Discover A Living History – USS Arizona Memorial

USS Arizona Memorial Aerial ViewHawaii is a very beautiful area and it is one place that a lot of people are going to want to travel to, because of the beauty. However, one aspect of Honolulu that you will not want to miss out on is going to be the beautiful memorial that is dedicated to the sailors that lost their lives on the day that would bring the United States into World War II. What a lot of people need to realize is the memorial is built over the actual site where thousands of United States sailors lost their lives. So let us cover the [popup_product]USS Arizona Memorial[/popup_product] and why this is going to be one of the best options for you to go to when you are going to Arizona to guarantee it is going to be a great trip that you want to have and know it will keep you humble about the sacrifices that were made on that fateful day in December.

What Time Does The USS Arizona Memorial Open

Knowing what time the memorial opens up is key because that is one way for you to secure tickets for a chance to take the tour. This does mean you are going to have to get up early you will actually like it because it will allow you to get to the memorial early in the morning to get the tickets. The center opens up at 7 AM and this is going to allow you to get tickets from the walk up window. However, if you want to take the tour, then you need to make sure you book tickets online to get them as they are available two months in advance. The website also has the tickets available in very limited quantities on the day of the tour as well.

How Much Do The USS Arizona Tours Cost? 

The tours are free! However, the space is limited to the ticketed crowds so you need to make sure you get a ticket early to make sure you are able to take the tour.

How Long Should I Set Aside For The USS Arizona Memorial Tour?

This really depends on how long you are going to take the tour. The boat ride and everything else is going to take a total of 75 minutes out of your day. However, the time that you are spending is very well spent and it is going to be something that you will want to set aside to make sure you are able to get the right trip  planned out. If you do not have this time set aside you will have some problems because you are going to be stuck on the tour. The key thing to remember is this tour is very sombering and allows you to recall the loss of life.

Tour Highlights

The tour is going to highlight the battle, but also allow you to go out and have a great trip as well because you can start to see the different aspects of the battle and the political history. The trip takes you on a 23 minute video that covers this aspect, then you have the boat ride out to the memorial itself. So this will make it easier for you to get the right feel and know you are going to have a chance to recall the loss of life. What is really nice is when you are at the location you can pay your own remembrance to the people who lose their life.

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