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West Virginia Division of Culture and History Review – Traveling In West Virginia

Charleston, WVThe West Virginia Division of Culture and History is not really its own location for visitors to check out. Instead, it is a combination of places for you to visit and check out. However, if you are like most visitors to the Charleston region you may not know about all the cultural aspects of the regions that you can visit. That is why you need to realize why the West Virginia Division of Culture and History made it into our list here of places that you need to check out.

Location Of West Virginia Division of Culture And History

While the location here is very easy to find and actually has quite a few of the other attractions inside of it as well, it will be easy to locate as well. With that being the case here is the address of the place and this will make it easier for you to not only find this place, but also some of the museums that are located at the same address like the West Virginia State Museum.

Building 9, Capitol Complex

1900 Kanawha Blvd E.

Charleston, WV 25305

Features Of The West Virginia Division Of Culture And History

  • Has exhibits that are covering a variety of topics in West Virginia.
  • Provides quite a bit of educational aspects and classes for people who visit.
  • Offers help arranging tours or offering tours themselves to get the visitors to have the complete experience.

What I Like About The Location

Amount Of Help Available

When you look at some of the places you can travel to, the staff tends to not be helpful at all. In fact, you could go into some places and walk up to some of the people in the location and have an obvious chance to ask a question, but end up having them walking away before you arrive. At this location, though, you may notice that the staff tends to make sure you are accepted and any questions that you have are going to be properly answered and taken care of.

Location Is Close To Plenty Of Attractions

Like I mentioned in the location aspect above, I have found that this location is very close to almost all of the attractions that we have mentioned in our visiting of the location it is very close to the attractions that are already found in Charleston. That makes it easier for you to use this as a central gathering point in the city, but also make it easier for you to find the best places to eat, drink, or even finding a hotel that is close to the region as well.

Ease Of Finding The Location

With a lot of the larger cities I have found that it is very difficult to find some of the attractions you want to see. When this is the case it tends to make it impossible for you to have a good time. However, I found that the location here is very easy to find. In most of the cases you may notice that it is very easy for you to find the parking that you need to have and know it is going to be a parking space that will keep your vehicle safe and sound, but also have an easier time in getting into the building.

What I Do Not Care For

Can Be Very Busy During Certain Times Of The Day

Since the location does handle the cultural history and the history of the state, but also from what I have read and not used before genealogical research as well the location can get very busy at times. This means you could have to wait at times to get some service if you want to have help. At the same time, though, you will notice that the time that you have to wait can be very educational as well because if you are like me, you may have a tendency to look around and start to take in some of the things that are around you.

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My Final Thoughts On The West Virginia Division Of Culture And History

Now, for this location I would say that you are going to want to check it out if you are looking for a nice experience in Charleston, but also if you want to learn more about the region. What else is great about the location is the amount of help you get and the centralized location that you are visiting that makes it easier for you to find the best place to eat or visit. Overall, if you are unsure what to do or want to immerse yourself in history and culture of West Virginia I would highly recommend stopping here. If you want more nature and less history, then check out some of the other outdoor attractions that we have mentioned before.