Clay Center Charleston, WV

Clay Center Review – Traveling In West Virginia

Clay Center Charleston, WVThe Clay Center is one location that some people will overlook when they are traveling in Charleston. However, is the Clay Center a place that you should overlook or is it a place that you can actually go to and enjoy because of all that it offers you when you are in Charleston, West Virginia. Now, what you may not realize is the Clay Center is quite a bit more than just a center for the performing arts, it is actually a center that focuses on the performing arts, but also is an amazing science center to. So it is time to explore the Clay Center in our complete review here.

Location Of The Clay Center

When you are looking for a place it is very important to get the address. With the address you can put in the address and find the place in your GPS or smart phone. Granted some of the newer smart phones make it easier for you to get to the area, but here is the address in case you are looking for the place.

1 Clay Square

Charleston, WV 25301

Features Of The Clay Center

  • Has 3 different areas that are all under 1 roof for you to enjoy.
  • The science museum has a lot of interactive things for people to do of all ages.
  • At the concert hall it tends to have a great acoustic set up that has allowed it to draw in professional big name musicians.

What I Like About The Clay Center

Plenty Of Things To Do

When you are at the Clay Center one thing that you will notice is that it has plenty of things for people of all ages. Now, for the older people they will mainly be drawn towards the concert halls as it host all types of concerts from band to people that are in the bluegrass  circle as bigger names. For the younger people or even parents they may enjoy the science center more than what older people seem to. That generally comes from the fact that the location with the science center does have exhibits for everyone, but the older people tend to not be as enthusiastic about the displays.

Has  An Amazing Sound In The Theater

A theater often has to get the best sound possible and that is very easy to see how valuable it is when you are sitting down to a concert. When some of the places do not have the great sound systems, then you may find that you are either getting a sound that bugs your ears or you cannot hear. At the same time, though, when you are in a place like the Clay Center it is easy to see how well balance the sound system is and how it is going to provide you with the great sounds that you want and how it provides you with a chance to hear the music or other items you are listening to like never before.

Number Of Interactive Exhibits

Heading back to the science center portion, can you tell that I have kids? You are going to want to know more about the exhibits. I mean seriously I have been to some museums that everything looks stiff and posed while you look at it. Granted a dinosaur is supposed to be posed and I think if they did move it would scare the tar out of me, but some exhibits do not have to be posed. When the exhibits are not posed it makes it quite a bit better and leads to a lot of the interactive exhibits that you can check out, like those that you find here which help you in learning about something by reading or listening to it, but then getting a chance to go out and do it as well.

What I Did Not Care For

Price Can Seem A Little High

I have been to a number of museums and have to say that they are all running about the same price. Well, here I found that the price which I often complain about for anything seems to be a little bit higher than what I would want to pay. I mean, I have a bigger family so when we go anywhere we are looking for great deals and while the price is not outrageously high, I found it can be prohibitive for some travelers who are coming to the area with a larger family.

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What Others Are Saying

Wvmom has this to say about the Clay Center “So many thing to keep their minds busy”. In which she was talking about her children. So you can see that when we mentioned before that they had plenty of things to do that we were not kidding and that is definitely backed up by this reviewer from TripAdvisor.

DC1, another reviewer from TripAdvisor mentioned this,  “fun displays with lots of sensory experiences”. While this may sound like another broken record, it helps to back up what we have already mentioned with all the different experiences that you get to have when you visit Clay Center.

My Final Thoughts On The Clay Center

I have to say I thought I would be disappointed in the Clay Center. I mean just a quick glance and all that you really find in the first couple of words for most people is a performing arts center. I will admit that I quickly thought the same thing and all I could think is it a different venue from the one that is available at Haddad park? Well, I did some research and found out that the place is so much more and well worth the stop if you have kids who want to explore when you are in Charleston. At the same time this is a great place to catch a concert and definitely has some great acoustics.


By Charlie