele came around. So it was not that long ago that times used to be tremendously different. Since this is the case, you need to think about the times and know it is always a good thing to remember these changes were not that long ago and the simple changes are amazing for our daily life. No matter what, you will enjoy Dublinia for the history of the location and what it offers you to do and see. So let us start off with our review of this amazing Dublin attraction.

Location Of Dublinia

Well, I guess the first thing is to let you know where the place is located. If I forget to do that then you will probably say, “this place looks amazing, but where the frick is the place”. What is even worse I know that if I did not do this part right now, I would forget later on in the article and then you would really be mad at me for not providing you what some would consider being the most useful information around and that is the location.

Christchurch, St Michaels Hill, Merchants Quay, Dublin 8, Ireland
353 1 679 4611

As you can tell from the map above the location is very easy to find and will not disappoint you because it is also part of the beautiful and amazing Christ Church Cathedral. If you are not seeing the location very easily on the map, it does have the zoom in and out arrows, which should make it quite a bit easier for you to find the right level on the map to find where you want to go and what you want to do.

Viking Attraction

As we mentioned, this is one of those places that is going to cover several different aspects of Dublin and the history that is present. What is really amazing is the interaction between the groups and the way they are going to provide you with the introspect that you may have never imagined as it will reenactors who are going to help portray what life was like in the Vikings times in Dublin. So this will give you a unique perspective on the roughness of the life in that time period, but you need to realize these are actors and obviously they will have the proper care needed to maintain a good life, unlike the Vikings who had a harsh time with life.

  • This is a location that will allow you to explore what life would be like on one of the Viking longboats. Now you may think this is rather easy and a canoe can replicate the feel, but it is actually very hard to do. Since this is the case, you need to realize this is a location that will give you the chance to experience the longboats the Vikings used to navigate the oceans with to explore the world. When you are seeing these boats, it will be easy for you to find the challenges the voyagers had and know what kind of problems they had to overcome at the time.
  • With the reenactors, you will find out how the weapons and skills the warriors would have to carry with them and train with. This makes it easier for you to have a great feel for the time the warriors had to overcome. Yes, even women were considered a warrior as well to make it easier for the entire village to be protected, no matter who was attacking them.
  • The Viking runic alphabet is a great way to learn about the Viking culture. This will make it quite a bit easier for you to see that what is often viewed as being a warrior culture actually is a peaceful culture at the same exact time and did have quite a bit of civilization.
  • If you want you to have a chance to see the traditional Viking longhouses that were cramped and often smoke-filled. This is also the location where you would hear the traditional Viking myths, legends, and tales that would help everyone in the culture to know about the heritage of the Vikings civilization.
  • For the interactivity you may want to have when you are visiting the Viking history in Dublin, you will have a chance to try on the clothing of the time period, but also have a chance to experience yourself as a slave. So this will make it easier for you to have a great feel for the culture and how it impacted what you may find as modern day life.

Medieval Dublin

Medieval Dublin

As we mentioned this location has several different aspects of the Irish culture here. One of those is going to be the Medieval aspect of the city. This part will take you back from being in the modern times to almost 700 years from now. So this will make it quite a bit easier for you to have a good time and explore history in a completely different way than what you are used to seeing it because it is very interactive and educational at the same exact time.

  • This is going to be a place that will take you back in history for about 700 years. This is going to make it quite a bit easier for you to have a good time because you will have a good time in knowing how everything happened from the wars that were being fought at the time to the treatments for all types of medical conditions, even a toothache if you had one that was bugging you.
  • The spices that are present from the medieval times it is going to be easy for you to have a good time. So you will like the fact that you are going to have a good trip because the spice scents you have here is going to be amazing and full of what you would have found in the medieval times.
  • If you come here with your kids, they will love the fact they are able to learn about the games that were playing in the medieval times in Dublin. These games are different than what you are not what you would expect, but they are definitely going to be something the kids will like because they have a chance to learn more about the games and entertainment of the time.
  • Taking a stroll down the market street in modern times is very easy to do and definitely a great time for your holiday. However, what you will find is going on a simple trip down the street in medieval times was a lot different than what you are getting in the experience now. So this is definitely something you will want to do because it gives you a unique experience, but it also allows you to explore what life would be like in a rich merchant’s kitchen as well.

Short History Of Dublinia 

Dublinia photo
Photo by vonguard is licensed under cc

Well, I guess I will give you a very short history of Dublinia now. This will make it easier for you to know more about the location as well. The place was started as a historical recreation point for you to enjoy going to and makes it easier for you to learn about history as well. The location was opened in part of Christ Church Cathedral in a section called Synod Hall. It was first opened to the public for everyone to enjoy in 1993, but it would undergo a major renovation to bring it up to a more enjoyable location for everyone to go and see in 2010. Find out more about the latest going on at Dublinia on their website by clicking here.

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Is This Dublin Attraction Worth It? 

Well, I have to say when you are looking for what to do in Dublin you will find the city has multiple attractions for you to go out and see. This is when you should know about some of the locations you can go out and visit. If you are a history lover, then you will find Dublinia as a great reenactment based museum you are going to fall in love with.