Museums You Must Visit While In Honolulu 

HawaiiHawaii and Honolulu is definitely know for a place that has all the beaches that you will want to go to. However, what you need to realize is this is a place that you are going to love because it has quite a few museums for you to visit as well. With all the different museums in the city and surrounding area how do you know which one is the best ones to go to? Which one of the Honolulu museums are the must see attractions? Well, that all depends on what you are looking for, but for the matter of this article it is the must see museums that we feel you need to make it to. So these are all based on our opinions and what we like, but overall we are going to try to include all the museums that we can.

How Did We Narrow Down The Must See Museums In Honolulu

This was a challenge for us because we love everything that we can see and do. So we had to do a lot of work that made it very difficult for us to make the list. This makes it even better for you, though, our reader as the list is more complete and has been narrowed down based off of what we enjoy and know that you will probably enjoy as well. With that being the case, why are we still carrying on about this, we might as well dive right into the meat of what we are doing and that is listing these museums so you know why you should be going to them as well!

1. Bishop Museum

Honolulu Bishop MuseumThis is one of those museums that is going to be culturally grounded in Hawaii. This is going to allow you to learn quite a bit about the culture of [popup_product]Hawaii [/popup_product]and know it is going to be a place that you are going to want to go out and see. The main focal point of the museum is the collection of artifacts and the heirlooms that are coming from the former royal families in Hawaii. However, the museum is not limited to the families of Hawaii as the location does provide you a wide range of viewing pleasures on the other islands that are in the Pacific as well.

What else you will notice is this is a museum that is present in the historic district of Honolulu as well. However, it does have a focus on science as well, which will make it easier for you to get to explore the science of the region as well and see what has come in the way of advances as well. With that being the case, this is a great museum that allows you to learn about the region and culture that has been on Hawaii, well before America, and then explore the science and the advances that are present in this field as well.

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2. USS Missouri

BB63 Battleship USS MissourNothing is better than being able to take a tour on a living and in this case floating museum. The [popup_product]USS Missouri[/popup_product] is the battleship that seen the surrender of the country of Japan to end World War II, but it is also the place that seen quite a bit of action after that as well. Now the ship sits in Pearl Harbor as one of the museums you can visit. This makes this one of the best places to go because how often can you say that you were on board of a battleship that served the United States Navy so well? I doubt that you can say that very often actually as this is one of those things that a lot of people never really have the chance to say and when they do get to say it, it is usually because they served on the ship.

When you are on this tour you should try to order your tickets online as it does make getting in easier. However, you will also find that you will want to ask when the slower times are for people to come and visit. Yes, it may seem a little odd, but it will be in your best interest to make sure you are looking at the slower times. This way you have a chance to get on the USS Missouri and enjoy yourself before it starts to get too crowded or in some cases to hot as you are going to be out on the boat during the day.

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3. USS Arizona Memorial

Arizona Memorial Pearl HarborWith all the other museums that are present the USS Arizona Memorial did not make the top of our list. However, that is because it is more of a memorial than a museum. The interesting point is this does have the museum and if you take the tour you will find they are going to have a great time that will help you out in getting the right feel for the sacrifices that were made for the country at the start of the war. However, this also is going to allow you to remember the sacrifice that has been made before and now that this happened many years ago and is going to help you recall this.

Now with this tour of the memorial you do need to make sure you check the availability of the tours, but also get tickets in advance as they are limited. However, the museum portion of the tour is open and in some cases you can even see the anchors that are present in the displays that you can find. No matter what you need to realize is this is a location that is a memorial for the death of multiple sailors who lost their life at the start of World War II.

For more information read our review of the USS Arizona Memorial Here.

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4. Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor Pacific Aviation MuseumDo you have an interest in aviation? Then you will love the fact this place is going to be a great museum for you to go and visit. This is easily one of our favorite stops in Honolulu and it is definitely going to be something you will want to stop in and see. The location has plenty of planes for you to go and see, but it also has  combat simulators to enjoy as well. The displays are spread through 2 different hangars that are around for you to enjoy. You will also be able to enjoy the fact this is a museum that has preserved the historic Ford Island Tower that is iconic from the movies that are depicting the raid on Pearl Harbor, but also for being the first place to broadcast about the air raid and noting that it is not a drill.

With the combat flight simulator you are going to love the fact that it takes you back in time to when a pilot had to figure out the trajectory and all the other information they need immediately without the help of a computer. All of this is will make it even more of a challenge for the kids and even the adults who decide to go and use the simulators. Either way this is a great attraction and you should make sure you are looking at this because it will provide you with quite a bit of entertainment for your kids and even yourself.

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5. Hawaii State Art Museum

State Art Museum in HonoluluHawaii is not a state that is well known for its art collection or the contributions to the art world.  However, if you visit the Hawaii State Art Museum, which is part of the Hawai’i State Foundation on Culture and Arts you will quickly find they have quite an extensive amount of art, but also have a fledgling art programs that are starting to grow by leaps and bounds. So this will definitely be something that you want to consider because this is definitely going to be a great way for you to get to see the art and explore some of the exhibits that are on display.

The art museum is located in a lot of the regions that you will want to already be in. So you need to make sure you know about the region because it will help you out in getting to see quite a few pieces of the art work, but also get a chance to explore the different arts. With the Hawaii State Art Museum being in the same building as the state foundation on Culture and Arts it will be easy for you to enjoy the different aspects of the culture of Hawaii as well.

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Is This All The Museums?

This is obviously not all of the museums in Honolulu, but it is the ones that we really love. These are the ones that we consider the must see museums in Honolulu. With that being the case, we want to make sure you have a great vacation and with that we will be covering out in the future more in depth reviews of the museums that we featured here, but also the museums that we did not have a chance to cover at all in this article. So make sure you check back because we are going to update the site quite a bit and this will make it easier for you to get the information you need to make your trip to Honolulu one of the best ones you ever had.

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