Waikiki | Honolulu – Oahu/Hawaii Attractions

I have to admit, I love Honolulu quite a bit and I know that quite a few people will love the city as well once they head to the area. Sometimes you will find the attractions are a lot easier to find than what you imagined. However, you need to know about some of the attractions that you can find in Honolulu to guarantee you have a great trip. I know that we are going to work hard on showing you all the attractions that we can find and know videos are a great way to do that, which is why we have found these Waikiki | Honolulu – Oahu/Hawaii attractions video to be one of the best that you can find. Not to mention, this showcases some of the beautiful attractions that are in the region. While we have covered Hawaii before, I am going to provide a quick updated list here that will help out in getting the attractions. The list will be simple and have a couple of lines showing why, but they are part of the amazing attractions I love about Honolulu.

Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor is easily one of the best attractions for you to check out in Honolulu. I know the place is home to the Pacific Fleet of the United States Navy, but at the same time it has a lot of history that is present. One of the favorite things that I have found in Pearl Harbor is the U.S. Arizona Memorial and that is one place you need to get tickets to go out and see as it is simply amazing and will allow you to have a memory of the brave sailors who lost their life at the start of World War II.

Hanauma Bay

When you are trying to enjoy some of the natural beauty of the Honolulu region you cannot really go wrong with the Hanuma Bay area. This region is definitely one of the best places for you to go as it has a nature preserve, a beautiful beach, but also turtles. Yes, the turtles that you see so many people having to deal with that are protected it is easy to see the turtles are a great attraction. Not to mention, it is a great place to just enjoy the beauty that is outside of the city and quite a bit less distracting than what you would normally be dealing with.

Bishop Museum

For some travelers, I know that a vacation is going to be a great way for them to go out and see some of the cultures they have never thought about exploring before. When you are in Honolulu one place that you do want to check out for sure will be the Bishop Museum. The museum is one that is home to a very large collection of the Polynesian cultural works. Definitely a great stop if you are looking for a place that is educational, in paradise, and simply amazing.

Diamond Head

Diamond Head HawaiiDiamond Head is often talked about as one of the most iconic places that you can check out in the Honolulu area. The place is actually a dormant volcano that you can hike up onto and explore. Diamond Head is the home to a lot of nature trails to enjoy, but at the same time it is also home to some older military fortifications to enjoy as well. Some of these trails are the best ones for you to enjoy as it allows you to immerse yourself into the sounds of the area and enjoy the trip to enjoy.

Manoa Falls

When you think about some of the memorable times or videos that you see in Hawaii, you will notice a lot of them revolve around the water falls. One of the most memorable falls that you can hike to see. I know that I really love these falls and know they are a great feature to go out and see. What else is great is the hike here is definitely a great location to check out and enjoy as the hike takes you to the 150 foot falls, but also has an amazing arboretum that is close by.

Honolulu A Beautiful Vacation Destination

As you can tell Honolulu does have a lot to offer and it is definitely a place that you are sure to love. I know that a lot of people will agree with me if you go to Honolulu you need to make sure you know about these attractions. By knowing about them and watching the video below you are sure to have a great vacation in Honolulu.




By Israel