West Virginia State Capitol Building

West Virginia State Capitol Review – Traveling In West Virginia

West Virginia State Capitol BuildingThe capital of West Virginia State Capitol building is one that not many people would think about taking a tour of. However, if you are in Charleston, West Virginia and the building is open, I would highly recommend trying to arrange a stop here. Not only is the location one of the most powerful places in West Virginia, it is also a place that has tour groups and multiple things for you to see. No matter what, we have decided it was time do our complete review of the West Virginia State Capitol.

Location Of West Virginia State Capitol

While it is very easy to find the Capitol building you probably want to have an address on where it is located at anyways. I know for me without an address to find the location I tend to be looking around and can get lost, but always find something that is really cool to check out. At the same time, though, if you are like me you probably have a lot on your plate already and just want to get to where you are going.  With that being the case, here is the address of the West Virginia State Capitol.

1900 Kanawha Boulevard East

Charleston, WV 25305


Features Of The Capitol

  • Tours are available
  • A beautiful golden dome on the capitol building.
  • Is the seat of government for West Virginia.

What I Like About This Location

The Tours

While I know that not many people will think about the tours, but I have found that a tour of a location is very educational. This makes it easier for you to find out information that you never would have learned before.  A good example is I took a guided tour of one location, not the West Virginia Capitol building, and in the middle of the tour we got to visit a small museum that is only accessible to the tour groups. So getting a chance to take the tour of the West Virginia Capitol allows you to learn and potentially see something you never would have seen before. To make it even better, the tours do not take a long time as most run thirty minutes.

The History That You Can Learn

When you are in the West Virginia State Capitol building you may notice that it is going to allow you to enjoy a step back in history to see the architecture that you simply do not see anymore. Now, the architecture of the building is definitely not going to be all the history you get to explore. Typically the history revolves more around the legislature of the state and how it has changed over time, but some of it is going to help you learn more about how the state came around.

Chance To See Government At Work

Yes, I know some people are already saying government working and starting to laugh. However, a lot goes on that we do not get to see. When you take the tours of the Capitol building you tend to get to see some of those activities or even have a chance to see the floors where all the historical votes in West Virginia have taken place. Which is very cool to see and know that a lot of the power and changes that have happened in West Virginia.

What I Dislike About Here

The Number Of People Inside Is Limited

While it is important with the coronavirus outbreak to have limited number of people, even before this it was limited in the number of people allowed. Now, this does not really impact some of the groups or the employees, but if you are showing up without a reservation for the tours you could end up disappointed in the fact that you may not be able to get into the capitol building to take a tour.

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What Others Are Saying

Jerome M had this to say in his review that he left on TripAdvisor. “Our tour guide was knowledgeable about the history of the state and the building”. Now, this supports more of the information of what I mentioned already and proves just how valuable the tours are when you are at the location here.

When I mentioned the chance to get to see the floors of the Senate and House it was backed up by another review off of TripAdvisor which comes from travelingCAgal. She had this to say about the capitol,”upstairs the Senate and House were both open to the public”. This backs up from another traveler about the chance to go out and see the Congress of West Virginia.

My Final Thoughts On The West Virginia Capitol

State capitols are definitely a very interesting place to visit and check out. However, what you need to realize is they are a great attraction and one that often requires you to book up some tours to get to experience the locations fully. I have to say, if you book the tour at the West Virginia Capitol that you are not going to be disappointed. The location has plenty of things for you to see from the marble floors to the amazing artworks that you will not get bored, which is why I highly recommend if you are in Charleston that you check out this great location.



By Charlie