Charleston, WV

Capital Street Shopping Review – Traveling In West Virginia

Charleston, WVNormally when I go anywhere one thing that I always try to do is a little bit of shopping. With some of the larger cities and definitely in my experience the capital cities they tend to have more of the shopping areas that are smaller businesses that are locally operated. This makes for some very interesting shopping and I have to say that West Virginia with Charleston is no different than what I have seen and experienced in other capital cities. With that being the case, I decided that I would cover the Capital Street Shopping area that is inside of Charleston.

Where Is Capital Street Shopping Located

The location of Capital Street Shopping District in Charleston is one area that will definitely be set apart from the other locations that you may have been seeing before. The reason this is different is the location is set in the historical district of the city. That makes it easier for you to have not only a good time shopping, but it makes it easier for you to find the historical looks of the buildings and the beauty of the buildings that have come from a time in the past or are based off of the older architecture that you may have fallen in love with before.

What I Like About Capital Street Market

Number Of Shops Provide A Variety

With a lot of the locations that we have talked about or traveled to, we try to find places that have a wide variety of things to do or places to shop. At the Capital Street Market you may notice the market has a lot of shops. These sops are normally individually owned and have a variety of shops for you to check out as well. For example, you could find a small gift shop like Oddbird a Gift Emporium then a few doors down walk to a place like Taylor Books.  So you can find a shop that has almost anything that you are looking for.

The Architecture Of The Shops

Since the area in Charleston is inside of the historical district you can imagine the architecture that you are going to see. In fact, when you are walking down the street you may want to look around at the architecture that is in the region more than what is in the shops. Now, the key thing is if you want to see these shops coming back, definitely after the coronavirus pandemic, you need to make sure you take the time to get into the shops and buy some of the products that they are selling.

Pricing Is Not Horrible

Generally when you go to some of the smaller tourist type of shops you end up getting a lot of the prices that are higher than what you would pay for a similar item at another store. However, when you are in Charleston, West Virginia at the shops in the Capital Street shopping area, I found that the prices are fairly reasonable. This does not mean that you are going to find thrift store prices at the shops, but you get a fair price for top quality stuff that tends to be very nice and easy to use.

What I Did Not Care For With Capital Street Shopping

Shops And Street Can Get Crowded

While traveling to a popular destination it is very easy to find that the crowds follow you around. However, what is a problem is in a city that is not known as a major tourist destination you would not expect to run into massive crowds on the street. However, that is not the case here as the Capital Street Shopping district is very popular and has a draw for the locals as well as the tourist or even business visitors. So the area can get really crowded and that can detract from the shopping experience.

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My Final Thoughts On Capital Street Shopping

Shopping is not something that I love to do when I am at home. However, when I am traveling I have to admit that going on a trip means I typically end up shopping and like most people buying gifts or mementos, some of them items that leave me scratching my head as to what I bought. With that being said, though, I have to admit that Capital Street Shopping Market at Charleston is one of the best places to buy any of the items that I need when I am in West Virginia.